Wednesday, December 24, 2014

¡Feliz Navidad!

Date: December 24, 2014
Week: 26 Ofelia, Ecuador
Companion: Elder Macalopu aka Elder Pena
Feliz Navidad!
Ofelia, Ecuador December 2014

Well Feliz Navidad everyone!

Since our p-day was postponed until today its been a very long week!

Tuesday: This day we went over to a member's house to help him move some furniture. His rickity staircase and thousand pound furniture were not made a match in heaven. But he was pretty cool because he gave us knives as christmas gifts....what a nice guy (sarcasm)

Wednesday: We had a new Mamita this day and she gave tons of rice which was fun...(sarcasm)

Thursday: We meet with Familia Mediavilla everyday which is awesome! Great to be teaching a family.
Our Ecuadorian Santa and me
Ofelia, Ecuador December 2014

Me and Familia Morales
Ofelia, Ecuador December 2014

Friday: This day we had a ward activity and a Christmas dinner. It was just rice again..... Literally a little change up would be nice. I had divisions this day also with Elder Marshall. At the ward actividad we did another talent show. I am running out of cool ideas that are mission appropriate.

Saturday: We got a reference for a lady named Rosario. We went to her house and she was really nice, and her daughter lived in San Antonio for like 3 months, and worked at Schlitterbahn! It was sweet to talk about my hometown and the gospel. She speaks English as well, but it was easier just to speak in Spanish.

Sunday: We had baptismal interviews for Anghy and Luciana. They both passed and both asked me to baptize them which is really awesome. We are still unsure about Anghy though because she's not quite ready.

Monday: This day was supposed to be P-Day but president enlarged our week so we worked normally this day. Elder Peña and I made Christmas cards for some members in the ward and passed them out this day. The cards look pretty neat.

Tuesday: We met with Familia Mediavilla and they are all set for their baptism this Saturday. It should be great with all the primary children there.

My district here in Ofelia
Ecuador, December 2014

Well this Christmas week has been awesome. With the baptisms coming up and getting to call my fam. Should be great! I appreciate all the emails and letters y'all have sent! Really it has made this Christmas awesome! Today, the 24th, we have to be in our houses at 6pm and can't leave for any reason. President said it was chill if a member brought some Christmas dinner by to eat but they can't enter the house. Stalin is going to bring Cordon Bleu by, which I am extremely excited for.

Tomorrow we will have our district and zone meetings till 2ish and then I will got to Stalins, eat lunch, and then call my fam. Then we have to be in the house at 5. The rules sound strict but the people here are crazy. Nothing like celebrating the birth of Christ with alcohol. It's sad but that's why I'm here to teach these people.

Well I don't want to take much time of y'alls Christmas so here is a little spiritual message. Christmas in the perspective of children.

Okay, for the record those kids probably understand Christmas more than I do. Really the best Christmas I ever had will probably be this one. Even though I am far from my family, and I won't be eating a huge turkey, and recieving my new IPhone 6, I really am doing the best thing ever! I am teaching about Jesus Christ to people who either know little about Him or nothing at all. Really I couldn't ask for a greater gift. Spreading the Christmas Spirit is amazing. The tears that have been shed over the birth and death of my Savior are probably my most cherished Christmas moments. I hope every single one of you has a very Merry Chritmas and remember to give more than you get.

Bailey, TTYL

Clay, Enjoy every present you get tomorrow and don't forget to read Luke 2 with the fam.

Lexi! Love you sis! I'll talk to you tomorrow! Try not to cry!

Leah!  Thanks for talking to me! I'll talk to you more tomorrow!

Bella! Be good!

Collins! Your first Christmas in the world and mine on my mish. Only one more to go!

Mom! Thanks for all the love you send to me in your packages! I'll talk to you tomorrow!

Dad! Love you dad and can't wait to talk to you tomorrow in Spanish!

Ciao y Feliz Navidad! Elder Kimball

Monday, December 15, 2014

The Race for Seis (six months!)

