Monday, January 5, 2015

Ecuadorian Street Contacting....

Date: January 5, 2014
Week: 28, Ophelia, Ecuador
Companion: Elder Macalopu aka Elder Peña from Peru
Strange Ecuadorian New Years Traditions
Ophelia, Ecuador January 2015

More crazies
Ophelia, Ecuador January 2014

And more
Ophelia, Ecuador January 2014
Well... 2014 that's a wrap. Thanks for all the ups and the downs. Appreciated every moment!

Tuesday: We went to Elder Marshall's and Elder Perry's because we had to make sure they were being obedient. Ha, nah Elder Peña only had to see if they were doing okay.

Wednesday: We spent the morning with them studying and headed out into the depot in Ecuador and learned alot of why we need to be in the house at 5:00 o'clock. Literally those pics are what I witnessed Wednesday afternoon. I don't know why but the men dress up as women and then proceed to "street contact" for money. This isn't like a haunted house where they aren't allowed to touch you. This is the real thing, and Elder Peña did not like it one bit. He almost punched one dude and I don't know what I would have done if he did. I may be giant here in Ecuador but I'm pretty sure I would have cried on the spot. Celebrating the New Year's with she-men.....

Thursday: WaHoo 2k15!  The city of Quito turned into a ghost town! Literally everyone left! No one was in the city and it was nice to have peace and quiet in the streets. We had Reunion de Zona in which we reviewed our goals for the month of December and made new ones for January. Our goals for December were 3 baptisms and 4 rescued. We managed to get 1 baptism (Luciana counted has a baptism for the missionaries and Romina counted as a baptism for the ward) and 2 rescued. Hermano Raul was rescued and Hermano Gabriel Rojas (Anghy's Dad). Those all counted for the month of December and we already have Hermana Pamela and Adriana (Mother and Sister of Luciana) rescued for the month of January.
Editors Note: Rescued means fellowshipping them back to church

Friday: Again no one was home, and it was a hard day to work, but we were able to manage alot of contacts and I am hoping a few will come through.

Saturday: Luciana's cousin was baptised but she lives in the sector of the Hermana's but Elder Peña and I basically found and taught her everything. It was great to work with Familia Mediavilla and to have so much success with them. We were really able to bring a family back to Christ and it feels awesome.

Sunday: We had church all day again but they changed our mamitas for this month and that means I am back to eating rice. I really hope we can keep Stalin as our papito but we will see.

Well the week was both dead, but also eventful. I am excited for this year. This is my blackout year here in the mission and this year will either break or make my mission but I guess that just all depends on me. I have decided to make some goals for this coming year and I believe I can accomplish them. We all had to make goals and send them to President so here are a few I put in my letter to the prez:
1) Finish the Book of Mormon in Spanish
2) Read Preach my Gospel in both English and Spanish
3) Memorize the Living Christ in Spanish
4) Become more like Christ by always representing Him
5) Always be a help and a friend to my companion
6) Think of others before myself
7) Put the will of the Lord above my own
8) Leave my sector better than I found it
9) Begin and finish eachday with a personal prayer
10) Be obedient

Sometimes it can be easy to be distracted or discourged out here. Sometimes you can forget why you're here and especially who you are representing. I like this video because it reminds me of why I am here, and really why all of us should accept a call to serve. Whether it be to go on a a mission, or to be the ward primary president. Really we all have opportunities to serve and I hope that all of us can accept them as if the Lord was personally giving them to us. Love you guys and enjoy your New Year of 2015.

Bailey- Congrats on the B
Clay- Att'a boy. Keep sending your girlfriend gifts!
Lexi- Ya look prettier and prettier everyday
Leah- Practice everyday. (Futbol)
Bella- Be good in school
Collins- Those snow pictures looked pretty cute!
Mom- Got some more packages and I am excited to open them
Dad- We have cambios next week in which Elder Peña will probably go. I hope I can continue having success with my new comp. Thanks for the advice on the Spanish.


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