Monday, September 29, 2014

I Like to look for Rainbows whenever it is Burning Hot!

Date: September 29, 2014
Week: 15 Esmeraldas Ecuador
Companion: Elder Montesino, Honduras
From our week in Quito two weeks ago with President and Sister Richardson
Quito, Ecuador September 2014
Looking for rainbows!
Esmeraldas, Ecuador September 2014

Dear Fam,

I survived! Quick review:

Tuesday: We watched the movie The Restoration with Christian. He now has a testimony of Joseph Smith. He is listo por baptism.

Wednesday: We conmtacted alot of people this day, because this week is the last week Elder Montesino and I can find someone and baptize them in this transfer.

Thursday: We found two really great investigators but they didn't attend church. :(

Friday: This day marks 100 days in the mission!!!! WAHOO! I really need to stop counting the days....... but my zone thinks it's funny.

Saturday: Supposed to have Baptism for Christian today but he was fishing so.... maybe tomorrow.

Sunday: We called Christian a thousands times during church but no answer which means he was out on the boat. Entonces no baptism this week. But a family of investigators came to church!

Today: We climbed up to the Lighthouse in my sector. I'll explain later.
Elder Kimball overlooking Esmeraldas
Esmeraldas, Ecuador September 2014

Elder Kimball overlooking Esmeraldas
Esmeraldas, Ecuador September 2014

Elder Kimball overlooking the beautiful Pacific Ocean
Esmeraldas, Ecuador September 2014

Okay. so yes Christian was not baptized last week, and he won't be baptized this week because of general conference! So looks like I've got to wait a little longer to drowned someone in rightousness. We found a lot of new investigators this week because Monty and I realized it was our last week to find peeps together, so we put on the after burners. We worked like dogs, and we fought like dogs. I like Elder Montesino but sometimes he pushes my buttons and ughh. Companions, I think, are the hardest things on a mish. I mean its hard to be with someone 24/7, but we are really striving to hasten the work here in Regocijo.
Elder Montesino and Elder Kimball on the way to Quito
Ecuador, September 2014

Elder Bell and Elder Kimball in Quito
Ecuador, September 2014

Okay so now about today, we decided to hike to the Lighthouse as a zone. We voted on Thursday and I was the only one to vote against it. For those of you who know the real Colton Kimball, y'all know how much I like walking around in the heat for no reason! Well, we went to the dumb lighthouse. There is no trail for this lighthouse. I have been to alot of crazy places in my life. From the caves of Guatemala to the sea bottom of Tahiti, but this might have been the crazy and stupidest and hardest thing I have ever done. 

This mountain/hill never ended and the grass was like 7 to 8 feet tall. Like I am not even joking right now. I went first so I made the trail with my bare hands. I would fall down flat on my face to push the grass down and then get up and walk where I had made a trail. My zone gave me a little game ball to represent my efforts. Freaking idiots...... We made it to the top and I have little tiny cuts all over my arms and legs. To make it even better we had to go down we made a slide and slid on our bottoms all the way down. That was actually pretty fun and it was a great memory. To make it even better Elder Montesino and I returned to our house to treat our wounds, and take a shower, and there was no water.....I washed my slit and cut skin with the water from the bucket we have. We better have water tonight or I will be mad! I am grateful for 'Past Colton's' transgression of stealing Bailey's Gold Bond Powder because that stuff felt great on my skin. 
Climbing to the Lighthouse
Esmeraldas Ecuador, September 2014

I've always been a trail blazer!
Esmeraldas Ecuador September 2014

Does my face tell you how hard this was?
Esmeraldas Ecuador September 2014

Checking on the other Elders on the trail below me
Esmeraldas Ecuador September 2014

I am down to my last bill. Elder Montesino and I are living on a prayer or should I say my money because his money has yet to appear.... urgh. But good news I will probably receive a package this Thursday because I got a letter saying one of my packages arrived in Quito!!! WAHOO! I am excited for that!

Conference is near. I have not always been the best conference watcher as in I didn't watch Saturdays sessions. I would watch Priesthood sesh, then wake up for Sunday morning and probably fall alseep during Sunday afternoon session.  Then I'd get slaughtered in Conference Jeopardy at seminary the following week. Oh and I would make conference bingo for all my siblings and I and charge a one dollar entry to play. That was the kind of kid i was. Well, since Conference is close and I am about to watch alot of conference all in Spanish, lets talk about the importance of a living day prophet. How  lucky are we to have Thomas S. Monson today! He in reality speaks with God. He knows and has the words of God, and this weekend when he speaks we will be listening to the words of God. I am so stoked for this conference because you don't know what can happen at conference. Some missionaries are betting that the Lord of the vineyard is going to call in his servants(missionaries). HAHA Highly doubt that!
Made it to the top of the lighthouse!
Esmeraldas, Ecuador September 2014

