Monday, April 27, 2015

Best Two Years Ever!

Date: April 27, 2015
Week: 44 Lago Agrio
Companion: Elder Lares/Peru
Waking into the waters of baptism
Aguarico, Ecuador April 2015

I love being a missionary! I feel like when my Mom and Dad sent me off to the mission field they "blind folded me up, spun me around, gave me something sharp, and let me go".  Sometimes I look back and can't believe how far I've made it, and there are other times I look ahead and am grateful for  how much time in the mission I have to go.

We just had a baptism for Isamar San Martin Pogo this past Saturday in the river Aguarico (The water ain't so rico....). Baptizing in an Amazon river is not an experience I thought I would have but I did! The water is definitly scary because I don't know how many Discovery channel documentaries or River Monsters shows I have watched where some "river monster" gets somebody in the river. I was scared but after about 15 feet in I felt comfortable. We had to walk out about 30 feet to finally get deep enough so I had to do the baptism a little loud.
The whole branch at the baptism
Aguarico, Ecuador April 2015
Practically the whole branch showed up! I am so used to seeing baptisms in Quito where its hard to get the bishop to even show up. The spirit is so strong here because in the branch we are dealing with so many new converts. The baptism was real spiritual. The other old companions, Elder Castillo y Elder Palomino, also had a baptism with us of a girl named Elisa Arcos. It was a special day for us as missionaries. The spirit was strong. Afterwards we all gathered back in the church and had a cake that was prepared by the members. It was awesome!

On Sunday, Elder Lares got to confirm Isamar a member of the church and she gave her testimony during the meeting. Isamar is leading the way for her family. Her parents are not yet married and the father does not want to take part in the discussions but the mom is full support of coming to church and everything. She will be a strong future leader in the church.
Elder Lares,  Isamar San Martin Pogo, and I just before the baptism
Aguarico, Ecuador April 2015

All of those being baptized
Aguarico, Ecuador April 2015

Elder Lares and I are doing swell. We passed cambios intermedios last night and as he says he is unfortunately here another 3 weeks. What a terrible way to go through your mission. Wishing to be in a place where your not. We get along together fine. when its time to work, we work, and when its time to sleep, we sleep. That's just how the misison is. He says he is tired of being in the heat. I guess he has now served in the heat 8 months straight now. I think I'm just accustomed to being out in the hot sun all day.

A thing I am not used to is when it rains cats and dogs and destroys my umbrellas! Literally rain will fall so fast here and next thing you know you are wading through the streets. Its a good thing I don't have my IPhone 6 out here because it would have totally gotten water damage unless the new phones are water proof!?!?
Flooding outside of our apartment
Lago Agrio, Ecuador April 2015

We did recieve a new Elder in our district yesterday. His name is Elder Rubich. I think its spelled like that. The week before the district in Coca received Elder Linderman who was assistant to President. So now we have Elder Castillo,  Elder Rubich, and Elder Palomino together. Elder Rubich will be the new Branch President. Elder Valentine is district leader here. Elder Bell is district leader over in Coca and Elder Lindeman is Zone leader over in Coca. They usually move leaders during the changes and will move the others during the actually changes. I hope I don't get changed again, but we still have plenty of time (May 17) until that happens.

Mother's day is coming up but they still haven't sent anything out that lets us know when we can call, so sorry Mom and Dad. I still don't know. Can't believe its Mother's day already! Feels like I just called home for Christmas! This time I want each family member to write three questions that they would like to have me answer and I will happily do it. I don't want a repeat of last year where I'm just sitting there with Bailey on the phone trying to think of a question. Please compare questions before asking them so that ya'll don't repeat questions.