December 15, 2004
Week: 25, Ofelia Ecuador
Companion: Elder Macalopu aka Elder Pena
Elder Macalopu and I at the Mission Home.
Quito Ecuador

Hello Everyone!
A ton happened this past week so here's another inside look at the life of Elder Kimball:

Tuesday: On this day I was studying when Elder Macalopu (changed his name to Elder Peña because its hard to say the other one and its the lastname of his mother) came up stairs and asked me to tie his tie. The guy has 21 months and he can't tie a tie. Thats all I'll say...

Wednesday: This day we had a practice to prepare something for a little devotional with President on Friday. These people don't have any imaginations. I prepared the whole thing and I wish I was overexaggerating.
Packages are finally rolling in!
Ofelia, Ecuador

Me in the Mission Home
Quito Ecuador

Thursday: We had another practice and we got to teach a lot of investigators this day.

Friday: We were with President in the Mission Home all day to celebrate Christmas. We got to eat Turkey and do white elephant. It was alot of fun. The food gave me bicicleta but it was still pretty good.
Me and Elder Quintana
Ofelia, Ecuador

The Main course
Quito, Ecuador

Quito Ecuador

My salad
Quito, Ecuador

Saturday: This day we found another investigator!!! She's 9, but she counts as an investigator. Her family is less active so we are going to reactivate them and baptize her and her sister(8) the 27th. We also have a girl who is part of a family of recent converts who we will baptize the 27th also. So we are planning a Noche Blanco this day for a bunch of the primary kids to come and see the baptism. It should be really sweet.

Sunday: The usual with church and everything. One of the members asked us to talk a little about baptism to the kids and this is probably the most embarassing moment of my mission. I felt like I asked for a circumcised loaf. I was talking about my baptism to the kiddos when I said " Yo estuve vestiendo mi vestido blanco". Which basically means I was wearing my white dress. When then one of the primary kids is like Vesitdo??? I turned to Elder Peña and was like "What does vestido mean?" He told me I told them I was wearing a white dress, like for girls. The whole primary burst out laughing. I thought it was pretty funny too but pretty embarassing also.
My ornament on the Mission President's tree
Quito, Ecuador

I saw this at the Mission Presidents's house
Quito, Ecuador

My Christmas tree at the apartment
Ofelia, Ecuador

The past week was great. I was having fun! Angie is on date for the 27th but she is still unsure. She attends church every Sunday which is good so she just needs more time. We have been finding alot more to teach her which is great.

Lucy is on date for the 27th also. She is the girl of the less active family. Its cool to be teaching a family and I teach great with little kids cause I keep it simple. Its alot of fun to teach Familia Mediavilla. I think it will be neat to reunite a family.

Honestly, I am having a blast! I really have just put everything in the hands of the Lord. It truly has been the most amazing experience of my entire life. I represent the Lord daily and I live in mircales. Representing the Lord really has helped me realize the importance of sharing this message. I was thinking the other day of how much I have given for this gospel. Family, friends, years...  Then I thought of what He has given for me. Really without His sacrifice I wouldn't be here. I would be nothing honestly. I know that Jesus Christ has sacrificed so much more for me and I am less than the dust of the earth. With Him I can do so much more. I love representing Him here in Ecuador. And I am eternally grateful to Him. This Christmas season has been the prefect time to really come to know Jesus Christ. In representing Him, I have been trying to study and do what he has done. To truly be like Him and I can't think of a better way to truly celebrate this Christmas. As you watch this next video, think of all the things He has done for you, and then go and read Mosiah 2:20- 25. There is no better way to celebrate Christmas than to represent Christ himself. His Hands

Just letting everyone know I love them! Keep on keeping on!
Bailey- Love ya sis! Work hard in all that ya do
Clay! I havn't heard from ya in a little while! Hope all is well!
Lexi! Hows it going? What did you ask for for Christmas?
Leah- Thats awesome that you and Lexi are going to do Club soccer! Remember to put the ball in the net!
Bella! Hows the haircut sweetie?
Collins! Keep up the videos! You keep getting bigger and bigger.
Ma, Honestly I can{t remember which packages are which. I ll start keeping track now!
Dad! That stinks with the Cougs and everything. My next P-Day will be the 24th of December. Thats a Wednesday. We have a bunch of rules for this Navidad with being in the house at a certain time do I will tell you what time I will call on that P-Day- Let me repeat that I till be calling you the 25th probably from between the hours of  2pm - 5pm Ecuador Standard Time. I will be more sure as to what time I will call next wednesday. I will be calling on thursday the 25th of December. Love ya pa! I still have one more pday before the llamada so we can play the 24th of December!