This was harder than it looks!
Esmeraldas Ecuador September 2014

Well, I am out of time.
Bailey: Be home more often. You don't need to be going on dates with any boys.
Clay: Keep thriving on GO team. Go team is the best thing ever invented because you get to play man!
Lexi: I know you are working hard in school. Hoepefully you can read this! HA
Leah: Love you sis. I made a pretty cool goal last week. Keep practicing. Practice makes perfect.
Bell: I heard you were fast! Don't drink 8 gallons of water before your soccer games!
Collins: How's being pampered 24/7? Keep being sweet. Mom really loves you!
Mom: Got your package. I'll tell you which one next week. Sorry my spiritual message stunk this week.
Dad: Your letter's are slimming. You need to write me more! But I love you and appreciate the advice you give me about being out here!

Love you all,
Elder Kimball
Made this chocolate chip french toast myself!
Esmeraldas Ecuador September 2014

The beach in Esmeraldas
Esmeraldas Ecuador September 2014

This is the place I talked about in my letter two weeks ago where Elder Spencer W. Kimball dedicated the church in Ecuador called El Panecillo!
September 2014

Found this little critter in our apartment!  Anyone know what it is?
Esmeraldas Ecuador, September 2014

Monday, September 22, 2014

We don't always see the Good we Do!

Date: September 22, 2014
Week: 14 Esmeraldas, Ecuador
Companion: Elder Montesino, Honduras

Elder Kimball, pre-mish photo

Dear People,

This week was fast almost as fast as BYU's Go Fast/Go Hard offense, and that's fast. Quick review!

Tuesday: Not much this day. Nothing to say.
Wednesday: This day we had a meeting with President. Like a 9 hour meeting. Sucked up most of this day and our appointments. It was great to see President and the other guys.  President brought some pork sandwiches from Quito and they were amazing! Reminded me of Cafe Rio! Boy how I would like a Cafe Rio sweet pork enchilada style burrito right now.

Thursday: We have a zone conference every Thursday. The Zone leaders Elder Gallegos and Elder Wright informed us that our zone currently has zero baptisms this week, so we all prayed that we could find some peeps.  Then Elder Montesino and I went to lunch at our mamitas and turns out she isn´t a member.

Friday: I had divisions with Elder Gallego in his sector. Elder Gallegos is probably my favorite missionary because he is from Colombia. He has been out 13 months and he has studied English really hard and he speaks almost perfectly. He really helps me learn new stuff in Español!

Saturday: Not much happening this day

Sunday: We really needed some of our investigators to come to church. We had Peter's mom show up for sacrament, and then at the very end of sacrament Hna. Julia showed up! She stayed for the second hour and then had to go. Hna Julia is a less active. And then the third hour Cristhian showed up! I guess that counts as an attendance! We taught him the law of chastity during the third hour. He has his baptism for this Saturday so I might get to see if my white pants fit. He might not be able to be baptized because he has work so I ask that y'all pray that he can be baptized!

Anyway's that's my week! I think its great that BYU is doing so good but I need them to start destroying teams. Other things that have happened this week. On Thursday I recieved a letter from Aunt Chelsey! WAHOO!!!!!! I really needed a letter that day. Still yet to recieve anything from my own family. Aunt Chel sent me some photos of my fam and her fam and now I have them by my bedside to look at and cry. HAHA.

I'd like to base my spiritual messages on videos because videos are great! This one is a tear jerker. After watching this video I think it could probably help all you peeps living in the USA and me as well. Sometimes we don´t see the seeds we plant or the good we do, but after watching this video it really helped me see the world differently. The other day Elder Montesino said that as missionaries we are given the gift to see our path even further down the road than others. Sometimes we think we have failed and we didn´t accomplish what we needed to do, but in reality we did. I want you guys to take this video and apply it into your life this week. And try to see what seeds you plant or what seeds you water. I know that you will be able to see the bleesings in your life.

Well I can´t really think of anything else to write. I hope all is well in North America. Something to look forward to is the baptism of Cristhian! I forgot that Familia Quiñonez is doing great. Like I said Hermana Julia attended church. Elian is still on for the eleventh. His sister even decided to be baptized also. I learned that she has a 3 year old daughter so we might have some problems once we get to the Law of Chastity.

Bailey, Hows Physics going? I hope all is well. Know that high school is super fast. It'll be over before you know it. How are the Rattlers doing? Hows swimming? Know that I love you and that you are beautiful!