Questions to Avoid (Just so ya'll know these questions were asked last year)
1) Can you come home early from your mission?
2) Do you find any of the sister missionaries attractive? (I think we can guess who said this one. Bella that stinker)
3) Is it snowing there? (Mom....)
4) How do you say IPhone in Spanish? (Can anyone tell they opened Christmas presents right before I talked to them?)
5) Have you baptized anyone? (This one is probably the most popular)

Well I hope we can have a good call this year!
KFC fiesta box for the Latinos.  We love our new KFC
Lago Agrio Ecuador April 2015

I think its so funny to teach the commandments because when we mention them people begin to think of the two commandments Jesus gave us. "And he answering said, Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy strength, and with all thy mind; and thy neighbour as thyself." (Luke 10:27)

And then they can't name the rest of the commandments! Hahaha I hope that we can all watch this video and remember the ten commandments still apply to us today. There might be a few that you could be breaking without even knowing it.
Love you all and be safe,
Elder Kimball

Bailey! You stopped writing me!
Clay! How are ya bro?
Lexi! Ya look beautiful sweetheart!
Leah! How was the NY trip?
Bella! Love you sweetheart and hoped you had a fun trip!
Collins- One cute baby the Kimball's have their hands on. Too bad they are having more. We all thought you were the lucky seventh. I guess we will be the elite eight. Or is it the No way they have Nine kids. Editors Note: Colton is still fishing to see if we are having more kids so don't tell him!
Mother! Love you so much and appreciate you more than you know!
Dad! Love you and thanks for edifying me in your email today! Keep being the awesome dad that you are!

Monday, April 20, 2015

¡Milagros en Lago!

Date: April 20, 2015
Week: 43 Lago Agrio, Ecuador
Companion: Elder Lares/Peru

Literally swinging on a vine in the jungle
Lago Agrio, Ecuador April 2015
What a week is has been people!
To start it off, I will say that I am alive and well! Elder Lares is alive as well and we have not been eaten by andacondas! We will be having a baptism this Saturday at 5 o´ clock in the river Aguarico. WAHOO! Isamar San Martin Pogo has finally decided to make this covenant with the Lord. We are trying to get the whole family baptized but as for now she will go first. The parents aren´t married yet so we have to get them married before we can baptize the whole family. Isamar passed her interview and I will get to baptize her.
My district on P-day
Lago Agrio Ecuador, April 2015

Other things that are happening are Elder Lares and I are doing good. He is a great companion and has been helping me alot. I don´t think he wants to be serving here in the jungle but it's all good. Things I have learned from him are that he is kind of a momma's boy. He doesn´t cook at all and buys all his food of the street. He likes to put on like five different kinds of deoderant. He is clean so that's the least I can ask for. I have learned that with companions, you get what you get, and you don´t throw a fit. As I have mentioned before your companions should have a quality that your future wife will have. I am still wondering if that applies with every companion or just a select few?

Elder Bell told me the other day that he was talking to an investigator and she had just had a baby and that it didn´t have a name yet. She then wanted to know gringo names. (Side Note: As a missionary you always know the names of your follow missionaries sisters. It's just a rule. So as you can imagine, when I say I have five sisters they all go drooling but then once they figure out the oldest one is 16 all the old Latinos usually stop drooling.) Elder Bell then told her the names of every girl he could think of but she didn´t like them. Finally he said "Bailey" and what do you know she liked the name! HA! Thanks Elder Bell...... Now my sis has a little Ecuadorian baby named after her.
The monkeys are back and they just jump right on you in the street
Lago Agrio, Ecuador April 2015

A bridge in the jungle
Lago Agrio, Ecuador April 2015
This talk was actually given first in San Antonio by Elder Bednar himself so check out the link for the video:
Bearing Our Burdens with Hope
Okay so this is one principle that I have really learned on my mission. The load we bear is what makes us stronger not weaker. I think people forget and even I forgot that we aren't here just to have a good time, and then die, and go to heaven. We are here to learn something, to learn many things that is. We are here to progress as an individual and become better. I know the mission might be one of the hardest things I have ever done, but I also know that I have learned so much more in the past ten months than I have in the past ten years. We gotta to take our weaknesses and make them apart of who we are and then make ourselves better.

