Monday, October 27, 2014

From Prison to Paradise

Date: October 27, 2014
Week: 19 Ofelia, Ecuador
Companion: Elder Macalopu, Peru
Me and my new zone. We are the smallest in the Mish.  Ofelia, Ecuador October 2014

Me y Familia Lucero Esmeraldas, Ecuador October 2014

 Dear Familia,

A few weeks back I coined the term "Brothels, Transvestites, and Witch Doctors, O MY!". Here in
Quito, I have been looking for those  Brothels, Transvestites, and Witch Doctors, but I just can't seem to find them. I entitled this letter "From Prison to Paradise" but that's not entirely true. Don't get me wrong, I really have walked into civilization, compared to my last area.  If you came here you would probably find me saying "Mountains, Rain, and I am freezing cold. I hate the cold. My nose is stuffy all the time."  The last part you have to say really fast for it to fit in with the alloted 9 syllables.

My week started off with me finishing my twelve weeks of training and actually being a real missionary for once. Elder Macalopu and Elder Marshall picked me up from the Bus terminal in Ofelia and we got right to work. My whole P-Day was spent on the bus so that was kind of sad but I got to watch "Godzilla", "Live, Die, Repeat" and "Transformers 4" all in Spanish of course. If we don't watch movies on the bus then they show pornography soooo.....
Also, I left my rain jacket in my house in Esmeraldas so I'm an IDIOT! I need my rain jacket! It rains everyday from the hours of 2-6.
Clockwise: Hermana Landy and her Children, Me y Jonathan and Elder Montesino, Me y wife de obispo  y Elder Montesino, Me y Melissa y Elder Montesino Esmeraldas October 2014

Elder Montesino and I.  I'm doing an Elder Montesino face in the bottom pic. Esmeraldas, Ecuador October 2014

Clockwise: Me y Elder Neilson(He is still in Esmeraldas), Yo y Elder Nogales(He was my district leader but is now a Zone Leader in Quito East, Yo y Elder Guevara(Quiet but nice guy), Yo y Elder Pinto(Probably my favorite missionary besides Elder Wright) Esmeraldas Ecuador October 2014

I am getting used to my sector. It really is a city set on a hill. I walk on paved sidewalks which is really weird. The people here have money that's for sure! I don't teach in any shacks but in nice apartments and houses. I really like the food here. For the first time in like 3 months I wasn't served rice to eat! WaHOO! They served tacos and boy it was almost like Letty was cooking again. OOPS. I mean It was almost like Mother was cooking again. There is a lady in my ward that speaks full on English because she served her mission in SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS!!!! WaHoo! Shes pretty cool. Her name is Letty also. HA.
Yo y Elder Bahr (I have more time then him in the mission), Yo y Elder Valverde, Yo y Elder Call (more time than him too), Yo y Elder Mazzereli de Chile( The other district leader in my zone), Esmeraldas Ecuador October 2014

Me y Elder Monty in our apartment one last time and me and Elder Wright.  This guy has lost 90 lbs on his mission and he is the coolest missionary (I'll remember this guy for the rest of my life).  Esmeraldas, Ecuador October 2014

Have you gotten the package with your ATM card in it yet?
Nope. We went to the offices today and no hay. Send me my pin number for the card again. I can't remember it. 
If not how much $ do you have?
Currently, I have 10 bucks sitting in my pocket, which then I will have to pay for the use of this computer so like 7 bucks.
How does the mission $ work from your mission president?
We get $90 on the first and sixteenth of the month. Everything is a lot of money here in Quito.
What bills do you have to pay with it?
We pay for the light bill, traveling bills, and phone bills. It all adds up.
 How's the new comp?
Okay so President must think I am gloomy person because so far these peeps are gloomy. Elder Macalopu finishes his mission in March which is pretty close. I try to get him to talk but he doesn't speak a lot. He is a district leader so that's pretty cool. He has a phone so he plays games on it but he only plays on it at night. When I say games, I mean like Solitaire or some other sucky game. Elder Macalopu is from Peru. I asked him where in Peru and he said "No soy de Lima". Well I guess that answers my question!
Clockwise: Elder Macalopu and my room, my bathroom, Elder Macalopu's bathroom and Elder Macalopu's stuff he piles all over the place. Ofelia, Ecuador October 2014

