Monday, August 25, 2014

Outskirts of Gethsemane

Date: August 25, 2014
Week: 10 Esmeraldas Ecuador
Companion: Elder Montesino, Honduras

Colton's back to school pic he took for me to include in the kids back to school collage
August 2014 Esmeraldas Ecuador

Dear Fam, Friends, and Stalkers,
Well another week down here in The Emerald City. Quick overview of this past week:

Tuesday: Went on splits with Elder Gallego from Colombia. He is my zone leader. He's a great guy. I was sick all that day but kept my mouth shut and pressed forward. Speaking of illnesses... In the CCM, I was on crutches for the first three weeks but didn't tell you guys because my parents are pretty mean when it comes to my physical disabilites. So that cat is now out of the bag.
Editors Note: Yes we do not tolerate faking for extra attention.  ;)

Wednesday: Pretty hard day. Not very many people wanting to listen but we were able to get a lesson in with Familia Rosado. I'll talk more about them later.
Elder Montesino and I at church
August 2014, Esmeraldas Ecuador

Thursday: Every Thursday we have a mini zone conference for three hours. I know it doesn't sound very fun but its great to be with other missionaries who know how you feel. We knocked on alot of doors that day. I have named one of the hills in my sector "Murder Death Face". For those of you who have been to Philmont scout camp you know of this name, but for those of you who haven't, its basically a trail that goes straight up the face of Mt.Baldy. Entonces, we have one of those right in the middle of the sector. So, we take breaks by knocking on doors.

Friday: Found medicine for my throat. Did a service project for the Canchingre Familia. Quick note about them. We have been teaching them for a couple weeks now. They are less active and have been real great with us. Well, thier house collapsed..... The same house I have been teaching in so many times before. So we suited up and went to help them rebuild their house. Please keep them in your prayers because this has been a real hardship for them.

Saturday: Got a lesson in with Familia Chavez. Love that family! We justed started teaching them this week. They are less active and they serve us a cup of flan everytime we come over!

Sunday: Met with Familia Parrales. A family of less actives. They are all sealed in the temple so thats good but they stopped going to church. They served us corn on the cob. Don't really like corn on or off the cob but I ate it. It was delicious. They filled it with chesse and butter and it was heaven. Forgot to mention we went to church. Church is alright. Our ward mission leader isn't really great. We don't have a ward mission plan. No ward missionaries, and no mission prep or marriage prep classes. We need those, pronto.
Our living room
August 2014, Esmeraldas Ecuador

Our kitchen
August 2014, Esmeraldas Ecuador

Our desks for studying
August 2014 Esmeraldas Ecuador

My bedroom
August 2014, Esmeraldas Ecuador

Elder Montesino being funny
August 2014, Esmeraldas Ecuador

Well folks that's my week in a nut shell. Our best investigator right now is Christian, and by best I mean only. He is 24-years-old and is part of Familia Rosado. He has been to church once out of the past three weeks. To get him baptized for the 12th of September he needs to go the rest of the time. He is a great guy. He comes to institute and family home evening. But all the fishermen leave for the weekend and he is a fisherman so its hard for him to attend church on Sundays. Everyone else we teach has already been baptized and is less active. We might teach an investigator throughout the day but that will be the only time we ever teach them because they won't want us to come back. Elder Montesino and I have been studying hard about what makes a missionary successful. We have come to the conclusion that a missionary success depends on how well he teaches with the Spirit. Wow! Okay well that's easy... nope not easy... but can be accomplished! I love teaching anybody at this point because a lesson is a lesson whether it be with a less active or an investigator.

The spiritual message I want to get across this week is many times in life we are faced with trials and tribulations. These potholes and roadblocks make us go ways we don't want to go. They might make us go the extra mile, or get lost in the shortcut. I wake up and sometimes I feel like going back to sleep.  Sometimes I´ll be walking up a hill and want to turn around and go the other way. I'll be spat at (Yes this has happened), yelled at, chastised, name called, and even had stuff thrown at me (este tambien), but I´ll keep moving forward.