Clay, Heard you got moved to Go team. Let me tell you that Go team is awesome dude. You actually get to play! Memorize the plays man. They use the same plays in high school. Just know where to line up and what you need to do. I love you bud! Don´t get discouraged that you are on Go team! Something Dad taught me when I would get discouraged is that it's all about being on a team. You are the funniest kid I know so make friends and have fun man. You only get to be a seventh grader once!

Lexi! Didn't recieve a letter from you so CIAO!

Leah! Usted también!

Bella! Love ya sister! Miss Querry told me that you keep asking about me to her! HA!

Collins! Nana said that you are internet famous now. I hope mother isn't one of those moms that posts way too many photos of you on instagram!

Mom! Sorry for not sending pictures! Keep sending me packages! And I am sure I will throughly enjoy the ABBA songs! Just a little update on what I have been eating. Rice and chicken! That's it! I have to say that even Letty's meals are better than these! I mean your meals! HA!

Dad! Probably miss you the most buddy! I think about you all the time and how you served in a place probably like this and felt the way I do and that gives me encouragment. I hope the Cougars keep winning. Did you get a new BYU shirt cause I would like one of those! Hows work? When I was in the sector with Elder Gallego we got to go into a mansion! When I say mansion I mean like tile floor and air conditioning. HAHA Nah, but it actually looked like a home! Anyways, the people that lived there asked me what my dad did and I haven't figured out the word for "bulletproofs cars". The family was really interested and it springed our conversation into the the Plan of Salvation.  I talk about you alot father and I miss you!

Love you guys! Elder Kimball!

Monday, September 15, 2014

Lots and lots of Questions

Date: September 15, 2014
Week: 13 Esmeraldas Ecuador
Companion: Elder Montesino, Honduras

Dear Family,
Another week and only a couple more to go.... NOT. Advice to all missionaries that somehow read this or any future missionaries: Do not, I repeat for emphasis, Do not count the DAYS you have left to serve. HA! Terrible idea. I don`t want to sound like some terrible missionary that can`t wait to go home but I was just wondering how much time I got left. Let's just say that when I break less than 500 days I'll tell you guys.
At my mamitas house for lunch
Esmeraldas Ecuador, September 2014
         I got alot of pictures this week. Maybe because I am getting more brave with my camera or more stupid. Once my camera gets stolen I`ll tell you.
One of our mamitas daughters.  She's hilarious!
Esmeraldas, Ecuador September 2014

Weekly Questions and Answers

1. Did you ever get your pesos converted to dollars?  If so have you used all of that money?  Do you have any money left? 
I converted all those pesos into cash. I have some cash left. And by some, I mean I`m living on a prayer right now. It seems to me that every Latino missionary never has MONEY!  I am a kind person and I also have no concept of money but come on help a brother in the Lord out! I won`t say any names.... ELDER MONTESINO. He says he will pay me back but I don`t want to be a stickler so if he pays me, he pays me, but if he doesn`t, he doesn`t.
2. How did things go with your Mission President when you were in Quito?  Does he seem to like you? 
You know I crack jokes with my zone alot and I think they all know by now that I am hilarious but I had to hold back my talent with the President. Well I tried to hold back. He was speaking Spanish and then he said something in English and I could tell that he had just said the same thing but in a different language so I pretended to just now understand and everybody left including the President so there goes trying to pretend to be a nice sweet little 18-year-old missionary that won`t be a nuisance. HA! No, I think he likes me. I am the only new missionary that I know that stayed with his original trainer so that means I`m a little slow and need extra help, or Elder Montesino and I are killing it out in the field.
3.  Where is Elder Bell at and does his mom keep a blog?  Do any of the other American missionaries keep blogs?  I’d like to read them.  So if you could get blog addresses that would be cool.  
Well Elder Bell is in Quito. I don`t think he has a blog. His name is Taylor Grant Bell so you can find him. Elder Neilson, the other new missionary in my district, has one. Michael Easton Neilson is his name. So search up!
4. Are you gaining weight with all the rice you’ve been eating?I have no idea. I keep cutting holes in my mexican belt to make it tighter so maybe but I need a scale and there are none! In the CCM, I was 192. Yikes!
5. If I (Courtney Kimball) visited Esmeraldas would there be a nice hotel for me to stay at?  Is there any decent businesses in that city?Probably about as nice as Livingston, Guatemala. I don`t know, I usually don`t hit up the local hotels. Everyone here fishes. Everyone! and I saw pictures of these huge marlin that they caught! WOW!
6. How do you get along with Elder Montesino?  Can you understand him? Does he get frustrated with you always joking around?Yeah he is great. He tries to teach like Jeffrey R. Holland. Like he loves Elder Holland. He watches him speak all the time and tries to be real direct like Elder Holland which is great except when he does it to me. I guess my joking around could bother him but I hate it when he is training me and treats me like one of his investigators. Training isn't fun. I have been a new missionary forever!
7. Are you keeping the mission rules? Mother. The fact that you put this two questions together is weird. Yes I am keeping mission rules. The rule that we always break is the time we are supoposed to get home. We have to be home between 8-8:30 and we are never home at that time. More like 9:15-9:45.
8. Are there any attractive girls down there? (We all know how you like exotic girls….)No.....
9. How many transfers will you stay in one place?  What's the average down there?  You mentioned once that Elder Montesino ends his mission in December and that you’ll be his last companion.  Do you think that is what will happen? Do you think you’ll stay there until December?I don't know. The average is 3 probably. Our next transfer is October 19th and either I or Elder Montesino will go. President Richardson doesn`t want a new missionary saying goodbye to a missionary going home because I`ll get trunky. Trunky means homesick but everyone in the mission uses this word. Don't know why?
10. Have any other American missionaries received packages from the US? 
Elder Neilson got his package Thursday and he won`t shut up about it! I have yet to recieve anything from y`all. I sent a letter to Annika and you guys today so we will see how long it will take to get there. Not sending anymore letters cause they were 9 bucks each!
Tried to get a cool pic of the background but failed
Esmeraldas Ecuador, September 2014
Baby Abinadi and I
Esmeraldas Ecuador, September 2014