Love you all and of course miss you all,
Elder Kimball
Bailey- Hope you are preparing for finals, Junior year.......
Clay- I heard you are tearing it up on the golf course! Keep doing your thing!
Lexi- I love you so much and I saw that you were taller than Clay. Wow you are a giant but a pretty one of course!
Leah- You sly dog you! Stop stealing the boys hearts at school!
Bella- What up homeslice? I hope you are being good!
Collins- I have to admit you are one cute baby.....
Mom- I love you! and appreciate you weekly letters! Don't forget to keep sending me packages! I recieved my sidebag and I love it. Wow that didn't sound gay....the sidebag is basically a purse...But really no sarcasm it's awesome. Please send me a new ipod and speakers because mine officially don't work...I'm trying to slow down on the money but everything is so expensive here.
Dad- That stinks the Spurs lost game one. What seed did they end up getting? I love you Dad and miss you a ton!
Editors Note: Colton had only spent an extra $50 by the time he had 9 months in the mission.  Then this past month he has spent $250 and I think it's because of the new KFC that just opened up in his area.  Maybe that is what is so expensive!

Monday, April 13, 2015

Monkeying Around

Date: April 13, 2015
Week: 42 Lago Agrio
Companion: Elder Lares, Lima Peru
Finally got to hold a monkey!
Lago Agrio, Ecuador April 2015

Dear Family and Friends,
What a great week! As yáll know I recieved my new companion last week, Elder Lares. He is from Lima, Peru. He only has like 2 weeks more than me in the mission and we both will be going home together next year so we have been talking about that. He is probably my most clean companion. He takes like 45 minutes to get ready....Ha! We are opening up this sector so its been hard, but I have to admit we have been having some success. We could have a baptism this Saturday but everything depends on our investigator. Elder Lares hasn't been feeling too well either as he has been here. He has been having similar symptoms to Dengue but nothing has been confirmed. He has served in the coast practically his whole mission
At the hospital with my comp, Elder Lares
Lago Agrio, Ecuador April 2015

I wanted to jump in that river behind us.
Lago Agrio, Ecuador April 2015

Yesterday we found a family where the Dad is from Esmeraldas. I told him that I got to serve there and he said he lived in Regocijo and constructed the church there. I told him that that is exactly where I served. He now calls me brother because I lived in his city. The name of the family is La Familia Cortes. We also found a huge family that counts as three families. I feel more like a wedding planner than a missionary. Just planning these weddings and baptisms to get a whole other branch attending the church. I am hoping and praying for all of this success to have fruits. 

We also got to go to Parque Perla with my old two companions. That's where I got my monkey pic. The thing just jumped on me and I freaked. Maybe serving in the Ecuadorian jungle ain't so bad;)

I have been listening to a lot of Conference. I really like the talk by Elder Eyring in priesthood... sesh when he was talking about the priesthood power and how he was Deacon and he was scared but then gave a blessing to a little girl who was supposed to die but he gave her a blessing and the Spirit told him that she would live. The Doctor was disgusted and kicked him out of the room but he explained the differences in how he felt and I abosolutly loved to hear this experience.
I think we are lost!
Lago Agrio, Ecuador April 2015

Yep, we are lost!
Lago Agrio, Ecuador April 2015
This might be the best video I have ever posted, just because it has my name in it. With conference just having happened, I feel like this follow the Prophet video will help everyone remember that the words of a living Prophet guide us on the right road. Why don't we all take this videos advice and not be like Colton?
Love you all, Elder Kimball
Waiting in line at the new KFC that opened!
Lago Agrio, Ecuador April 2015