In 2 Nephi 2:11, we read "For it must needs be, that there is an opposition in all things. If not so, my first-born in the wilderness, rightousness could not be brought to pass, neither wickedness, neither holiness nor misery, neither good nor bad. Wherefore, all things must needs be a compound in one; wherefore, if it should be one body it must needs remain as dead, having no life neither death, nor corruption nor incorruption, happiness nor misery, neither sense nor insensibility"

Friends, Family, people who awkwardly stalk this famous blog, when you go through those hard moments in your life think of the Savior. Untill you walk on the outskirts of Gethsemane and are standing underneath the cross of Calvary, you have not progressed. We are here to learn and progress and to recieve eternal life. There must needs be an opposition in all things folks! Sorry to tell you! You don't know what good is untill you have experienced bad. You don´t know what life is untill you have experienced death. And most of all, you don´t know what freedom is until you have experienced captivity. We all have mountains to climb. We all have opposition. But Because of Him we all have salvation.

 I encourage all of you to watch this video: This message is not only for people of my faith but for people of all faiths. I am writing to all of you when saying I love you guys and have chosen to share this message with y'all at this time. I know the Spirit of the Lord has guided me in writing this letter today. So for those of you who keep hitting that same pothole or can´t get past that same road block, I know that there is salvation through our Savior, Jesus Christ. This mission has not been easy for me. Everyday I teach the importance of families and yet I am a thousand miles away from my own. But as a representative of Jesus Christ, I testify that the Son of God has endured all things. Your Savior has endured all things. And most of all your Brother has endured all things for you..... I know that the power of the atonement is real. I know families can be together forever because of Him. Please watch this video. And know that I love each and every one you guys and pray for yáll everyday. And if you really want to start crying watch this one also:
A soup called Encebollado. Pretty good. Fish, banana chips and some onions I think
August 2014 Esmeraldas Ecuador

My parents tell me that alot of people read this blog. Well to all of my fans out there I wouldn't mind a message from ya sitting in my email box. Not saying my email isn't already flowing with fan mail but I appreciate every letter I get.

Mother and Father, I miss you guys. I have yet to recieve the package you sent me. Glad to know you guys are home safe. How's the Texas heat? I would take that over the Ecuadorian sun any day! You guys are probably stoked to kick the kids out the door! Can´t believe school is already starting up!

Bailey drove to school today illegally! Great.... I remember the first time I drove to school. Be careful while driving sis. A car is a great priveledge but with great power comes great responsibility. Yes Mom and Dad told me about your little car accident. I love the fact that you were supposed to get your license a long time ago but you have yet to recieve it! HA! Also Junior year! Wow you are an upper classmen. Can´t believe that either! This is the year that counts the most. Study hard so that you dont have to go to the same school as me:P

Clay! Seventh Grade! Wow! School sports has now entered your life! Work hard in football! How's your first day of practice? I remember one of my football practices. Mom and Dad picked me up early because we were filming Family Armor. It was so embarassing but then it was cool to be on TV. Seventh Grade was the easiest grade for me out of all my years of schooling but that doesn't mean you can slack off. Remember I didnt get in to BYU.

Lexi! you have still yet to write to me. Out of all the children you are the only one that won´t write. Entonces no letter for you this week.

Leah! You sent me a letter and I responded but a little more to add on to that. You and Lexi are starting soccer! That's great. Elder Montesino is still debating on playing professionally or not. I have seen him play and he is really good! Like better than the entire MLS good! Work hard in soccer! and school! What grade are you in? Fourth?

Bella! I think you are starting 2nd grade. I can´t remember. Mom is having children faster than my mind can think! I miss you sweetie! I remember 2nd grade like it was yesterday! Thinking back to all these moments makes me realize how fast time really is! Maybe 2 years isn't so bad! Ha. Bella, I love you and miss you. And all the members look at my facebook and say they see a picture of you and they think you are the cutest! Be good for mom!

