Wednesday, December 24, 2014

¡Feliz Navidad!

Date: December 24, 2014
Week: 26 Ofelia, Ecuador
Companion: Elder Macalopu aka Elder Pena
Feliz Navidad!
Ofelia, Ecuador December 2014

Well Feliz Navidad everyone!

Since our p-day was postponed until today its been a very long week!

Tuesday: This day we went over to a member's house to help him move some furniture. His rickity staircase and thousand pound furniture were not made a match in heaven. But he was pretty cool because he gave us knives as christmas gifts....what a nice guy (sarcasm)

Wednesday: We had a new Mamita this day and she gave tons of rice which was fun...(sarcasm)

Thursday: We meet with Familia Mediavilla everyday which is awesome! Great to be teaching a family.
Our Ecuadorian Santa and me
Ofelia, Ecuador December 2014

Me and Familia Morales
Ofelia, Ecuador December 2014

Friday: This day we had a ward activity and a Christmas dinner. It was just rice again..... Literally a little change up would be nice. I had divisions this day also with Elder Marshall. At the ward actividad we did another talent show. I am running out of cool ideas that are mission appropriate.

Saturday: We got a reference for a lady named Rosario. We went to her house and she was really nice, and her daughter lived in San Antonio for like 3 months, and worked at Schlitterbahn! It was sweet to talk about my hometown and the gospel. She speaks English as well, but it was easier just to speak in Spanish.

Sunday: We had baptismal interviews for Anghy and Luciana. They both passed and both asked me to baptize them which is really awesome. We are still unsure about Anghy though because she's not quite ready.

Monday: This day was supposed to be P-Day but president enlarged our week so we worked normally this day. Elder Peña and I made Christmas cards for some members in the ward and passed them out this day. The cards look pretty neat.

Tuesday: We met with Familia Mediavilla and they are all set for their baptism this Saturday. It should be great with all the primary children there.

My district here in Ofelia
Ecuador, December 2014

Well this Christmas week has been awesome. With the baptisms coming up and getting to call my fam. Should be great! I appreciate all the emails and letters y'all have sent! Really it has made this Christmas awesome! Today, the 24th, we have to be in our houses at 6pm and can't leave for any reason. President said it was chill if a member brought some Christmas dinner by to eat but they can't enter the house. Stalin is going to bring Cordon Bleu by, which I am extremely excited for.

Tomorrow we will have our district and zone meetings till 2ish and then I will got to Stalins, eat lunch, and then call my fam. Then we have to be in the house at 5. The rules sound strict but the people here are crazy. Nothing like celebrating the birth of Christ with alcohol. It's sad but that's why I'm here to teach these people.

Well I don't want to take much time of y'alls Christmas so here is a little spiritual message. Christmas in the perspective of children.

Okay, for the record those kids probably understand Christmas more than I do. Really the best Christmas I ever had will probably be this one. Even though I am far from my family, and I won't be eating a huge turkey, and recieving my new IPhone 6, I really am doing the best thing ever! I am teaching about Jesus Christ to people who either know little about Him or nothing at all. Really I couldn't ask for a greater gift. Spreading the Christmas Spirit is amazing. The tears that have been shed over the birth and death of my Savior are probably my most cherished Christmas moments. I hope every single one of you has a very Merry Chritmas and remember to give more than you get.

Bailey, TTYL

Clay, Enjoy every present you get tomorrow and don't forget to read Luke 2 with the fam.

Lexi! Love you sis! I'll talk to you tomorrow! Try not to cry!

Leah!  Thanks for talking to me! I'll talk to you more tomorrow!

Bella! Be good!

Collins! Your first Christmas in the world and mine on my mish. Only one more to go!

Mom! Thanks for all the love you send to me in your packages! I'll talk to you tomorrow!

Dad! Love you dad and can't wait to talk to you tomorrow in Spanish!

Ciao y Feliz Navidad! Elder Kimball

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