Love KFC!
Lago Agrio, Ecuador April 2015

Bailey- Hope all is well with my 16-year-old sister! Keep making right choices
Clay- Wow you are 13! Can't believe it! When are you going to become a rebel like I was? Stop being so good, your making me look bad.
Lexi! I love you Sis! Great job in soccer! Keep blocking those shots.
Leah! Keep working hard. Hard work does pay off!
Bella! How you doing sis? Can't believe how old you are!
Collins! Keep getting more and more pretty!
Mom- I need a new ipod with all the EFY music. The Ipod you sent is starting not to work! And if you can get a little watch that  would be nice. My big one I can´t take out because....well just because.... I haven't recieved a package from you since like February so I hope there are some on the way! LOVE YOU!
Dad, Miss you Dad! Just wanted you to know that you did teach me how to be a father as Larry M. Gibson asked. I think the Philmont trip could be related to the 50/20. And if I rememeber correctly I did say I never wanted to do it again! I guess I can say now "Unless my son asks me too". Maybe you will still be alive to do it with us. JK, Love you!
Elder Kimbolito

Monday, April 6, 2015

Gracias Padres....

Date: April 6, 2015
Week: 41 Lago Agrio, Ecuador
Companion: Elder Lares

Lago Agrio, Ecuador April 2015

Another week down and we had changes! Wahoo. I am out of that trio and I am back in Lago 2. My old sector! I will be with Elder Lares. I am super excited to reopen my sector and I moved back into my old house. Elder Lares isn't here yet because he is coming from the coast so he will get here tomorrow. Elder Palomino and Elder Castillo are staying together back in Lago 1.

Now let me explain the title of this email. So last week the district went to the border of Colombia. Elder Cajahuaman had gotten permission to do a district activity since it was his last P-Day ever. Elder Valentine said it was all cool and we could go, so we went. We took pics and I of course sent them to you guys! A day later Elder Valentine gets a call from President.... Elder Valentine calls a District Council and tells us what happened. He said President saw photos on FB of us near the borders of Colombia and that we weren't allowed to go there.... Immediately I knew that Mother basically threw me under the bus by posting pics on FB. I confessed to my district that I was 100% sure that my mom sold us out. They were mad at first, but it was pretty funny later. President wasn't mad cause we didn't know we weren't supposed to go but I still think its hilarious that President has me as a friend on Facebook and sees what pics I send. I should be more careful! HAHA. Editors Note: He never said not to post his pictures of them at the Colombian border!
Cleaning the church building
Lago Agrio, April 2015

Watching conference with Elder Valentine
Lago Agrio, April 2015

My district before changes
Lago Agrio, April 2015

In other news we had General Conference this past weekend. My fingers were again crossed for a temple in Quito or Otavalo but of course no....Coverage for conference in English was slim since I am currently living on the banks of the Amazon Rivers. We missed a few talks but we were still able to hear it in our native tongue thanks to BYUtv! My favorite talk was Larry M. Gibson. I am sure mom and dad think I forgot that I met him once but I remembered. When he said that he had asked a bunch of young man all over the world what they wanted to learn in life, and no one said that they wanted to "learn to be a father". Elder Valentine immediately turned to me and said "Did he ask you that?, aww man you could have been the one to say it!" I laughed pretty hard that I had the chance to be the one to answer, but of course I did not. I will have more comments next week on conference since I just downloaded the whole thing on my USB.
At a Chinese Restaurant for P-day
Lago Agrio, April 2015

This is what happens when I ask Elder Valentine to take my picture
Lago Agrio, Ecuador April 2015

Traditional Easter Soup Yummm
Lago Agrio, Ecuador April 2015

I hope everyone has a good week and keeps the faith,
Elder Kimball

Bailey! I wrote you.
Clay! I'll celebrate your birthday on Wednesday by sleeping in untill 6:30 am! Happy Birthday bud!
Lexi! I love you!!!!!! So much! I hope you say your morning and nightly prayers.
Leah! I wrote you
Bella! I like how you still sit in the baby seat at the dinner table. You ain't no baby!
Collins! You sure look cute!
Mom. Thanks for selling me out to Prezy. I guess it's cool to know he looks at my photos. I hope he doesn't read these letters!
Dad. I love you and of course again thought of you during the Priesthood sesh. Hope you went to Aldacos or somewhere good for dinner! Love you!
Elder Kimbolito