Collins! Let me just say that you are a convenience and also a burden. Whenever someone asks me how old you are I say 2 meses. Then it reminds me how little time I have out here in the mission! Wish I could have seen ya before the mish but keep being a pain for mother and father!
Love you guys, Elder Kimball

P.S Is Lexi done crying yet? Lexi I love you sweetie! Work hard in Fourth Grade! Wish you were here to iron my shirts cause I don't know how! You'll do great in soccer! Are you allowed to use your head yet? Love you!
Alright enough teasing!
Your Brother, Your Son, Your Missionary, Elder Kimball

"Yo camino cuando yo no quiero caminar. Yo estudio cuando yo no quiero estudiar, pero yo no enseño cuando yo quiero enseñar. Yo enseño cuando el Epìritu me dice." -Elder Kimball, Little phrase I came up with.
As per Leahs request.  Sorry its so blurry
August 2014, Esmeraldas Ecuador
Editors Note:  Here are some questions the kids put together that he answered in a follow up email.  Enjoy!
1) I want a cute picture of you next to some Ecuadorian kids while you are dressed as a missionary.  (More of a statement than a question I know)
Don't have one. Kids might steal my camera
2) How's the teaching of the two girls like Bailey?  Are they still getting baptized?
We dropped those two girls because they werent coming to church and keeping commitments. But we got these other guy named Christian. Ill talk about him in my next letter.
3) What is your best conversation starter to non members?  You figure out any key topics to get the conversation going?
Best conversation starter. Hola Como esta? Key topic would be to talk about their family
4) Also we want pictures of your apartment?  How are the sleeping quarters?
Sent you those, sleeping nice but blazing hot.
5) How's the studying of Spanish and the gospel coming?  How often do you do each?
Study everyday language and gospel for four hours. Its going good. Studying becomes a form of entertainment because there is nothing else to do at the apartment.
6) Did you go on splits with the other American Elder there?
Nope. I went with Elder Gallego. talk more about that in my letter.
7) Any nice houses in your area?
If by nice you mean tile floor than yes. But if you mean nice like air conditioning than no.
8) You said there are no families there… are there families at church?
There are families here. None of the black people have families. And most of my sector is black so there ain't alot.
9) Who cuts your hair? Got my haircut at a barber shop in the center of town. Bout 30 minutes from my sector. 
By Bus that it.
10) What is a typical P-day like?  Pday consists of studying. Look at emails for 10 minutes to see who wrote us. Then go play soccer of shop. Maybe sit in the grocery store and play Uno and then got write. That's Pday. Its a blast!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Brothels, Transvestites, and Witch Doctors, O MY!

Date: August 18, 2014
Week: 9 Esmeraldas Ecuador
Companion: Elder Montesino

Hot in one of the nice houses in our area for Elder Mahmanis Birthday
August 2014 Esmeraldas Ecuador

Dear Fam,
I have no idea what week it is! I think today is the 2 month mark so what's that 8 weeks?  I have lost track. Lets see where was I from my last letter?  O yeah broethels, transvestites, and witch doctors, O MY!

This week was a struggle! Not one lesson with an investigator. A lesson consists of a opening and closing prayer so don't get me wrong we taught people, but no one would invite us in, or want to have a prayer. So now we have a big fat zero being sent to the President. Hijo le! That's my new phrase I say! Bright side to this week would be our lessons with menos actives! (less actives) We did exceptionally well with getting members to come to church and teaching them too.

Mothers Questions so that I dont forget,
1) Do you do your own laundry?
Psh NO! But thats not a good thing. Every other day we wake up at 6am and walk like 2 miles to a ladies house and she will do our normal clothes and then we will walk 4 miles the other way to a lady who does our garments! So sometimes we just do our laundry in the sink because its easier then waking up early and running a marathon!

2) What do you make yourself to eat for breakfast and dinner?
I used to have two egg sandwhiches with toast but I stopped doing that beacause I wouldn't be able to eat at the mamitas house! I wasn't able to finish one time and that was bad! For dinner I will or won't have a ham and cheese sandwhich.