Clockwise: Our kitchen, Our study area, Our study area from another angle, and our stairs with the banister that runs right through the window! Ofelia, Ecuador October 2014

Me on our balcony with Quito in the background, me and Quito again, our porch with our laundry on the line, and a beautiful view of Quito in the distance. Ofelia, Ecuador October 2014

 We have investigators in this sector but none are progressing... so sad. We do have this less active kid who we just re-activited this past Sunday. (That is the first fruits of my labors in my mission!) His name is Eduardo and we teach him everyday at 6pm. He is a super cool kid and we are helping him with his mission papers. He is 17 and will turn 18 in February. Our chapel is a lot nicer than Regocijo. It has a court to play soccer and another field to play soccer. I can't wait to play soccer on the field! Elder Macalopu likes soccer so that's cool.

There are three sets of missionaries in my ward in Ponceano (they have a facebook page). First is Elder Macalopu and I.  Then Elder Marshall and Elder Perry.  Elder Perry is really cool. He is from Sandy, Utah and he is new to the mission so he speaks a lot of English. Elder Marshall is from California. He has been in the mission 7 months and is training Elder Perry.

Then there are the Hermanas  (Sisters) :/.  Don't get me wrong I appreciate the missionary work of a sister but I miss my old zone sin hermanas. First is Hermana Irepan and then Hermana Hancey. Hermana Irepan is from Guadalajara, Mexico and Herman Hancey is from Wyoming. The six of us make up a district. Pretty small but they are all pretty cool. What stinks about starting over is that everyone knows who you are in Esmeraldas, but here No one knows the real Elder Kimball!

Yo y Familia Chavez in Esmeraldas Ecuador October 2014

Yo y Familia Burbano in Esmeraldas Ecuador, October 2014

Yo y Familia Burbano 2nd time is the charm, Esmeraldas Ecuador October 2014  (Notice that Montesino is not smiling in this pic but in the mistaken picture he's all smiles.)

Well my spiritual message this week comes from
While watching it I encourage you to think about the meaning of love. Think of your spouse, your brother, and your daughter. It doesn't matter because love is involved in all of these relationships. Think of the importance of your relationships and think how you show them love.
We got to go bowling today for P-day!! Ofelia, Ecuador October 2014

This bowling alley was awesome!  It was like being back in the good ol'US of A! Ofelia Ecuador, October 2014

Sorry fam, Don't have time to write you guys individually but I love you guys!

Your Son, Brother and Missionary, Elder Kimball

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

I'm in Quito!!

Date: October 20, 2014
Week: 18 Ofelia, Quito Ecuador
Companion: Elder Macalopu
Yo and Hno. Wilter (Recent Convert)
Esmeraldas, Ecuador October 2014

Yo and Nicole and Jennifer. (One is a Less Active)
Esmeraldas Ecuador, October 2014

Well Mother Father,
As I sit at the terminal at the Bus station, I guess all I can say is... I'm leaving for Quito! Yes I got transfered. I don't know anything about my new sector but my companion is Elder Macalopu. I have no info about him. The name of my Zone is Ofelia so maybe pull up some facts about this place and send them to me. Well write me please. I'll be on the bus all day until 4 and probably write as soon as I get there.
Love Elder Kimball
Yo and Melissa. We used her phone every night to call the Leaders
Esmeraldas Ecuador, October 2014

Yo and Jonathan again.
Esmeraldas Ecuador, October 2014

Second Letter from Colton on October 20...

Well we didn´t make it to Quito on time and I didn´t get to write. President gave us (Dudes that got transfered) like 10 mins to write today. Nothing much happened my last week in Esmeraldas. I got transfered to the Ofelia zone and my sector is called Ponceano 2. Its freezing here. Reminds me alot of Utah but then again thats the only cold place I know. 