Well quick review of this past week.
Tuesday: We taught Cristhian about the Book of Mormon. Cristhian will not be baptized this week due to the fact he didn`t attend church. His date has been moved to the 27th of September.
Wednesday: This day we taught Cristhian again. This time the Word of Wisdom. I am going to be honest this week was super long and not alot of lessons taught.
Thursday: No lessons to investigators this day. We taught Hermana Ladis Piedad. She is the mother-in-law to our ward missionary leader Hermano Victor Hurtado.
Friday: This day we met our new zone. Our whole zone consists of 14 missionaries and they are all in Esmeraldas. Everyone got a new companion this week except Elder Montesino and I. Our new zone leader is Elder Wright. I love that guy because he speaks English and appreciates the Cougars of BYU!
Saturday: Only one lesson this day<361.gif>. We knock tons of doors but these peeps are rejecting us like we are Alma and Amulek!
Sunday: We had church. We got to eat at a new Mamitas house this day. I got mashed potatos and fried chicken!!!!!! Oh and Rice.......HA. Elder Montesino taught a class to the Relief Society on visiting teaching, and I had my english class. Pictures are included. I taught the alphabet and the vowels. English is hard! So glad I know it.
Teaching English!
Esmeraldas Ecuador, September 2014

Probably shouldn't take a picture in the chapel but I guess it wasn't me that took it anyway! ;)
Esmeraldas Ecuador, September 2014

The chapel
Esmeraldas, Ecuador September 2014

         Well thats my week! This was probably one of the hardest and most challenging weeks for me. Not alot of lessons and a whole lot of heat. But we did find Familia Quiñonez! This family consists of Hermana Julia. She is like 35 and she has been inactive for a year and a half. Then theres her daughter, Daretza. She is 19 and not very intrested in the church. She is not a member. And then there is Elian! This dude is 14 and listo por bautismo! He has definitly been prepared by the Lord. We have him on date for 11th of October. He didn't attend church though so gosh darn it! 
Some of the kids in our neighborhood
Esmeraldas Ecuador, September 2014

Bailey! You didn`t write me this week. Sad! I look forward to your letters.

Clay! Dude Football! You played in your first real game! What number are you? My number was three.  Middle school football is easy! To be the best you just need to know the plays! Coaches play smart kids that listen to what they say.  Just memorize the plays like you do for lines for theatre! Dude football is a blast. The running stinks but it will prepare you for a mission cause who knows you could get sent to burning hot Esmeraldas where you walk up hills all day, everyday. Do basketball! Middle school basketball is a blast! Especially on Go-team! Just get in good with the coaches! I love you bud and I hope you aren`t texting girls non stop!

Lexi! How was soccer? Are you Goalie? Are you still taller than Clay? It looked like in a picture Clay was growing. How's school? Are you sad you don`t see me everyday for PALS?

Leah! How was soccer? Are you scoring goals? Are you taller than Clay? How's school? Are you sad that you don`t see me everyday for PALS?

Bella! How was soccer? Do you actually play? HAHA! I'm sorry but its hard for me to imagine you actually participating in a team sport and helping the team! You just have always been more of a princess to me.

