Monday, January 19, 2015

The Bible Belt with Big Bibles

Date: January 19, 2015
Week: 30 Ophelia, Ecuador
Companion: Elder Bustillo/ Honduras
Some guys I knew from the CCM. Elder Neilsen and Elder Spencer and Me!
Ophelia, Ecuador January 2014

Dear Family and Friends,
Although I may not be in the Bible Belt anymore doesn't mean these people don't know their Bible. What a wonderful week it was! This week has probably been the most spiritually uplifting!  I believe it is all thanks to Elder Bustillo. He is very spiritual and he cares about everyone he sees. We had the craziest experice my first day with him and it was sweet.

It was Monday night and we were knocking doors because we didn't know who to visit. Anyways, we knocked like twenty doors or something like that and most people stopped us before we even said who we were and just said they were Catholic. (I am starting to think the Ecuadorians use that as an excuse to not talk to missionaries.) Anyways we knocked this one door to a lady and she started rambling about how she reads the Bible everyday, and she brings out this huge Bible, and she's like look I have this huge Bible that I read everyday. We walk away afterwards and were like yep she got us with the Big Bible.
Elder Neilsen is 6'10 and just the right height to take pictures over peoples heads.
Ophelia, Ecuador January 2015

The Assistants to the President
Ophelia, Ecuador January 2015

Well, we decided to say a prayer in the street asking Heavenly Father to help us find someone that  would recieve our message. We started walking and rung one doorbell and no one answered.  Then we knocked another 10 or so doors and we decided to go down the hill to see if we could have some better luck. We started going down and I hear a whistle. I turn around but I couldn't see anyone in the street and so I continued downward. I headed down the hill and heard the whistle again. I turned around and no one was there. I continued downward. For the third time I heard the whistle and I begun to laugh and think to myself "Obviously someone is trying to get my attention so why don't we head back up". We went back up the street and there was a man standing in the door. He said "Elderes, Vengan". We headed up his stairs to his house and I am just laughing inside but also really scared because I had no idea who this guy was and why was he letting us in.

To make a long story short, we found Pablo Mora this week. He is the father of two kids and also has a wife. We taught him The Restoration and then taught his whole family this week everynight or so. Although they did not come to church I still have faith that they will be baptized. This will probably be a moment that I never forget. I learned in such a short time the power of the prayer. I am going to be honest and say that I had never done a prayer in the street before as a missionary and I was surprised when Elder Bustillo suggested that we should. I get a little teary eyed everytime I recount this story and I am greatful for the power of prayer and the abilty we have as missionaries and as children of God to speak with our Father in Heaven.
I found subway but no buffalo chicken:(
Ophelia, Ecuador January 2015

A view of my sector.  Ophelia Ecuador, January 2015

I hope that Elder Bustillo and I can keep having this success and that we can be great instruments in the hands of God. I just wanted to share this experience with y'all because I thought you would enjoy it. I know that this Church is true. I know that Joseph Smith was a prophet of God and we have a living prophet in Thomas S. Monson. I know that my Savior lives and that he paid the price for everyone. I love this Gospel and I love the opportunity I have to give this time of my life to the Lord.
Elder Bustillo and I continued working hard this week and we found four families and had thirteen new investigators. I am starting to get the hang of contacting especially with the help of Elder Bustillo.
A little more about Elder Bustillo
- The thirteenth of fifteen kids
- From the capital of Honduras
- Loves to correct my Spanish (And I thought my Spanish was fine, boy was I wrong)
- Has served in the Coast and the Jungle
- Wants to learn English
- He can do the voice of Golem and also Mickey Mouse
My zone with President and Sister Richardson (Elder Bustillo is to my Left)

He really is a great guy, and he has definitely reminded me of why I am here. His mother died about five months ago but he decided to stay out here. He has really helped me think of why I am here. He has helped me understand who I am, and he is really funny.

This past Saturday, the hermanas had thier investigator, Federico, get interviewed and he passed so the hermanas will have a baptism this week. I had the chance to talk with Federico for a little while and it was great to get to know such a spiritual giant like him. We talked yesterday at church and he asked me to baptize him. I mean I was shocked that someone I knew so little about would ask me to baptize him, but I happily agreed. He probably weighs 275 so I have been doing some workouts to prepare.

Elder Bustillo tried to sleep the first night but then he noticed the smeared boogers on the wall from Elder Macalopu and he lost it, so we cleaned the whole night and switched rooms and everything. I am difinitly learning how to clean and I feel very clean. We haven't had hot water in four or so weeks so we have been heating up water on the stove. It's not that fun but hey sometimes life is not always easy. I am excited to work here with Elder Bustillo.   I want to work with him for as long as I can.
My hair is starting to become a winters coat
Ophelia, Ecuador January 2015
I can't really think of anything more to say. I want everyone to watch this video, Pioneers. Although I could easily brag about myself and how I left everything to eat rice, and be with Latino's (well I guess I was surrounded by Latino's in San Antonio) and I won't get to meet my new baby sister for two years, there are others who are sacrificing more than I am, to partake of, and share this Gospel.

I know that I am a child a of God and that I have been called by a prophet to be here in Ecuador. I know that Jesus Christ was The Great Jehovah of the Old Testament, and the Messiah of the New Testament. He conquered death and because of him I can do the same. I love being a missionary and appreciate every spiritual moment that I have. I hope that I can not only represent my family here in Ecuador, but also Jesus Christ. I love everyone that has continued to read this boring blog.

Until next time,
Elder Kimball

Bailey- Way too much make up for ya. JK What do I know, I have been stranded in Ecuador for way too long.
Clay- Nice superman hat. Now what happen to your cool Spurs retro hat:(?
Lexi- You and I should start waking up a little earlier and put in some sit ups. I have been doing one daily when I lift my head off the pillow to get up:)
Leah- Way to score 4 points! I don't think I have scored in an actual game in my whole basketball career. It was a long career, maybe a little too long:)
Bella- How are ya? Can't believe how big you are! Keep reading!
Collins- 7 months for you tomorrow. I wonder why I can only remember how old you are......
Mom- Please send me the things I have asked for! I love you! Mother send me a flash with discursos in English or in Spanish that I can listen too.
Dad- I have been working on my Spanish and I hoping to improve everyday! Congrats on your fireside. Try to find people for the missionaries. Even if its the least likely people on the earth. Remember the difference between Cordero and Oveja? Remember which one you are and start helping the other. I would translate those words but my mind has completly died and fried.


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