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Feliz Año Nuevo

Date: December 29, 2014
Week: 27, Ophelia, Ecuador
Companion: Elder Macalopu aka Elder Pena/Peru

Elder Pena, their cousin, Romina, Luciana and me!
Ophelia, Ecuador December 2014

Well Christmas has past and it was a blast!

Thursday: Christmas! Woke up at 6:30 and opened my presents! It was a great Christmas. I went to my Reunion de Distrito and Reunion de Zona which was great. I then headed to Stalin's to have lunch. We had Encebollado. They don't have a lot of Encebollado here and I missed it! I then got to call my family from Stalin's house. It was cool to talk to them and I didn't cry which was surprising. Elder Peña cried like a baby, and he will see his family in three months. But it was a good first call, it was great to see them on Skype.
My Christmas present from Stalin
Ophelia, Ecuador December 2014

Friday: We had our reunion de lideres and not very many people were home this day but we got to see Familia Mediavilla to prepare them for the baptism!

Saturday: We had the baptism of Luciana and Romina Mediavilla. They were excited for the baptism and it was sweet to get the dad to baptize them. We talked to the bishop and had him interview Hermano Raul and he was able to baptize his daughters.
 Raul, Luciana and Romina Mediavilla and Elder Pena and I
Ophelia, Ecuador December 2014

Hermano Mediavilla and his daughters
Ophelia, Ecuador December 2014

The Mediavilla family
Ophelia Ecuador, December 2014

Sunday: The usual with Church and we had dinner at Stalin's.

Monday: The Hermana's called really early in the morning asking Elder Peña if we could go to Teleferico as a district. Teleferico is like a ski lift that takes you to the top of the mountain and you can see the whole city of Quito, but its outside our mission limits. Elder Peña called the assistants thinking they would say no, but we just got a new assistant and he doesn't know much, and he gave us permission! It was really surprising. Usually we have to be in mission clothes during all of pray, but he even gave us permission to go in normal clothes. Elder Peña was like this will probably be the only time in your mission when you can wear normal clothes on Pday. We went to Teleferico and it was actually pretty fun. There were tons of Gringos there who were trying to speak Spanish and I was like... what a bunch of noobs.
Teleforico, waiting in line to board the ski lift
Ecuador, December 2014
Waiting in line for our chance to ride the lift.
Ecuador, December 2014

The view from the top!
Ecuador, December 2014
The view from the lift
Ecuador, December 2014

Inside the ski lift.
Ecuador, December 2014

Well, my Christmas week was a blast and spiritually uplifting. I was able to spend some hours with Elder Peña in the house playing Monopoly and he won.  Our mission president gave us permission since it was Christmas. I don't know the strategy for two player Monopoly. I hope everyone had a great Christmas! This is probably the best New Years video I could find and probably one of the funniest: Año Nuevo
The Elders and the Sisters
Ecuador December 2014

Me at the top!
Ecuador December 2014

Beautiful Ecuador
December 2014

People, I challenge y'all to make some goals for this coming new year. Plan to be better at the end of year and plan to accomplish things! I know we shouldn't look back at the past and if we do we will be caught in a trap. Satan wants us to remember our past transgressions. Remember to always look forward and have faith and trust in your Heavenly Father!

Love you all, Elder Kimball
My plaque!
Ecuador, December 2014

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