Ciao Folks!
-Elder Kimball

Monday, December 8, 2014

Dear People In The World But Not Of It

Date: December 8, 2014
Week: 24 Ofelia, Ecuador
Companion: Elder Macalopu, Peru
Mas Bolos!
Ofelia, Ecuador December 2014

Dear People in the world but not of it,
I hope all is well this Christmas season. The lights are definitly up here in Ofelia and the loving time of the year is definitly here or is it?........

Tuesday: Like I said we got two new hermanas in our district last week and they basically know nothing about their sector so we had to show them around. Being companion to the DL makes you go on a lot of errands.

Wednesday: Our goals for this month are to have 4 rescued and 2 baptisms. It is doable especially since we found out the baptism of Angies dad might have to be redone. We met with 2 less active families this day. Familia Ñacato Salazar and Familia Ñacato Guerro. They are planned to be reactivated this month and I hope for the best.
P-day fun
Ofelia, Ecuador December 2014
My shoes... Have no fear guy a in my ward is a cobbler
Ofelia, Ecuador December 2014

Letty made us breakfast this morning
Ofelia Ecuador December 2014

Thursday: Well ol' Monty (my first companion), officially went home this day. He has served his time and I got to say goodbye to him. I hope for the best for the ol' chap and I guess I'll see him later in life.

Friday: We had a Missionary Work sponsered Talent Show for the ward. It was well put together. This week was fiestas of Quito so there were tons of Friday night parties. I got a great night sleep! For my talent I did how fast I can eat a bowl of rice. The whole ward laughed cause everyone knows what a picky eater I am. Some have asked to speak with my mother and father so that they can talk to them about my eating disabilities. Sorry Ma and Pa if you guys get calls this next week from angry mamitas.
Feliz Navidad!  Voy a comprar un arbol!
Ofelia, Ecuador December 2014

My apartment with the banner ya'll made me
Ofelia Ecuador December 2014

Finally found a hotel for Mom to stay in when ya'll come down to get me in 2016.  Nothing better than the J-Dub!
Ofelia, Ecuador December 2014

Saturday: Funny thing happened this day. A few weeks ago E'Macalopu and I were unlocking the church building when some crazy lady just started yelling at us. I didn't understand what she said because she was using words I have never used before but E' Macky said not to worry about it. Well I was walking on the street this day and I wasn't looking up but this crazy lady straight punches me in the arm. It was good sized Lexi type swing so it didn't hurt but it had some power. Immediately I thought it was some member of the ward like Stalin or Letty but I looked back at who hit me and its this crazy lady. You should have seen the fear in her eyes when my long giraffe neck lifted my oversized noggin. I just smiled and said Gracias. I am sure that ticked her off. E' Macalopu was laughing the whole way home. That will definitely be something I won't forget.

Sunday: So the usual routine. Do nothing all day but church. After church we went over to a members house. Diego Robayo. He was a feeling a tad bit disanimated about his calling, Leader of the JAS. I think its young single adults in English. Anyways we shared a few scriptures with him to animate him and then we went to the Christmas Devotional! Great week!!!!!!!!
Me not thinking about home...
Ofelia Ecuador December 2014

Update on Angie:
She has been sick this whole past week so basically we haven't been able to teach her. We moved her date to the 20th so that we could have more time to fit in all the lessons. She is definitly Pilas so I am hoping for the best.

Update on Teresa: 
She really is what you would call a "Golden Investigator" but maybe just gold plated. She works 24/7 so its really a pass by and see type situation. If she is not busy we can teach her. We really just need to get her to understand the Plan of Salvation because I think that will be the make it or break it. I will definitly be praying and fasting for her.
What I love most about my mission is the realtionship I now have with my Savior. Really it is something I an not put into words but I know God gave His Son for us. Really we all go through rough patches some more difficult than others but I know with my whole heart that we all have the same Savior and his name is Jesus Christ. He is the Gift. WATCH

Bailey, Do what you got to do!