My house isn't as nice as my last one as in I don´t have a mattress holder(bed). My companion is Elder Macolopu de Peru. He is a district leader so he has a phone so that's pretty sick. Right now we are in a trio with Elder Marshall because he is going to train so is companion doesn't get here till Wednesday.
Yo and Peter. Couldn't get this fool in the font. ;)
Esmeraldas Ecuador October 2014

Yo and Sandro and Luis. Both are Less Actives
Esmeraldas Ecuador October 2014

Hermana Piedad (Recent Convert I Teach) and Hermana Paola (Wife of WML)
Esmeraldas Ecuador October 2014

 Well there isn´t much more I can say. Just know I am safe here in Quito. By the way recieved 2 packages last week! One with an IPOD!!! Gracias. The other had like chips ahoy and a whole bunch of other candy. I feel like some stuff was taken from that one because Clay talked about some journal with ten bucks in it but no hay. Please send me my debit card, money is scarce. I love you guys and please keep sending me packages!!!

Don´t QUITo now!
Elder Kimball

Sara and I. She wanted a pic with me
Esmeraldas Ecuador October 2014

San Rafeal and Esmeraldas Zone for Meeting with President
Not sure what happened to this picture!
Esmeraldas Ecuador October 2014

Monday, October 13, 2014

Pushing Forward

Date: October 13, 2014
Week: 17 Esmeraldas Ecuador
Compaion: Elder Montesino, Honduras

Sheila and I playing around in from of the church
October 2014 Esmeraldas Ecuador

Well, another week down. We met with Christian everyday last week. He just doesn't quite have that testimony necessary to make this covenant with the Lord. He keeps all his commitments but I don't think he has really prayed to know the truth. I feel as though he is afraid of the unkown when in all reality he has known this his entire life. He knows that this is the truth but he just not ready. It really is saddening to someone come so far and just not be willing to accept it.

With transfers approaching, I am filled with much fear myself. I don´t want to leave Regocijo. I love it here. we are making much progress with our investigators and in all reality, I don´t want to leave a sector felling as though I have done nothing. I know that baptisms are not what make a missionary sucessful or unsuccessful but I just really feel like staying. Elder Montesino has written to President Richardson the past two weeks saying he wants to stay also but I haven't said anything to president.
So I guess my question is will I stay or will i go?
Me owning at Uno with some members
October 2014 Esmeraldas Ecuador

Tuesday: I had divisions with my district leader, Elder Nogales. One of my friends that I see alot around town was in the house of a less active that we visited. His name is Efrain. He is 17 years old and does not go to any church. We had the opportunity to teach The Restoration. It was great and he was really attentive. I felt to ask him to be baptized and his baptismal date is for November 1st... He didn't attend church.

Wednesday: Met with Cristhian again. Yesterday when Elder Nogales and I met with him he had alot of questions concerning the Restoration, so Elder Montesino and I decided to teach him the Restoration. He just really is struggling. As you know he struggled passing his baptismal interview and he doesn't like his job. I feel as though his family is against his baptism. He is 24 so he is plenty able to make his own decisions but he just doesn't really know yet. We also taught a new family of investigators this day. Familia Marie Reina. They are great. They attended church before conference but didn't attend this past week. This family is different because each one of them has different opinions on religion. So they all need to hear different things so its just hard. Hasn´t felt right to ask them to be baptized.

Thursday: Had our weekly zone meeting this day. The Zone Leaders had a training with President so they brought tons of stuff to say. This day we also taught Familia Quiñonez. If you remember them, they are a part member family. The mother is a member and hasn´t attended church in 1 and half years. Her daughter and son have not been baptized and really don´t have a desire to. Elder Montesino and I have really tried working with this family but they just arnt keeping up with commitments.

Friday: We worked really hard this day with a lot of lessons. We taught Cristhian again but this time reading out of 3rd Nefi 11. We are going to watch the Testaments with him to get him more familiar with the Book of Mormon.
 Also Ecuador and the United States played eachother in soccer this day. 1-1.