Collins! Mom and Dad say you are the cutest baby around! I can`t believe you are my sister. I feel like you are going to be just like Renata and leave my family in like a month. I can`t really say I miss you because I don't know you, but I hope all is well for you. Take......Luck.....:/

Courtney Kimball!
I already have the 17 points of the True Church card, but thanks for trying.....HAHA I love you MOM! My friend Mckay Dayton gave me the card in the CCM. He is from Orem and he knows Cade. Anyways, I have studied the card so yes it's pretty neato. If you and Dad could respond more to the letters I write like if they are any good. I don`t know what you want. So I just write. Anyways, I need money like pronto so figure it out. Elder Montesino is draining me.

Trent! You had some questions concerning the occupations of the members and that would be fishermen. I have been thinking that once you and I visit this place again we could go deep sea fishing! The Marlins are huge! The members here are really great. They go to the temple every month and they are really converted to the Lord. I am glad the Cougars are doing well. Too bad Max Hall isn`t.  I have a question. How do I know when I am bilingual? Like I can speak real well but I don't know. How much longer untill I don't have to worry about Spanish?

Well I love you guys! I hope everyone else is doing great! Stay strong! Sorry for no spirituall message this week:(
Your Son, Your Brother, Your Missionary, Elder Kimball
My friend Julian and I
Esmeraldas Ecuador, September 2014

The Canchingre house.
That ocean view is everywhere in my sector
Esmeraldas Ecuador, September 2014

Just me and the neighbors
Esmeraldas Ecuador, September 2014

Monday, September 8, 2014

Cougars, Converts, and Quito!

Date: September 8, 2014
Week: 12 Esmeraldas Ecuador
Companion: Elder Montesino, Honduras
Elder Kimball awkwardly standing with President and Sister Richardson
September 2014 Quito, Ecuador 

Dear People who claim to know The Elder Kimball,

Jam packed letter this week! Tons of stuff going on and its getting exciting people! My Cougars have done it again! With a jaw-dropping drubbing 41-7 win over Texas this week, its safe to say I am stoked for my Cougies!!!!
1) How many baptisms do you have?
I don´t have any folks, but the work is picking up. Christian Rosado attended church!!! More about him later.
2) Didnt you have transfers yesterday?
You know it! and I got sent to Quito!!!!!!! JK. Not in Quito.....still in black, blazing, and boring Esmeraldas. HAHA No, but I really do love Esmeraldas! Elder Mamani, district leader, got sent to the Campo so I got Elder Nogales as my distict leader now. I am so glad that Elder Montesino and I are still together! We will be together for the next week and the work is picking up real fast so lets just say I feel a storm coming!
3) What's the hardest thing about a mission?
Okay thats a hard question. There are so many hard things about a mission. The very hardest would probably be not being able to see or talk to my family. Didn't think I love them that much but I guess I do. Second would be the food. For those of you who know Colton Kimball real well, you know how he eats food. He doesn't like a mound of rice with a little chicken leg. He doesn't like having Coca-Cola for every meal. He doesn't like the mamitas that think that just because he is fat that they can serve him a ton of food. AHHHHH The food is killing me people. Its like I don't get hungry anymore because my stomach knows that I'll just feed it rice. They never have water. Never! Why can`t I have water! I don´t want soda! Anyways I guess the third hardest thing for me would be this language situation. Sometimes I find my self talking Spanish with peeps and forget that I am speaking Spanish but those are rare occasions. I now teach an English class every Sunday night at 6 at the church. (My friend Melissa Hurtado has pictures and said she will post them on my Facebook) When I teach English, I have to speak Spanish so I'm learning the language and it's a blast. This week I had like 20 peeps show up for my class with 2 investigators!!! (Christian and Peter)
Elder Kimball with the President, his wife and other Elders
September 2014, Quito Ecuador

My week
         Tuesday: This was a good day. We got to teach Cristhian (this is how he says his name is spelt) and his sister-in-law, Gloria, about necessity of having the authority of the Priesthood. Cristhian is really progressing well. I am sure he will be baptized.

        Wednesday: Road Trip! I taught my companion how to say that when we traveled to Quito this day. Nothing better than an 8 hour bus ride! It was a blast to be in Quito and when I say blast I mean winter blast! Freezing!

         Thursday: We had arrived in Quito the night before so we headed to a church and I saw Elder Bell for the first time in 6 weeks. I don´t want to sound like a baby but I cried like a baby when I saw him cause I missed him so much. That dude will be one of my best friends forever! It was like seeing a member of my family! Didn't think I missed him that much. Anyways enough about crying, reunited, missionary companions. We met with President and he checked our agendas. I guess you could say I passed verification. Elder Montesino and I were also able to pick up a DVD player!!! We now have movie night every night!!! And when I say movie I mean the PMG (Preach My Gospel) movies we have. This day we headed back to Esmeraldas! So HOT!!! 