Clay, Hows Bball man? Try and give something for Christmas this year. And remember even if your new car comes in black don't cry for the blue one or Santa will just take the whole car away.

Lexi! How are ya Sweetie? Hows school? Thank you for all your wonderful Christmas letters. Your handwriting is alot like Bailey's.

Leah! What up Sis? Your growing up so fast! Keep working hard!

Bella! Its weird to see you with two front teeth! I don't remember them being so big! Keep being cute!

Collins, Heard the sick kids tried to kiss you this past week! You must be super cute!

Mom, Thanks for all the packages. With all the packages I have been getting I can't believe not one of them has my ATM card. I love you so much!

Dad, How are ya? I miss you and can't wait to speak to you in a different language. My biggest fear is that my Spanish will stink. I love you and thanks for writing.

Aunt Kym, Thanks for the package, for once you might have given me presents earlier than the desired date. Really though I appreciate it! I won't open it till christmas!

Nana, thanks for the package, if you want you can do food packages sometimes and then other stuff other times. and No customs did not steal anything!

Love everyone! Have the Spirit of Christmas this time of year!
Elder Kimball

Monday, December 1, 2014

From ABC's to XYZ's

Date: December 1, 2014
Week: 23 Ofelia Ecuador
Companion: Elder Macalopu
Me and my district.  The ultimate reunion
Ofelia, Ecuador November 2014

Dear Friends and Family,

Transfer Update:
I am staying in Ponceano 2, in Ofelia, along with Elder Macalopu. I am happy that he and I are still together. I learn a ton from him so its beneficial.  Elder Marshall and Elder Perry are together again also. Its good that Elder Perry will only have one dad (trainer). That's what I had, and look how I turned out and plus we all know it ain't right to have two dad's.  Hermana Irepan and Hermana Hancey left. This is kind of rare but both missionaries left from the same sector. We recieved two new hermanas (Dunne and Nethercott) and they will be opening a sector.

If you counted correctly, you are correct, there are 5 gringos in one district and of course our fearless leader Elder Macalopu. I think that it is safe to say Elder Macalopu ain't so happy about being with 5 gringos but I take it as a sign from the Lord that someone needs to start studying English.

Tuesday: I went on divisions with my Zone Leader Elder Urquieta. It was a great day because we found Hermana Teresa. She moved into my sector casi 15 dias arras (15 days ago) and she is awesome. My first visit with her was this day and we helped her hang up a curtain in her haircut shop. I can definitly tell she has been prepared by the Lord. She takes the lessons so well and she is asking all the right questions.
Me again
Ofelia Ecuador, November 2014
My district
Ofelia, Ecuador November 2014

Wednesday: I had interviews with President. Most missionaries go into their interview asking things of President but honestly I had nothing to ask. I had planned on asking for a new companion but I really prayed about it and felt like ole Macalopu needed me. I recieved my certificate for reading the Book of Mormon in 90 days. That was cool.  He handed out another challenge. I have to read Preach My Gospel before March 1st. I started reading the Book of Mormon in Spanish this past week and I can definitly see that helping my Spanish.
Elder Perry and I
Ofelia, Ecuador November 2014

More shots of our district
Ofelia, Ecuador November 2014

Just goofing around
Ofelia, Ecuador November 2014

Thursday: We had a last district meeting. Elder Macalopu challenged everyone to come with a talent. He trained us about being a good companion and then compared the talents we had to working together with our companions. Elder Macalopu always sings this one song from his country (Peru) called "Cholito". It's actually a pretty catchy song so we decided to dance to it and I dressed up and it was funny.
Dressing like an Ecuadorian
Ofelia, Ecuador November 2014

Our talent
Ofelia, Ecuador November 2014

Elder Macalopu's hat is my favorite
Ofelia, Ecuador November 2014
At night we had Thanksgiving dinner with Hermana Letty. The turkey was a little too expensive and we didn't buy it in time, so she made pasta which was actually really good. It didn't have rice so that was a benefit. She also made a chocolate cake which was really good.