Saturday:This day we were out walking and we saw this old man trying to get out of his wheelchair and into his house with his wife trying to help him. Elder Montesino and I stepped in and helped this man into his house. We were able to leave a pamphlet with them and a return date. High hopes!

Sunday: I was sick all this day but have no fears I pressed forward. We went to church and we taught a lot of peeps. At this point I hadn't eaten anything in two days. We presume I drank unclean water...
Well that's my week. I don´t really have much more to say. My conference notes are at home so I
can´t do my indepth analysis on Game 5 of the General Conference. I really do love it and am afraid I will be transfered. This sector has much potential and I feel like I could do more. This being my last week of my training, I am excited to end it. Being new has never been fun to me and I can´t wait to be consider experienced in like 2 years.
Ilce and I
October 2014, Esmeraldas Ecuador

My spiritual thought this week will be on the topic of obedience. I have to admit I am not a perfect missionary. I have made mistakes and I have not done my best to be exactly obedient. I know my family is surprised at this since I was such an obedient kid at home. Lately I have really been exactly obedient. I have done everything I can and yet there is more to do. I truly feel the blessings my commitment to the Lord has brought. I only can say that obedience is the highest law in the heavens. By loving God with all our heart, we truly can be obedient. I can only ask you guys to love God with all your heart and by doing so I feel as though you will keep all His commandments.
This video I feel will help us to stay obedient.
Some Chinese food I ate this week!
October 2014 Esmeraldas Ecuador
Well Sorry for not much this week...
Bailey, I appreciate your letter especially since you took time out of your busy life. Don´t forget your true purpose as a daughter of God. My mormon message for you is

Clay, Hows football going? Number 15! thats awesome. Remeber the great Matt Bonner is number 15. I encourage to go over your notes of Priesthood Session. As that whole thing was practically written for you. My mormon message for you:

Lexi: I recieved your letter a few weeks ago. How awesome that you love being Goalie. Since you are so tall you can reach and save Goals that the other girls just can´t.

Leah: I love ya sis. Hows soccer? Still scoring bunch of goals. Saw a picture of you goofing around on the Bush track. "Keep calm and mediate" Sister!

Bella! Haha I still find it funny that you are playing a sport. Have you scored yet? Remember if you score you get a dollar!

Collins: I heard you "Coo" alot. Just finish that off with a nice "olton" and you will have it right my sis!
Mother: Why must you hate me so? I am hoping that all is well in San Antone. Keep being a lovely mother! I guess I'll give you a mormon message also.

Dad! Keep being awesome. I miss ya and I am happy to recieve emails from ya! All I can say is keep being a great example for me! Seeing that you have 5 daugthers, here is one for you too:
Well, I love you guys and hope you enjoyed this weeks letter. This might be the last one from Esmeraldas!

Your Friend, Your Brother, Your Son, Your Missionary, Elder Kimball

Monday, October 6, 2014

Colton´s Cougar Conference Comentarios

Date: October 6, 2014
Week:16 Esmeraldas Ecuador
Companion: Elder Montesino, Honduras
Jonathan and I. This dude is a great Latter-day Saint
Esmeraldas Ecuador, October 2014

Dear Fam, Friends, and freaks,

Well I am still alive, but unfortunately BYU football is not. I don´t know the score but I do know that #hill4heisman is no longer. The BYU Cougars will always be in my heart but this year will be the same as any other year for the Men of Provo.

My week, however, was actually fantastic. My arms are slowly recovering from the trip to the Lighthouse. Lets begin with my week.
My arms after the lighthouse incident.
Esmeraldas Ecuador, September 2014
Tuesday:  I had a 24 hour division with my zone leader, Elder Wright. He is from Utah but he knows alot about BYU and it was great to talk about that for a while. We did a great job that day. Elder Wright interviewed Christian for his baptism. Christian has to talk with President in order to be baptized.
Elder Wright, the only other missionary I've found I can talk BYU football with!
Esmeraldas Ecuador, September 2014

Wednesday: We found a less active lady this day. She has been inactive for 35 years. Dang well no better place to start than with The Restoration.