3) Are you excersizing?
Do I look like the kind of person that has ever exercised! Really mother, Are you serious? Heck No I don't exercise, we walk like 15 miles a day... and your sitting in your RV asking me if I be exercising! Hijo le! next question please!

4) What am I most afraid of? I'm most afraid of the dogs. Those things are nasty little devils. I wacked one with a stick that was charging us and it started bleeding but it deserved it. The people are nice people. They just want to steal all your stuff but nicely! The area is gorgeous! Love it but its also blazing hot and the high hilled views come with a price on your legs.

5) Have you found any US expats living in Esmeraldas?
No white people here. Zero. Literally I'm the only one! Everyone asks me if I am from Utah and I am proud to say "Soy de Texas!" But people don't know where that is so...

6) What's your mode of transportation?
On normal days its my shoes when we have a mini zone conference or go own to the Multi- Plaza, we take a bus or taxi. 25 cents for the bus and a dollar for the taxi. The roads where I live, the buses and taxis can't get too. I'm debating on buying a dirtbike that Elder Montesino and I can roam around in. ;)

Okay thats all the questions, back to my week.

Tuesday, I went on a exchange with Elder Tumpay, my zone leader, and that was crazy. We went to a Chinese restuarant and Elder Tumpay ordered rice. Come on dude! We have rice everyday and one day we get to chose what to eat and you order the exact same thing! Holy Hell!!!!! At the Chinese restaurant, I learned that Robin Williams died. That sure is sad. We saw it on TV that was on in the restaurant. After that we visited some houses in his sector which can't see the beach at all because its low, so that stinks. He said my Spanish is pretty good! Wahoo!
A beautiful sunset
August 2014 Esmeraldas Ecuador

Tuesday and Wednesday- NADA
Friday, Otro division con Elder Mahmani, mi Distrito leader! That was a blast because he is pretty cool guy and can speak some English! He talked to me about my family and home and we contacted 8 people and taught 6 lessons!!!! That was amazing! We hardly got to teach in our sector. Once again his sector is all flat so no view of the beach. In is room he has a speaker with a usb that plays church music and disney songs so I went out and bought a little speaker and usb and he's putting music on for me. Both his sector and my sector are where Brother Pyne served so when I went there I asked around for people he taught, but no luck.

Saturday. All less actives being taught. 

Sunday, We had alot of less actives show up to church so that was good! Also Sunday we had a birthday party for Elder Mahmani at a mamitas house so I got pics of that. There was a cake but that wasn't very good so... And for the main course!!!!!! ......chicken and rice.... Thats all they know how to make here! I found a burger and snapped a pic of that! and some lady was selling fish tamales and she gave me one. Dad might like it, but it wasn't very good. 
The burger I saw this week
August 2014 Esmeraldas Ecuador

The Fish Tamale a lady gave me.
August 2014 Esmeraldas Ecuador

Elder Mahmani said that tomorrow I'm going on divisions with Elder Neilson who is a white kid who was with me in the CCM, I doubt that will happen because we don't speak Spanish very well and we are both white!

Not sure what else to write about!  When do yall get home? In our house we have running water so that is a blessing. I take a shower at night and morning because at all times I am sweating. I had oreos and milk this week and that was amazing! I know I am blessed. This week I start my English classes in the church so I'll keep you updated on that! I miss you guys! I didn't recieve Leah's letter. It didnt work. I got Bella's and it made me cry, but it also makes me wonder if she wrote it because it sounds like she misses me! Bailey is getting her license but for some reason I have feeling she didn't do the drivers ed. I miss you guys!
Elder Mahmanis and I on his birthday
August 2014 Esmeraldas Ecuador

Bailey! Be careful when driving, Its a priviledge but also dangerous!
Clay! Strap on the pads bud cause its Football Time!!!!
Lexi, yet to recieve an email from you so I have nothing to say to you
Leah! Love you and sorry I couldnt read your letter!
Bella! I miss you and I'm glad that you know I can't leave my mission because its such an important job!
Collins! I bet right about now you are realizing that you were born into a great family! They may be querky but they sure are a blast!
Mom, quit pretending like you miss me! We all know your faking it. I know that you are excited for the school year to start to get these kids out the door! Speaking of school next week I'll send you a first day of school pic of me and post it with all the kids! Thought that would be pretty funny! I miss you!
Father! I love you! Yes Spanish is tough but it isn't too hard! I have been studying and in like three months I should be fluent hopefully! I miss you and love you all!