Friday: We talked with Angie (Investigator with date for the 13th) and she is doing well. Its hard to teach because her Dad is never home so we can't go into the house, but she is still progressing. We just got to get in alot of lessons before her interview for baptism this Saturday.

Saturday: We walked alot this day. Like no one would recieve us so we had to walk from one end of the sector to the other.

Sunday: Had church and ward council and the chabang and by the time 5 o' clock rolled around we were back on the streets. We headed over to Stalin's later and talked with him and he drove us home and that's when we recieved the changes.
Unlike my last companion, Elder Macalopu actually smiles
Ofelia Ecuador, November 2014

Ofelia, Ecuador November 2014
I think Elder Macalopu  and I are going to be great this next change. As I said I think we are past the ABCs and onto the XYZs. We are definitly going to have some success this change especially with Navidad on the way. People are going to be alot more open.

Well I guess all I can say to you folks this week is stay on your toes and I love ya!
Bailey! Keep writing me sister!
Clay! Play hard in bball, I haven't heard much about it his week.
Lexi! I love you and work hard in school!
Leah! Have you been studying Spanish? If so, I need you to teach me.
Bella! Sorry you were sick during your vacation! That stinks! Hope you didn't throw up turkey!
Collins! How ya doing? Love ya!
Mom! Got another package this week! Gracias. Keep'em coming. President told me of what a loving mother I had! You might be number 1 in the whole mission!
Dad! Love you and your emails have been really slacking! Can't wait for you to critique my Spanish!

Elder Kimball

Monday, November 24, 2014

Time Flies When You're Having Fun

Date: November 24, 2014
Week: 22 Ofelia, Ecuador
Companion: Elder Macalopu
One of the hermana's investigators was baptized and she asked Elder Macalopu to baptize her.
 I conducted the baptism.
Ofelia Ecuador, November 2014

I´ve been dreaming of a white christmas. NOT
Wow, time has flown by. This is the last week of the transfer. Seems like I just started here. I highly doubt President will move me again, but there is a good chance Elder Macalopu could go. It would be very sad if he went. I have actually grown to love him. He treats me like a normal person now and I think our difficulties have made it so easy to teach together. Honestly, this last week was full of success.
I thought this passage in my Spanish study guide was funny
Ofelia, Ecuador November 2014
English Translation: The chicken rice is a dish best served in almost every country in the Hispanic world. Varies from one country to another or from one region to another in terms of the other ingredients and seasonings.

Tuesday: So a couple weeks back a couple of women (girls) contacted Elder Macalopu and I asking for an interview with us about our church. I didn´t think anything about it because they were women and its hard for us to be able to teach them. Well they called Elder Macalopu and set up an appointment for today. We met in the church and brought Stalyn with us so it would be more comfortable. Turns out their whole class (12 people) showed up and just asked us questions. Most of them live in other sectors so I highly doubt any of them will progress, but we got to send a ton of referrals to the offices.

Stalyn loved the whole thing cause they would always ask why missionaries couldn't do certain things and Stalyn would have to explain and it made him look good. By the way, he changed his name to Jonathan for the lesson. Why? I do not know but he just did.

Wednesday:This day was odd. We have a member in our ward that called us and asked us to come and bless his neighbors house so we said sure. We showed up and he wasn´t there. We called him and he showed up. We went to the house which was really just a shop for some sort of work. Odd. We blessed the house, and then the family of three asked us to bless them so we were like okay. And then we went to his other neighbors house which again was some sort of business office. He asked us to bless that. And then some of the workers wanted blessings and it was just odd, the whole thing.

Thursday: Had a reunion in the morning with the ZLs. And then headed over to Victor's. He really is doing great. He has actually started reading the Book of Mormon which is great.

Friday: Divisions! Elder Macalopu went with Elder Perry to the hospital because he was sick. Elder Marshall and I worked in my sector. The day was awesome. We had the opportunity to contact a man named Javier. We invited him to come to church and he said sure. We got to teach Victor again. Elder Marshall was able to help him to understand more about the Book of Mormon. The Hermanas had a refrence for my sector so we went with them and a member to teach Ana Lucia. We put her on date for baptism on the 13th of December but she didn't come to church so that already fell through. But she really understood everything and I could definitly see the Lord had prepared her. We have a cita with her tonight. (Fingers Crossed).