Thursday: We taught a highscore of 5 lessons! Wahoo! Elder Montesino and I even had to go divisions with members of our ward because there was so many lessons! Five doesn't sound like alot but for the people of Esmeraldas it is a bunch!

Friday: We visited alot of members to encourage them to go to conference.

Saturday and Sunday: Conference, more to be said later.
The view from the top of the lighthouse
Esmeraldas, Ecuador September 2014

Another view of Esmeraldas from the lighthouse
Esmeraldas Ecuador, September 2014

Check up on Christian: Okay so here's the shake down on Christian. He did not pass his baptismal interview so he had to call President Richardson Sunday night. He has permission to be baptized this week. WAHOO! So all we have to do his get him in the FONT! P.S Most of the new gringos make fun of me because I don´t know what a baptismal font looks like. Well forget them! They are all fools. People just like to tease the ever cool Elder Kimball.
Conference Chatter: Okay people, I officially have watched 10 hours of conference and I recommend it because its great! Little description on how I watched conference. They have this place called the Gringo Room. Immediately, I thought of the Blue Room in LaVell Edwards Stadium at BYU. The Gringo Room was a close second to the Blue Room. Tons of American candy with tons of English! When I return I am going to start tailgating for Conference because... why not?! Heres My opinion on each talk with a few personal points thrown in.
Watching Conference in the Gringo Room!
Esmeraldas Ecuador, October 2014

Saturday Morning: We started off with our President Thomas S. Monson. I was a little saddened to not hear they were building a temple in Quito but whateves. The coolest feeling ever is when he said we have 88,000 missionaries around the world and you are one of those 88,000! WAHOO!!!!!

Next up was Boyd K. Packer. I am saddened to say that this will probably be one of his last conferences. I really appreciated his talk. Most of it being about Jesus Christ. He mentioned to share your testimony of the Savior. For our first lesson with investigators, we really only share our testimony of the Savior, so I thought it was cool when he said that.

He was followed by Lynn G. Robbins. I felt like this guy was the wildcard of the conference. His talk was great with starting off by saying "Which way do we face?". I loved the story about Joseph Smith and the lost 116 pages. Joseph learned to not to fear man over God. In this world, it is so easy to be more afraid of man than God. We can easily get wrapped up in our social lives and forget why we are really here. He also used the quote from some non mormon poet(I Forgot) " Courage is the beginning of every virtue". Don´t lower Gods standards to the standards of the world. Make your standards equal with Gods.

Then was Cheryl A. Esplin. This talk was centered around the sacrament and as we will learn later this seemed to be one of the themes of the Conference. I really like when she said the Aaronic priesthood holders represent Jesus Christ when giving the sacrament. Wow! Clay Buckle up bud!

Chi Hong (Sam) Wong was up next. He spoke in Cantonese. This was legit. Props to the church to letting peeps speak in their own language! I rate this as my favorite talk. I was easily able to apply it to myself with my Ward Council. I really like how he compared Mark 2:1-5 to the Ward Council. And come on the fool was speaking Cantonese!!! HAHA
P.S. I wonder if the prophet calls him Sam? HA!!

The Church then decided to throw in a talk that only super smart people will understand. D. Todd Christofferson brought that to the table Saturday morning with a talk I will definitely need to print out and read later. One thing I really liked is when he said "When things turn bad, we will try to shift the blame to someone else". That's the only thing that was simple enough for me to understand.

I was one of the people hoping that Dieter F. Uchtdorf would speak in German but unfortunatly he did not. We need to continually test our testimonies. Elder Uchtdorf even gave us a test that we can take to build our faith. Testimonies are not something you have or have not. Testimonies are ever changing. Everyday you either weaken or strengthen your testimony in this gospel. Here is the test:
1) READ the Word!
2) Ponder and think about what you just read. Pay attention to your thoughts and feelings. Those are how the Spirit speaks to us.
3) Orar. These means to pray. The Lord wants to converse with us simply ask and he will speak to us. This is a cycle people. Use it!

Saturday Afternoon
Dallin H. Oaks- I have to admit I don´t have much to say from this one. I need to go back and study it some more. All I got was "Love one another, as I have loved you."