           Friday: Nothing much! Just Preaching and Teaching! OOOOO an I got a letter from ANNIKA!!!!! It made it to me! My first letter in my entire mission!!!! Mother and Father, its safe to say that your package aint coming.:(

          Saturday: Lent my camera to my friend Guido for his wedding  (Why he wants my crummy camera for his wedding is beyond me). I still don´t have it back so I can´t send all the photos that I took in Quito!!!!

           Sunday: We had 2 investigators attend church!!! Cristhian and Peter! They are going to be baptized! I know it. Peter has been to church enough but Cristhian needs one more time.

           Okay So now lets get into details about Cristhian. This guy is literally my first investigator ever!!!!! He attends almost everything we tell him too. Institute, Church, English class. He even hangs out with us on P-Day. We ate Encebollado with him this morning and we played Uno with him and he is even here right now! Reading this email as I write. HA! Too bad he can´t understand it! He has his baptism date for the 20th of September. 

          Now about Peter. This guy is pretty serious about the church too. He has been to church a number of times. The only problem is we haven't taught him a single lesson cause he is "busy". Freak man! Ayudame!!!!!! His girlfriend is a strong member of the church and she has talked to him about temple marriage so we will see. 

           So that's pretty much everything! So what do I have to share spiritually with you guys? Psh I don´t know. Only the Lord knows. Another thing I have learned on my mission is how powerful the message is that we have to share!!!! People this is so important! It is so important for us to share this gospel because think for a second how much your life would be different if you didn´t have the Gospel of Jesus Christ in your life! That's what these people are going through! They don´t have that knowledge! it is so important that we share and give refrences to the missionaries. So please help your missionaries out and load them up with refrences and even offer your assistance for attending the lessons! This is a powerful message and it changes people. I have seen it and so have you! So Do It!

          When I visited Quito I had the opportunity to visit "El Panecillo". In 1965 Elder Spencer W. Kimball spoke with President David O McKay about plans for missionary work in South America. Elder Kimball said, "I took my large map of South America and put it on the desk... I pointed to Quito, in Ecuador and spoke of the millions of indigenous on the high plateau of the Andes Mountains". President McKay asked me, "Millions?" I said to him: "Yes, President McKay, there are millions and they are pure blood Indians who speak different languages and dialects.´ I spoke to him about certain valleys that we wanted to explore to see if proselyting was feasible there", and he said:"I believe that the time has arrived for the Lamanites to hear the gospel". And he said,"Yes,this is the time. They should hear the Gospel and you are one of the apostles that has the vision of this. You have my authorization´"...

          In the first days of October, 1965 four missionaries were sent to Quito. On October 9, Spencer W. Kimball visited Quito... There he met and talked with the people in the market and later traveled in taxi with the Mission President of the Andes Mission and the four missionaries to the top of the hill called Panecillo, in the center of the city.  This was in order to offer a prayer dedicating the country of Ecuador for the preaching and teaching of the gospel. On the Panecillo they found a family  of tourists, and Elder Kimball sent the missionaries to invite them and their driver to join in the prayer. All gathered together and Elder Kimball offered the dedicatory prayer. He prayed saying "They have waited so long, our Father, for the gospel to come to them....We ask thee to bless them, Father, that their hearts may be warmed and that they may be filled with the glorious truths of thy Gospel."

         Later Elder Kimball and the group traveled to Otavalo, where in a small plaza they sat in the shade of a tree while the driver changed a tire on the car. A boy appeared and asked if he could shine their shoes for a few cents, and they accepted. Elder Kimball said to the youth, "Cornelio, there are things more important than money", and he explained to him that the missionaries would come to Otavalo with the message of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. Elder Kimball promised to write him, and he gave him an Articles of Faith card with his name, saying that some day he would return and he would like to know how Cornelio was doing.

         The first nine members in Quito were baptized just three weeks later on October 31, 1965. Among those first members was the taxi driver who had taken Elder Kimball to the little hill to offer the dedicatory prayer.

          Elder Kimball returned to Ecuador in 1967. The Elders took him to visit the Peguche Indians. There they found a site for a meeting and the Elders stopped the people who were passing along the street to invite them to the meeting. One of the Elders began the meeting with a prayer and President Jepperson began to give his message while the Elders were running high and low seeking investigators. Finally, about 100 people met and sat in silence and listened to the mission president talk about the Book of Mormon. Later Elder Kimball spoke about the visit of Jesus Christ to the Americas. He testified of Jesus Christ and told the Indians the the missionaries were teachers of truth. After the meeting, those who attended pressed forward to shake hands with him. Elder Kimball later recalled the occasion. "Of all the meetings that I have ever attended, I believe that this was the most inspirational and motivating." 