Met up with Elder Macalopu and Elder Perry at night. Elder Perry had a stomach infection and turns out his has lost 30lbs in just 5 weeks of being out here. Wow!

Saturday: We had the baptism of Hermana Patricia. I had the opportunity of conducting it, and Elder Macalapu got to baptize her. It was amazing. Even though she wasn't our conversion we had taught her enough times with the Hermanas to know her well. At night we had the opportunity to visit Vanessa (Converso Reciente/recent convert). She just got her wisdom teeth out so she couldn't say much but she told us she was having some hard times with members and I was going to read Matthew 5:44 but Elder Macalopu took over and basically told her sometimes we have problems with members, but the Gospel of Jesus Christ is absolutely perfect even though the members are not. He then told her how he and I had had problems and how he realized it was his fault because he thought he was better than me, and he was sad because it took him four weeks to realize how "alegre" I was. Boy did I need to hear that! It was a miracle. It really was. I couldn't believe what he was saying and the amount of change I had seen in our realtionship that week. He really trusts me now and the mission is just a Blast! My challenges with Elder Macalopu really helped me understand what Hermana Vanessa was feeling. Elder Macalopu and I now teach so well together is just awesome!

Sunday: Okay... was this week not jam packed or what?! Well the fun is not over people! Elder Macalopu got called like 5 minutes before church to give a talk. HA! And than the most amazing thing happened! Guess who walked through the door! Javier! Remember I contacted him on Friday? I went to sit with him in the back. During the second hour we left him in Gospel Principles and taught Angie for the first time.

Okay quickly, Angie is the girl I found using the "Jack Goodwin Bautismo". She doesn't live in our sector but we have permission to teach her because she has certain issues in which she has to attend our ward. Well, its hard to find her during the week because she lives so far away but now we know for sure where she lives. We taught her the Gospel of Jesus Christ and asked her to be baptized, she said yes as long as she recieves an answer. We asked her to prepare for the 13th of December and she said yes. So now we have someone with a fecha!(date).

I then found Hermano Javier and he seemed to really be enjoying himself. He ended up staying for all three hours. So we had two investigators attend church (Angie y Javier). We have appointments with both of them tomorrow. I am excited for the coming week.

Wow, didn't know that much happened. Oh, and one of those days there was a parade and it was cool so that's why I have pics of that.
The cool parade that happened just outside of our apartment
Ofelia, Ecuador November 2014

More parade pics
Ofelia, Ecuador November 2014

Ofelia, Ecuador November 2014

Not too impressive but still fun to watch
Ofelia, Ecuador November 2014

The miracle I had the opportunity of witnessing this week was the 360 degree change in the relationship of Elder Macalopu and I. I really feel as though our challenges have helped us understand the problems of the people we teach, and that's why I really feel the Lord put those challenges in our way. Really I felt as though I was in the refiners fire for a couple of weeks. This is a cool video about the refiners fire.

I know that the Lord refines us. I now have a certain testimony of that. I know that my Father in Heaven knows me and loves me. With my experiences in my mission he has refined me into the missionary I need to be. I used to be afraid of the Area book because I was afraid I would mess it up, but now I know it like the back of my hand. I know how to communicate with a person I thought I would never have the opportunity of knowing so well. I never thought I could speak Spanish and study it everyday but now instead of dreading every step in my mission I have come to love every step because I know He is with me every step of the way. I feel blessed to be out here in Quito and working with such an amazing ward and companion. I really hope I don't get transferred.  I highly doubt I will, but I will be really sad if Elder Macalopu goes.
Having fun with Elder Macalopu at Hermana Patricia's baptism
Ofelia, Ecuador November 2014

Bailey! Thanks for writing! I hope you are enjoying Florida! Hows Reagan football? How's schoool and driving around?

Clay! That video you sent was pretty funny! Hahahaha I am still laughing from it! How's basketball going! Go Go team!

Lexi! How's the beach in Florida!? How are you feeling being 15! You are growing up so fast!

