Monday, April 25, 2016

Buzzer Beater

Date: April 25, 2016
Week: 95 Iñaquito, Ecuador
Companion: Elder Nielson/ Parma, Idaho
Colton's Address:
Quito Ecuador North Mission
Francisco Robles E-4 151 Av Amazonas
Edificio Iglesia de Jesucristo
Quito Ecuador

The Guamaninga Family
Iñaquito, Ecuador April 2016
Well I'm doing fine here in Quito, Ecuador. I would like to clarify that there was no harm or accidents in the city of Quito. I'm perfectly fine and well there won't be a lot of service to do, since nothing really happened.  There were accidents in the Coastal area of Ecuador so we have been asked to fast for those over there but it's crazy to see how people are so receptive! We have been able to talk with a whole bunch of people just because everyone just realized that there are bigger things than this life.

Elder Nielsen got back this week and while he was gone, I developed a relationship with our ward mission leader. We got him excited about the work again! Elder Nielsen got back and was like "Since when is the Ward Mission Leader our best friend?" The best is Hno. Armas (WML) has a car and will drive us around and since we had no lunch all last week from the mamitas, he helped us out on the weekend to got us food. Let's say that Elder Nielsen and I decided to fast a couple days.
Iñaquito, Ecuador April 2016

We have been working with the Guamaninga Family practically my whole time here. After putting a date on the dad, Vladimir, for baptism a couple times, and him not coming to church, we needed to change things up. So using our new weapon (Hno. Armas), we decided to have him help us in our lessons. He was the perfect hermanador! Its Sunday Morning and Hno. Armas comes to ward Council for the first time in over 6 months and we were telling the council about the Guamaningas. I call the Guamaningas like 5 minutes before and they said they were still at their house. (By the way, Ecuadorians are terrible with time, if you have an appointment at 5 pm, they will expect you at 7:30 pm...)
Anyways, Hno. Armas was freaking, and then he called his wife and she picked 'em up! Buzzer beater, 3 for the win! (Elder Nielsen and I always say that when something crazy happens). They got to church and we sat right in front of our mission president, President Richardson (embarassing). Well then the whole time , Vladimir, was telling members, how he was preparing to be baptized on the 14th of May. We are so excited for him. We celebrated his 38th birthday last week and Elder Nielsen still had left over cake ingredients from my birthday, so we took advantage! Our cake skills are getting better!
Vladimir's Birthday!
Iñaquito, Ecuador April 2016

Elder Nielsens Cake Game
Iñaquito, Ecuador April 2016

I had my first (and probably last) baptismal interview on Sunday. The assistants have Jean Carlo preapring to be baptized this Saturday, and the interview went well! He passed! Great to see the office missionaries still having success!

Elder Olsen (old Zone leader) had changes to Ofelia last week! I'll miss that brother but seeing he will probably be my roommate in college, I'll see him soon.

Well just a little update on my voice leaving me. My voice is now just a little deeper and I can't do my high pitch squeal and  can't sing soprano. The whole mission is now joking that Elder Kimball finally hit puberty... Ha...Ha....Ha.... not funny...
Well I love you all!
Miss y'all, Elder Kimball
Us at work
Iñaquito, Ecuador April 2016

Us not at work!
Iñaquito, Ecuador April 2016

Bailey- No letter once again...
Clay- Skipping fiesta chairs is a grave sin!
Lexi- Mom says not to use the word Bully when I write you,  so "Bully!Bully!Bully!". Whose the bully now?
Leah- Hey there betrayer,  I might as well call you Lebron James!
Bella- I miss you sweetie! Hope you can survive these last couple months with your big bro not there!
Collins- You putting on Nana's wig was priceless! New class clown in the making!
Collins dressed as her Nana!
San Antonio, Texas April 2016
Capri- Miss you, and you look more and more like dad everyday!
Mom- Miss you mother and thanks for getting all my roommate stuff set up! Hope you are preparing to have a wonderful Mother's day!
Dad- Keep being a great example! Your a bro and thanks for sending me my flight plans! Not all dads would do that! i miss you and hope you have a great safe week!
Elder Kimball

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