         I am so blessed to be able to be serving here in Ecuador. I tell people that I am related to Presdient Kimball because its cool. I'm sure somewhere down the line we are! 
Okay well here are somethings I need you guys to hook me up with
1) Braven
2) USB with some good uplifting, spiritual music!
3)  Fix my debit card because I try to take money out and it doesn't work.
4) One of the BYU 2014 game day shirts
5) Some good candy
6) Some pictures of yall
7) And thats it!
Here is the address that Annika used and it worked so use this. She even mispelled IGLESIA so it should work.
Elder R. Colton Kimball
Ecuador Quito North Mission
Francisco Robles E4-151 Av Amazonas
Edificio Iglesia de Jesucristo
Quito, Ecuador
Bailey. I love you sister! Hows Junior year? Don´t forget that you have an older brother:(

Clay. Dude hows Football?! How was the Cougars game!!!!!! When I was in 7th grade dad took me to the BYU-Oklahoma game. I missed one of my Bush football games and my coaches were a little upset since I was the starting QB and all:) Oklahoma was ranked 3rd in the nation and I remember how worried I was that the Cougars were going to get killed. The game was played in the new Texas Stadium or Jerry World. BYU ended up winning 14-13!!!! There is a video on my facebook from a long time ago that Uncle Jason posted.  The video basically has me running around the stadium half naked. These are great times in your life right now bud! You are growing up (well mentally you are growing not sure about physically)! Make sure you read your scrips daily bud. They are importante!!!!

Lexi. I know how much you love that I don't write you which is kinda a weird but just know that I love you!

Leah. When does soccer start? How's school? Have you been practicing your bicycle kick? I love you sweetie!

Bella! Miss Querry sent me a pic of you at school! And I am going to tell on you right now. Miss Querry told me you have been giving moms lunches away to your friends! Spank her DAD!

Collins, Saw you in a pic representing the Royal, Strong and True! That is awesome! You don´t know how many people emailing me saying they haven't gotten to hold you yet. You best start letting people you hold you!

Mom. I appreciate the scriptures you sent me! That's awesome that you have been going out with the missionaries! Las Lomas has 150 peeps.... how sad.... Regocijo hit 100 last Sunday. It's so great to have my own ward here and not have to share with another set of missionaries. Fix my debit card woman!!!!! I love you and hope I "writed good nuf four you."

Dad!!! You came through Padre!!!! So I'm guessing this is it how it went down. It's Saturday morning, You are sitting on your bed at 9 am just after your daily workout and shower. You are on your IPad while mom is still asleep. You decide to check the tickets for the BYU-Texas game and you see they are at a reasonable price for a reasonable seat. You look out the front window and Clay, Hays and Cage are playing out side so you decided to take them. You get the M5 loaded up and you are on the road again! I love you Dad! I am so happy you went to the game. And it is so cool that you got to high five Taysom! I think in one of your pictures I spotted Jimmer and Whitney on the field. Keep me updated on the Jimmer! I hope all is well for you and work. Keep raising great kiddos!
I love you dad.

Well Folks thats a wrap. All the way from Esmeraldas Ecuador, where there is no cool winters breeze and anything else to eat besides rice, I bid thee adieu.
Until next time the one and only,
Elder Kimball

Editors Notes: The address Colton listed is good though I've sent two packages there and they have not been received.  I may be just supplying some customs agent down there with lots of yummy American treats I'm not sure....
Also Colton described Trents last minute decision to go to the BYU game spot on except he was in fact on the couch and not the bed.  I may or may not have still been asleep.  I refuse to admit to either.
Lastly, We are in fact related to President Kimball but very distantly.  He knows that we are but likes to pretend that no one has done the genealogy work to confirm the relation, when in fact we have.  Love that kid....
Elder Kimball
September 2014, Quito Ecuador

Monday, September 1, 2014

This Book is the Reason Why I am here in Ecuador

Date: September 1, 2014
Week: 11 Esermaldas Ecuador
Companion: Elder Montesino, Honduras

Dear Everyone who actually remembers Colton Kimball,

This week was a week. Not sure what else to say. 
Just Kidding the life of the missionary is a blast! 

Tuesday: Skipping studies and building houses. 
Remember the Canchingre Family, well we went to their "house" in the morning and went Habitat for Humanity on that thing! It was a blast! Then we suited up for a meeting with the President. President drove 8 hours to meet with us, so I was hoping for something amazing to happen just something. It was like a 20 minute meeting about nothing! But he did challenge us to read the Book of Mormon in 90 days.
Going Habitat of Humanity on the Canchingre Family's House
Esermaldas Ecuador, August 2014
One of the roads in Esmeraldas
Ecuador, August 2014

Wednesday: We taught a drunk guy. Like he was so drunk but Elder Montesino taught him. He did say he wanted to change! HAHA We also had interviews with the president. All is well folks!