Leah! How's the bicycle kick coming! How's school? You miss seeing me in PALS? If you see a PAL tell them Colton Kimball says hi.

Bella! Why you so cute?! You keep getting cuter and cuter! And why does it seem like our whole family now wears glasses?

Collins! You are getting bigger. Ha. Teased you for the first time. You are one blessed child because you haven't been teased by the Oldest. I guess I can tease ya when you're two.

Mother! Thanks for all the packages really! I am thinking about buying a little ten dollar christmas tree and putting my presents under them. Keep sending me stuff! The latest package I recieved was sent 10th of November so that's pretty fast. Like 2 weeks fast! How's traveling the world with the hubby? You and Dad have been alot of places these past two weeks. And thanks for the obedience talk. Didn't really need to hear it but I'll keep it in mind (Insert rolling eyes face, and than a laughing winky face with tongue out and then a kissy face with a little heart emoticons).

Father! Remember a couple years back and we were driving to Lake Powell after Philmont and it was Sunday so you only let us listen to BYU Radio? Remember the story we heard and we both looked at eachother and were crying. Not the first time we were crying over the samething but it will be a moment I will cherish forever. If you don't remember it I am pretty sure this video was it. I love you Dad and hope the Cougars pull through tonight against our old foe SDSU. It should be a good match up! I call it BYU:83 SDSU:78 Love you dad at have fun in Florida!

Ciao Folks!
Elder Kimball

Monday, November 17, 2014

Middle Mundo

Date: November 17, 2014
Week: 21 Ofelia, Ecuador
Companion: Elder Macalopu

I've found  the equator.  I always knew it was marked with a yellow line all the way around!
Ofelia, Ecuador November 2014
Well things are great! really great!

Tuesday-  I sat down and talked with Elder Macalopu about the way he acts towards me. He really is a cool guy, he just has these mood swings that I have to get used to.

Wednesday- We visited Letty and she wants to make us a Thanksgiving dinner. Thanksgiving is on the day of Elder Maclopus Cumplemes (Day we complete another month in the mish) so we are going to be having Turkey! By the way Letty keeps singing "I'll be home for Christmas" to bother me. She likes to rub it in that she actually will be home for Christmas.

Thursday- We actually served someone! People here usually don't need service because they are so well off but Victor helped us out. Victor bought some old fridge and we cleaned it out for him and then a member walked by the gated community and Victor waved him over. Victor decided to give him the fridge. So we then moved a fridge four blocks up hill by hand. Lets just say my back does not appreciate me right now but hey it was for Victor!

Friday- Eduardo was like hey guys I am going back to the coast today so this is our last lesson. It was pretty sad but then he ended up not leaving so we were just mad at him for lying.

Saturday- Helped Victor clean out a room in his house. Victor is progressing. He really likes hanging out with us and he loves showing all his friends his Gringo friend. Ha!

Sunday- Studies in the morning. Ward council at 11. Lunch at 12:30.  Church at 2. Only went to 4 today. Victor showed up at four. It doesn't count as an attendance but it was nice of him to show up. Transmition with Area Presidency for all ward councils. Basically got machetted for 2 and half hours. Ended at 7:30. Finally left the church and went to eat with Hermana Letty and some other Elders, She fed us Corn bread! I brought along Elder Mott because he is from Texas and I wanted him to meet Letty.
Elder Macalopu and I at the Middle of Mundo (the world)
Ofelia Ecuador, November 2014

Llama time!
Ofelia Ecuador, November 2014

Me with the llama
Ofelia, Ecuador November 2014

That's my week in a nutshell.  Things are going well with Elder Macalopu! Nothing to really worry about. Just keep my mouth shut when he is mad, and when he wants to talk we talk. He is starting to open up alot more so its fun. Today we went to Mitad del Mundo. That was a blast. We were joking around with the mannequins and stuff and it was cool to go to a tourist attraction. It was full of gringos there! Tons of English. I didn't like that there were a bunch of gringos because the tour guides thought I only spoke English. Fetch peeps I am Bilingual! I didn't get a chance to go to the offices today so I have to wait till next week to see if I have a package. I wouldn't mind some peanut butter. They don't have that here!
Mitad del Mundo
Ofelia, Ecuador November 2014