Elder Kimball!

Saturday, August 16, 2014

How to Live in the Great and Spacious Building

Date: August 11, 2014
Week: 8 Esmeraldas Ecuador
Companion: Elder Montesino

Your Son, Your Brother, Your Missionary, Elder Kimball
"Leaving it all out on the field, the Mission Field that is."

Jeffery R. Holland once said "These people that you are teaching arn´t just a baptismal statistic. They are real live breathing human beings. You are going to have to go to where they are and lead them to where you want them to be."
This quote is not exact. Straight from my own noggin but it applies to everything I'm going through right now. 

One day as we were walking past the Church here in Esmeraldas, I looked across the street and read the sign " Santo Pecado". I'm not sure what that means yet but Im sure dad knows or grandpa. Anyway, I asked Elder Montesino what the building was and all that I was able to understand was it was a brothel. In our world today, there are many messed up ways that are opposed to the way God wants us to live. I have learned this week that I am living in the Great and Spacious building. Like Elder Holland said, I am going to where my investigators are and trying to bring them to where the Lord wants them to be. I pass by a haircut place everyday full of men dressed up as women cutting hair. I teach crazy old witch doctors the Plan of Salvation and they look at me like Im crazy. Yes, I'm scared, Yes, I'm lonely, Yes I wonder why people aren't lining up at the baptismal font. I wonder why can´t my only problem be of pneumonia because i am in the water so much?... but no. Missionary work is not easy because salvation is and was not easy. 
Me and Elder Montesino  Working on his smile for pictures
Esmeraldas Ecuador, August 2014

Jesus Christ suffered so much for us and for our salvation and I am sitting here wondering why I ain't baptizing thousands. Our Salvation is only through Christ. People aren't lining up for their salvation because salvation was not a cheap experience. I´m writing you from inside the Great and Spacious building. But the Tree of Life is not far from here. I see miracles everyday. The other day I gave a blessing in Spanish to a 96-year-old woman who was lying on her death bed. The lady is 96 and lives in South America with no nearby retirement home to go to and asks me to bless her. I gave her the best broken Spanish blessing I could muster and to this day she lives and I count that as a miracle. 

There are no families here in Esmeraldas. None. Zero. Nilch. I prayed with Elder Montesino that we might find a family to bring to the truth that day. We worked all day with nothing. Trash and slurs being thrown at us and yet we keeping working up and down the coastal hills of Regocijo. We had appointment cancel on us and Elder Montesino said we would street contact the rest of the night. Having our prayer in mind, we started up this big hill not knowing what was on the other side. I began to see the sunset and with cool ocean breeze blowing in my face. I got so exciting to see a beautiful sight and indeed it was beautiful! There was a man with his son kicking a ball around. Elder Montesino intruded and asked him questions and he agreed to meet with us. He has a family of 6! We had our prayer answered right then and there. We taught them the Restoration and it is so evident that God prepared this family for us that I cant even describe to you how evident it is! 
Our cookout with the other Elders
Esmeraldas Ecuador August 2014

We are also teaching two sisters who are Bailey's age and they have the attention span of Bailey. Literally. I am teaching these two girls about baptism and they aren't even listening and then I asked them to be baptized and they have no idea what I just said but they said yes. What the heck!!!  I dont know what to do about them.