Thursday: Well I think I can speak Spanish. Like I can understand 50% of what people say and people can understand like 30% of what I say. So if you add those up that's like 80% and that's all you need to pass seminary so I would say I'm passing Spanish. On this day I realized that I have improved but I've got a long way to go.

Working on the Canchingres Family Home
Esmeraldas Ecuador August 2014

Friday: On this day we had divisions. I was with Elder Mamani again. Except this time in my sector which was so much fun because I was in charge!!! We met with plenty of people and we even found a less active lady with some unbaptized kiddos.

Saturday: I had set a lot of lessons for Saturday of the people that I found Friday. Every last one of them fell through. That was hard for me! Like sups totes hard. I had tried so hard and yet the people wouldn't listen. But whateves! Keeping my head up!

Sunday: We went to church. And the at 6 pm I taught my first class of English. All by myself! It was a blast! I had like 15 peeps show up and even an investigator! They can greet people and say the churches name in English!

Well that's my week folks! Little update on Christian Rosado, our one and only investigator! He did not attend Church this week. Sad but he is till progressing so his baptismal date got moved. I have been working on the Canchingre Casa some more. You could say we are like bros now! They are a great family but they haven't attended church in a while.The house is looking good. 

This week I travel to Quito! Its almost like a vacation but not! We get to eat pizza so I'm looking forward for that. For those of you wondering why I am going to Quito that is a good question. I have no idea! Its called verification. They probably just make sure I am getting trained correctly. I have been out three months now so wow!

Okay Its time to get serious. This week with the President, I was challenged to read the Book of Mormon in 90 days. Psh Impossible! No not impossible! Why do we have the scriptures folks? Those who ignore or refuse to read the scripture are ignoring or refusing to listen to the word of God. I challenge people everyday to read. Its really as simple as that. Sometimes in our life we think everything is complicated. We think everything is too hard and we take the easy route. We might find surfing the web easier than reading a chapter of scripture. We might find watching TV easier than reading the Ensign. People you have been blessed with the power to read. How do I know that? You are reading this right now, Aren't you? Folks, I teach people everyday that can't read. They can not read the word of God. How rare of an opportunity do we have to read the Book of Mormon and the Holy Bible and other modern scripture? I am not delivering a sermon, I'm delivering the truth. Before my mission. I paid no attention to the scriptures. I couldn't understand the words I read. I did not have the faith to understand. I did not have the capability of understanding  because I was focused on the world. People! Its the word of God! You got to learn it, live it, and love it! I have a video I want you to watch its long but awesome.

The Importance of The Book of Mormon.
I don't have much to say for this because my feelings about this book cannot be expressed. This book is the reason why I am here in Ecuador. The reason why I have given 2 years of my life. Some of you may think that I am wasting my time out here. That the message I have to share is worthless. That there are so many better and profitable things I could be doing with my life. Well frankly, I will state that you are wrong. I know the Book of Mormon is true with all my heart. I have read and pondered and prayed about it and I know that it is true. I quote the Prophet Joseph Smith when saying "The Book of Mormon is the most correct of any book on earth, and the keystone of our religion, and a man would get nearer to God by abiding by its precepts, than by any other book." I challenge you to also start reading the Book of Mormon. I know that it can change lives. This video talks for itself.

Fam listen up! I love you guys and hope you had a great Labor Day!
Collins! You just keep getting cuter and cuter!
Bella! Didn't get a letter from you this week entonces nada por tu
Leah! I got a letter from you but I couldn't read it because the picture was way too big!
Lexi! Stop pretending to miss me! Keep working hard love!
Clay! I wrote to you but to add on to that! Yes its hard to run in pads. HAHA Welcome to Football bud, its a wonderful life. GO COUGARS!!!!!!
Bailey! I still think its hilarious you don't have your license still!!!!!!! HAHA! Yes Physics is hard!
MOM. I miss you and I know my letters stink but I try write good for you. 
Dad! You best be at the BYU TEXAS game! Or I be mad! Please Dad just go! I know its not as fun without me but Taysom Hill is killing it out there! The mission work is great. Still no baptism but my head is up and I am searching. We don't teach alot so when we do we might over do it. I dont know what the problem is but we are working hard!
Love you guys and start reading the book!
The book is blue and it is true!
Elder Kimball

More views of my room
Esmeraldas Ecuador, August 2014