That's me with my feet on each side of the equator!
Ofelia, Ecuador November 2014

Me and the statue there
Ofelia, Ecuador November 2014

Up on top
Ofelia Ecuador November 2014

Well Elder Macalopu found some peeps to teach besides Victor! We found this family that is really intrested in the church. We haven't officially met with them but have a cita tomorrow. The daughter came up to us at church and was like "I want to be baptized". I call it the "Jack Goodwin Bautismo". Her Dad is somewhat a member. He might have to be rebaptized because his papers are bad. All I really know is that they have the desire so I am excited. Elder Perry and Elder Marshall baptized a family on Saturday so that was awesome, and the Hermanas have a baptism this weekend, The lady asked Elder Macalopu to baptize her so that's sweet. I am going to try and get Victor to come. Victor loves to talk about how I have zero baptisms. But I think he is secretly wants to be my first baptism.

Me trying to preach the Gospel
Ofelia, Ecuador November 2014

Me still trying with a Restoration pamphlet
Ofelia, Ecuador November 2014

Me in my Otavalan suit
Ofelia, Ecuador November 2014

Fooling around…
Ofelia Ecuador November 2014

Having a little fun with the mannequins
Ofelia Ecuador, November 2014

Bout time someone listens
Ofelia, Ecuador November 2014

Well thats the whole investigator situation. I am hopinhg for big things. My faith is on high right now.
The first few weeks were hard people. I wondered why the Lord told the mission president to send me here? I wondered why I had to leave Esmeraldas and come to the cold city where it would be even harder to help people? I wondered why my companion would refuse to talk to me and would give me zero slack? However, in all honesty now I have answers. Really I feel as though this is the perfect place for me and Elder Macalopu is the perfect companion for me. I feel so much stronger and so much more spiritually sound. I know I have said it a million times but the Lord makes us work to recieve our blessings. We first are tested and then we really recieve our Faith. My Dad has always loved trails. Literally I thought he was an idiot at first. Why in the world would anyone in the world be excited for difficult times? But now I realize why. It's the only why we can grow! It's the only way we can really feel what the Savior felt. Be excited to be here people! You need to know that you have a Savior and Father in Heaven that love you, and the only way that can happen is if you really feel the power of the Atonement. Know that there are people in this world that don't even know what the Atonement is because they have never gotten the chance to know. Ask yourself do you know what the Atonement is?  People, life is hard but like a stone cut out of a mountain (Daniel 2:44) our falling will shape and refine us!,AAAAwY-wg3E~,CCjDZJW7GXDxqyDe7k_mBp1YVeadu2DM&bctid=2816179048001

Love you guys!

Collins- What up! You sort of look like Bella, with the blonde hair and all.

Bella- Nice American girl doll. How's school? Hope you are keeping the boys away!

Leah! Happy Birthday again! Heard soccer ended! Soccer never ends here. I feel like its year round!

Lexi! Why do you look 13? You are so tall! Maybe thats why you are so stinking good at goalie!

Clay! Hoped you liked NYC! I like the little mini person you have of me! Why are you such a fool!?Give me a blue byu tie next week for church!

Bailey! I appreciated your letter this week! Bout time you write me! Keep working on Physics. Memorize the Formulas and its easy. Also how was babysitiing the girls?

Mother! The peanut butter comment was directed toward you. I need it! I got the Ecuadorian shirt a couple weeks back. I should have a package in the office next week! You should also be expecting a package from me:)

Father! That video is hilarious. I'll tell Stalyn about it and I am sure he will love it! Of course you are going viral while I am out and about! BYU basketball still scares me. I don't have my hopes up. 95- 90 win over Long Beach State does not make me listo for this season. Ooo and Letty is moving from NJ to SA and I told her to move as close to the temple as possible. Love you Dad!

Peace out Peeps!
Elder Kimball

P.S 5 months has flown by...….
Me and this scary mask
Ofelia, Ecuador November 2014

Making my own armored car video
Ofelia, Ecuador November 2014

I'm in two places at once! North and South of the Equator
Ofelia, Ecuador November 2014