The food here is rice and chicken and beans. There is always a soup and there is always a meal. We only eat with members for lunch! We walk everywhere literally everywhere. Up and down hills all day. The people are either nice or mean. They either want to hear what we have to say or want to tell us what they have to say. We had 2 less active families come to church and we brought and investigator so that was good. We are teaching this other family. Gloria and her husband Andres and his brother Christian. Elder Montesino is terrible with names and he forgets everyones name. But this family is on date for baptism for September 12th so fingers crossed!
These are pictures of our little cookout that we had today as a zone!
Here is Elder Montesino and I
Esmeraldas, Ecuador August 2014

Little more about Elder Montesino.  He is from Honduras. I don't know what part. He is the oldest of five kids and he goes home December 18th. His dad plays professional soccer in Honduras and he is pretty good at soccer! He wants to be a professional soccer player but they play on Sundays so... He is 22-years-old. His scriptural knowledge is vast and he knows a lot of stuff! He wants to learn English and Chinese and he likes to make fun of my Spanish.
Weirdest thing I ate this week?... We don't eat a lot of weird food. Just rice and Chicken. 
I went to the store and bought eggs, ham, cheese, Oreos, Oreo ice cream, and Sprite. Thats what I live on for breakfast and dinner. 

Rule Breaking?...We are never in before 8:30. I have tried to talk to Elder Montesino about exact obedience but I guess its not too bad as long as we are home before 9:30.

Studying up?...I am know half way through Jesus The Christ. I love that book! I can tell you so much about Christ's life and the miracles he worked. James E. Talmage is a great writer! 

Anyways thats what my week has looked like. From some of the letters that I recieved I can infer that Bailey wants to be a "cooker" again! doesn't surprise me! Clay as always is a lady killer! Keep on texting away bud but rememeber long distance relationships dont work. And remember as a missionary that lives in Ecuador, I would know best about that subject. Only one week of Lake Powell? Your guys life is so hard! I hope you guys are having blast though! Having Just finished your first day on the Osborns boat! Is Lauren there? If so tell her Elder Kimball said What up Mandazi!

I dont think there is anything else! 
Bailey, All I have to say to you is read your scriptures.
Clay, Work hard in football, and start doing push ups becuase your girlfriend doesn't find your spaghetti arms very appealing.
Lexi, I love you. You have yet to write me so thats all I have to say to you.
Leah. Missed your letter this week. Wakeboard alot this week at Lake Powell!
Bella, I heard you were good for Apple Grandma! That's amazing that you were actually good for someone! Work on your wakeboard skills!
Collins, I, Having been mothers last favorite, authorize you as the new favorite!
Mom, Your letter got me this week! as in I cried like a baby. O and I pray for you guys all the time. 
Father, I appreciate your missionary advice this week. We have been working with the Ward Mission Leader alot who looks like a big Tongan man but I don't know if actually is Tongan. Anyways he asked what calling you had, thinking that you were some exalted relative of President Kimball, and it was funny when I said Ward Mission leader cause it was the same as him. Speaking of him, I have been teaching his family English, and actual English classes in the Church start next week. I'm just going to teach gospel English language. That way I´m teaching the gospel too. But anyways... thanks Dad and yes i have hit my head on a few things but haven't fallen down any waterfalls yet.

I love you guys and hope you have a safe trip!

Your Son, Your Brother, Your Missionary, Elder Kimball
"Leaving it all out on the field, the Mission Field that is."

P.S.  Here is my letter to Presidente Richardson, Thought you would want to read it:

Dear Presidente Richardson,
This week has been awesome! You probably already know this but God blesses missionaries a ton! I have gotten to see so many miracles this week! Something I had been struggling with were my prayers. They started to become repetive and not very sincere so I made a goal to change that. My first prayer after this goal, I prayed that Elder Montesino and I would find a new family to teach. We thern proceeded with our daily routine. We had worked really hard all day and weren´t having any luck. At around 6ish, we finished a lesson with a less active lady and tried another family but they were not home.
Elder Montesino had the impression to go up this certain street that we had not visited before. There was this man sitting at the top of the street. Elder Montesino began to talk to him and we learned that he had six children. We set a date at which we could return. Since then we have had the chance to visit that family. Elder Montesino had only planned on getting to know them more and practice our "How to Begin Teaching". We ended up teaching the whole restoration and they recieved it very well. The wife was nodding with everything we were saying as if this is what she had been waiting to hear her whole life. I couldn´t believe it! The Spirit was strong and I know that our prayers were answered.