Neil L. Anderson- I guess I can officially remember Elder Anderson as an apostle. I've always him and Quentin confused! He said alot of great stuff. "Opposition sends seekers of truths to their knees", "Spiritual questions deserve spiritual answers", "Adjust your own mask before helping others". From these I get if we know this Gospel and this Church are true, it will be so easy to share it. Why be embarassed to share the truth people? Find out for yourself first and your testmony will be so strong, you'll have to share it!

Tad R. Callister- All Parents Heads Up! Really enjoyed his story about Ben and Sonya Carson. The best quote of all conference from my own memory: "I do not know if the titles of the Bishop or Relief Society President will last after this life, but I do know that the titles of Husband and Wife, Father and Mother will." Love that! Freak people! Families are Eternal. This reminded me of something President Richardson said "I am first a husband, then a father and then a mission president." I really liked this talk!

Jorg Klebingat- This dude literally just machetted the whole conference center! Wow! just Wow man! Here are 6 points he made..... and than my reaction
1) Take responsibility for your spiritual well-being (Okay Okay. I can do that.)
2) Take responsibility for your physical well-being (Who you calling fat fool!?)
3) Embrace whole-hearted obedience (I am pretty sure that dude just called me fat..... I really need to start doing push-ups)
4) Become really really good at repenting (Did he just use the word really twice in the same sentence?)
5) Become really really good at forgiving (There it is again!  Wait a second.... This guy reminds me of someone.)
6) Accept trials, setbacks, and surprises as apart of your mortal existence (hehehe... This guy sort of sounds like Kip from Napoleon Dynamite).
Sorry if I have ruined the importance of this man's well spoken talk. It really was great. Maybe a little too forward but hey its the last days. The man has to make a point, but he really does sound like Kip.

Eduardo Gavarret- We switched the channel to watch it in Spanish. My Spanish is still not the best so I can´t make a comment on this one. I got better on the next Spanish speaker.

Jeffrey R. Holland- I really feel like this was especially for my family. Mother and Father, I know you guys are very generous when it comes to giving back to the Lord, but I hoped this strengthened your testimony in giving. I know you guys have always taught me to give and I feel like I have heeded that council but I really like when Elder Holland said "God will be generous to you.". Wow! What a promise and what an opportunity our family has because of the Lord.  I love you guys and this talk especially made me think of you! You guys really have taught me the Christlike attribute of charity. My favorite hymn "Because I have been given much" was ringing through my ears the whole time!

L. Tom Perry- LT brought this conference session home with a win. I really liked the quote he used from Gordon B. Hinckley about Mothers but I didn´t have time to write it down. He talked alot about Parents in this talk. So with that being the second talk about Parenthood, I am naming that a theme of the conference.

Priesthood Session: Okay so Priesthood sesh was probably the hardest session for me to get through on the terms of not crying. I immediately remembered going to these sessions with my father and taking notes together on our iPhones and iPads. Then I remembered all those nights of going to Al Dacos with Barry and Derek and that was sad. And I remember going to Smashburger with all my friends and Brother Starley and Dad and that was sad. And last but not least I thought of Wings Army (not that good of a wing place) with Marcel and watched one of the semi-final college basketball games to March Madness. Oooo Good times. Thought of you and Clay sitting there the whole time!

Quentin L. Cook- Okay what are the odds that Clays first PH session begins with a reference to Charles Schulz and Charlie Brown? Come on!!!! I actually started crying when he mentioned that because I know that this talk was especially written for my bro. This talk reminded of something one of my high-school football coaches said "The quality of your lives are directly proportionate to the quality of your choices". Which then reminded me of something Mother always said "The choices you make now will be the most important choices of the rest of your life." Clay, I know that you just turned twelve, but unfortunately Satan will be working on you so hard these next 6 years so stay strong man. And I believe that this talk has your name written all over it.

Craig C. Christensen- This guy was good. I liked when he said: "Now is the time and today is the day." It's cliché but I am going to say that today is the beginning of the rest of your life.