I really have learned the power of prayer this week. In our studies, we have been studing "How to Begin Teaching" alot and also the baptismal invitation. Elder Montesino is a great trainer. He has alot of experience. His scriptural knowledge is vast and he has really taught me the importance of working hard. I hope to be as well versed in the scriptures as he is some day! But for now I´ll stick to working on my Spanish!

Elder Kimball
The first page is a key. It has certain subjects from the lessons and you down the line if the subject to the scriptures!
Its awesome!

P.S.S.Mom and Dad....Few weeks back I asked you for an idea about how I should highlight my scriptures. You didn't say anything. But Elder Montesino came to the rescue! He made my scriptures a wrecking machine! They destroy every weak investigator question that comes at me!
Elder Kimball

Friday, August 8, 2014

Introducing... President y Sister Richardson!

Date: August 7, 2014
Letter From Mission President

Colton's Mission President and his wife write to confirm his safe arrival in country and send a few pics!  We are so excited to hear from them.  A mission president and his wife serve as surrogate parents to Colton while he is down in Ecuador and will direct him on most things spiritual and temporal.
Colton with President and Sister Richardson
August 2014 Quito Ecuador
August 7, 2014

Dear Kimball family,

We are pleased to inform you of the safe arrival of Elder Kimball in the Ecuador Quito North Mission.  We spent three days last week training with him and he will undoubtedly be a great addition to our mission.  He shared with us that he is the oldest of seven, of which was recently born and he hasn’t met!  Congratulations on that!  He also mentioned that his Grandpa mentioned how much he loves Otavalo.  Though he didn’t start there, I’m sure he’ll have the opportunity to work in Otavalo during the course of his mission

We assure you that we will do everything possible to help Elder Kimball have a positive experience here in the newly formed Ecuador Quito North Mission.  This is a wonderful mission that experiences a high number of baptisms, and success in reactivation. Our boundaries include coast, jungle, a native Indian area, as well as the highly populated city of Quito so our missionaries have a wide range of experiences.

Greeted at the airport by President and Sister Richardson
August 2014, Quito Ecuador

A special meal at the mission presidents home
August 2014, Quito Ecuador

The theme of our mission is translated “The Center of the World; Centered on Christ,” and we have a wonderful group of 14 missionaries that arrived with him.  He will be serving in the coastal area of Esmeraldas with Elder Motesino from Honduras.
Colton meets his new companion Elder Montesino
August 2014, Quito Ecuador

The Lord is hastening the Work of Salvation and this is an amazing time to be a missionary.  Elder Kimball is needed here and we are so grateful he has chosen to serve a mission.  We will care for him as if he were our own. 
We know you’re already planning on it, but we want to remind you to write your son a weekly letter.  His preparation day will be on Mondays.

With much love,

President and Sister Richardson
Misión Ecuador Quito Norte

The new "greenie" Elders that arrived with Colton
August 2014, Quito Ecuador

All the new missionaries paired up with their new companions and President and Sister Richardson
August 2014, Quito Ecuador

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

The Lone Texan in Ecuador

Date: August 4, 2014
Week: 7, Esmeraldas, Ecuador
Companion: Elder Montesino
Elder Kimball, Esmeraldas Ecuador
August 2014

Dear Family!

Week one of Ecuador is now over. We arrived at the airport and Presidente Richardson and Sister Richardson were there to pick us up. Nine Utah Elders, one Californian Sister, and me, the Texan. We then got into a van and drove to Quito up into the mountains. It was an hour drive. We got to the mission home which sits overlooking the city! It's beautiful. We ate pizza and we talked with the President. 