Dean M. Davies- This is like the second or third time that the Law of the Fast has been mentioned. I liked when he said to teach younger children to fast. I also like when he said "Support life, not lifestyle". But then that made me think it was a catch phrase for an anti-abortion group.

Dieter F. Uchtdorf- Okay this was yet another great talk. Its almost like we are listening to prophets, seers, and revelators of God! I really like when he used the question "Is it I?" to judge our ownselves. "Humble yourself in the sight of the Lord and He will lift you up." I have always been more on the prideful side than the humble side, so I really tried to take this one to heart. "True discipleship starts with the question "Is it I?" Wow!

Henry B. Eyring- Preparing worthy Melchizidek Priesthood holders was basically the theme of this PH sesh and I really feel like Elder Eyring did a great job of exemplifying that. We need to have trust in our Aaronic priesthood holder in order for him to grow. I really feel like my father helped me that when we were Hometeaching Companions. My dad was a great companion and I will forever cherish the trust, care and example he showed to me.

Thomas S. Monson- No better way to end a conference then with our beloved Prophet, President Monson. He started off with the story of the Mighty Bismark in which he said "Man can make marvalous machines, but not give them divine gifts of reason and judgement. Wow! He really helped us understand the importance of our decisions in this conference.
My conference breakfast!  Made it myself!
Esmeraldas Ecuador, October 2014

Sunday Morning:
Henry B. Eyring- Elder Eyring came through again but in this time more about Personal Revelation. I really liked when he said that in order to recieve divine revelation we needed to "Let virtue garnish thy thoughts".

Russell M. Nelson- "Man's ways are not the Lord's ways". Another talk sort of about keeping ourselves out of this world. Oh and I really loved when he talked about the power of sustaining our prophet and he basically ended with we love Thomas S. Monson.

Carol F. McConkie- This lady just freaked me out. She made me think that President Monson was about to make some big huge change with the way she was speaking. But she is right sometimes we might not see eye to eye with the Prophet. With the example of Elijah the Prophet and the widow, we truly need to "follow the prophet".

Robert D. Hales- I liked when he said to build our house on the rock of our Redeemer. Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father are two seperate beings but are unified in purpose. And then of course the great question "Do you remember the first time you knew there was a God?".

James J. Hamula- This dude just hammered everyone about the sacrament.(I am running out of time that's why I am shortening).

Thomas S. Monson- Okay so this was prime time for President Monson. "Walking as he walked is more important than walking where he walked". "Decisions determine destiny!" "The end of disobedience is captivity and death." This is really one of Monson's bests!

Out of time!
Okay so just remind me to do Sunday Afternoon next week. I hope you enjoyed my in-depth analysis of this 184th Semi-Annual October General Conference. I will keep doing my best and hopefully next week I will be sending pictures of me standing next to Christian in white.

Bailey- You should write me every week. You are 16-years-old!

Clay- Dude, I have to say I miss you alot bud. You are probably second on the list of me missing people. I really was so surprised when Elder Cook talked about Charlie Brown and laughed and cried really hard when I remembered this was your first PH Session.

Lexi- You just keep getting prettier and prettier!

Leah- How many goals you got in the season!?

Bella- I heard you are our fastest kid yet. I'll believe it when I see it.

Collins- Got a video of you sent to me. Come on that's just messed up! Don´t send me videos of my baby sister I have never seen!

Mom- I miss you and appreciate your very well written letters to me. I recieved the package with the shirt and the BYU almanac. Good thing I read the whole Almanac before BYU went down the toilet. Keep sending me packages! My bishop has asked me to get him some Texas Jerky. So if you don´t mind supplying that! I love you mom and appreciate all the life lessons you have taught me!

Dad- Missed you alot this past weekend. Thought alot about all our old conference traditions and relived alot of old BYU games when Elder Wright and I talked. I really do appreciate your letter this week. Elder Montesino is going home soon so it is really easy for him to be disobedient thinking his mission is over, but mine is only just beginning so I am trying to start off on the right foot. I love you Dad and speak of you often!

Well love you all and until next week...
Your Brother, Your Son, Your Missionary,
Elder Kimball