I stayed in one of the mission hotels. six people to one room. Wednesday, we had training all day in one of churches. Thursday we got to meet our comnpanion. They bring one of the trainers up and people say stuff about them and then the President says which newbie he will be with. I got Elder Montecino from Honduras. He has been in Ecuador one month. He served 18 months in Peru, He says that I am probably his last companion since he leaves in December. He is a real hard worker. We stop at nothing to find people and we walk all day. 
My comp, Elder Montesino  We couldn't get a picture together because taking a camera out and asking someone to take your picture is too dangerous here.
Esermeadas Ecuador, August 2014

Our first area is Esmeraldas. A BEACH town! Yeah it sounds awesome but it isn't. The most dangerous part of Ecuador is the coast. Everyone here is black and speaks Spanish. They speak a differnet kind of Spanish. Our whole sector are shacks on hills overlooking the ocean. Elder Montecino is great but I don't know if he could protect me if we got jumped.  The hills are rough on me but I keep trekking! We fasted Saturday night and Sunday morning and Elder Montecino wouldn't let me have water so that was sups totes hard! The ward I am in is called Regocijo. I got to bare my testimony in Spanish to the people and I think it helped the relationship between the missionaries and the ward. We met the ward mission leader and the ward just got a new bishop so there is a lot of "new" here. 
Elder Kimball, Esmeraldas Ecuador
August 2014

Did I mention that it is blazing hot? Here on the equator we are pretty close to the sun so it is really hot. . The bus ride to here from Quito was eight hours. I am eight hours from the mission office! I received a package from Uncle Todd and Aunt Monica! I got a oil vial with my line of authority on it. It is so cool!!! Still nothing from my own family but its good.  (I'm sorry for this email. Its terrible. the internet here is scarce so its hard to write and send it. I will do better next time.) I love it here, we have running water so thats nice. I would compare it to Livingston, Guatemala. Its a lot like Livingston. 

The food here is chicken and rice. We had KFC today since it was P-day and we got ice-cream. The missionaries here play alot of Uno. Elder Montecino had to get his Visa all Friday so we didn't arrive in Esmeraldas till Saturday. So we havn't done much teaching, but I´m sure it will pick up. 

In my first lesson. I was teaching a young lady and her brother and they started laughing at my Spanish in the middle of the lesson, but Elder Montecino said my Spanish is getting alot better. I was able to teach a member family with an investigator there. We were reading Mosiah 13,14,15. I brought up how we need to be humble and recognize Gods hand in our life. Elder Montecino said I did great and the Spirit was definitly felt. We have to be in at 8pm since it is so dangerous here. We eat with mamitas for lunch everyday. Last night I was served some sort of ball of fried banana, meat, nuts, and beans. To be honest, I don't know what its was but I just ate it. They serve you a whole buch of rice, and I love rice, but I don't want a ton of it!... but I ate it! 
Yep basically three of the same picture this week.  Sorry
Elder Kimball, Esmeraldas Ecuador
August 2014

My head is spinning so I'm just writing stuff. I love you guys and it was great getting to talk to you from the airport on my way down. I thought my Spanish was ready for Ecuador, but boy was I wrong! Dad, I miss you and I sometimes look behind me thinking you here just like on anyother trip I have been on! I love you! Mom! Happy 50th Birthday! You are the only 50 year old I know with a 1 month old! I love you mom and I'm glad to hear that you do love me. I tried to answer all your questions! I know nothing about Quito because I'm not there, but I can see the ocean the whole time I am here! Bay! Miss you! Hope you are studying your scriptures! Just a chapter a day and you willl be ready for your mission! Clay! Hope you are ready for football!!! Don't worry if you dont know everything about it! You are the smartest on the team and that's all the coach needs! Keep flirting with red heads! Lexi! Hey Beautiful! you didn't write me.......but i still love you! Leah! You wrote me!!!! and I love you! Bella! I told you that you would miss me! Keep on crying for your older brother! Collins! I love you and keep the family in check for me!

Love you guys!
Elder Kimball

Editor's Note: it is not my 50th birthday!