Monday, April 11, 2016

God Knows You

Date: April 11, 2016
Week: 93 Iñaquito, Ecuador
Companion: Elder Murillo/ Genova, Italy
Colton's Address:
Quito Ecuador North Mission
Francisco Robles E-4 151 Av Amazonas
Edificio Iglesia de Jesucristo
Quito Ecuador
Foto de la visita de Elder Holland
From March 2016
So Tuesday morning, I had just gotten out of the shower and we recieve a call from the Zone Leaders. They told us that the other companionship of Elders (Elder Morgan and Elder Murillo) weren't doing too well, and that we were going to have to do a little changes for this next two weeks so Elder Murillo's back could heal up. That means I have a new companion and Elder Nielsen will be vacationing in Santa Anita for one more week.

Elder Murillo is from Genova, Italy but he was born in Manabi, Ecuador. He speaks Italian so that's cool! He was originally assigned to the Guatemala Rethaluleu Mission before he got reassigned to our mission. He has had one crazy mission but he keeps enduring through every trial he faces. We were in the hospital this week to see what was up with Elder Murillo's back. The doctor checked him out and said it could be a herniated disc but the MRI said otherwise. So Elder Murillo's back seems to be fine and he'll have to start to toughen up if he wants to keep up with the Lord's work here in Iñaquito.

So we are still working with Vladimir. He accepted a date for the 30th of April. We visit him almost everyday to help him get to church. I found some old white shirts in the house and we washed them and gave them to him so that he wouldn't use the excuse that he didn't have nice clothes. With a cool tie too. So everything was all good until little Sofia (his daughter) got pneumonia Sunday morning. Come on Satan! Pick on someone your own size... So Sofia had to go to the hospital with Vladimir included...We asked him the other day if the church was true and he said it was and that he wants to be sealed with his family in the temple. Well, Buddy if you want all those blessings, you gotta start living up to'em! Well, we will keep working with Vlady and I will keep y'all updated!

Our Ward Mission Leader (Hno. Armas) is pretty cool. He heard my voice yesterday at church and he told me to come over later for some special oil his wife has. They gave me this stuff from some Utah company called DoTerra. It is really nasty just saying, but it seemed to relieve my throat a little. Hno. Armas and his wife are literally like gringos to me. I mean what Ecuadorians know who Mitt Romney is and invest in small Utah companys....I mean come on!

Alright so many people might be wondering why this email is called "God Knows You". It is something we here often. Whether it be said at General Conference or learned in primary. It's generally known and quite common. It is as Donald L. Hallstrom said,

"This doctrine is so basic, so oft stated, and so instinctively simple that it can seem to be ordinary, when in reality it is among the most extraordinary knowledge we can obtain. A correct understanding of our heavenly heritage is essential to exaltation. It is foundational to comprehending the glorious plan of salvation and to nurturing faith in the Firstborn of the Father, Jesus the Christ, and in His merciful Atonement. 

Further, it provides continual motivation for us to make and keep our indispensable eternal covenants.
With few exceptions, everyone participating in this meeting could right now, without written lyrics or music, sing “I Am a Child of God.”  

This beloved hymn is one of the most often sung in this Church. But the critical question is, do we really know it? Do we know it in our mind and in our heart and in our soul? Is our heavenly parentage our first and most profound identity?"  

With those words lingering in my mind this past week, I really began to put the things I knew to be true to the test. I began to see if I actually believed them. I started with the simple "Does God or my loving Heavenly Father know me?" A simple question with which I know the answer too, but do I really believe it.

So this is what happened. A year or so ago the mission asked us to fill out those "My Family" Booklets. There is a section to write about yourself and then your parents, your grandparents and so on. Since I was in the jungle, I hadn't received the instructions, so by mistake I did my booklet in English. Turns out we were supposed to do it in Spanish. So the mission recently decided to check those booklets again and they said that I should probably rewrite mine in Spanish to share with members and investigators.

Fine I said to myself I'll change it to Spanish. So that's what I started to do. I got to the part that I had written about my mom. This is what I had wrote less than a year ago about my dear sweet mother.

"My Mom is the middle child of 7. She was raised in Northern California in a small cow town, (literally) called Vacaville. My mother says she was a cheerleader in high school, but I've only ever seen her in a mascot uniform. My mother was accepted to Brigham Young University and later finished her schooling with me in class with her when I was seven.

My mother has always taught me of the happiness that can be found in the knowledge that can be found in the knowledge of the Plan of Salvation. With a father and two brothers who have passed on, my mother is a great example of enduring to the end. She is now the mother of 9. She shows Christlike love for each of her children by raising them in the restored gospel." This little passage of personal revelation was delivered by God. With the passing of Baby Quinn, it was really hard for all of us but especially mother. I had prayed to know how I could help my mother in her time of need. When all I really had to do was to look back and see what she had taught me my whole life. I had written that before baby Quinn passed, but it stands as a testimony today of how my mother has taught me about the Plan of Salavation.

With overwhelming joy in my heart, I knew and then believed that God knows me. He knows my mother and he knows each and every one of us. He loves us and the little miracles we find in our lives each day are how he shows his love. I am grateful for my mom and all that she has done for my family and me. I know this church is true, and I want to continue growing that belief by acting accordind to my belief. I love each and everyone of you and hope you all know that God knows you!
Elder Kimball

Bailey- You looked beautiful in your prom photos. I sure miss you and love you!
Clay- Keep being the bomb! Can't believe you are 14! Wow just wow!
Lexi- I love you and miss you.  Stop being mean to Bella!
Leah- The other day I was reading a letter you wrote me and I honestly though it was Clay's writing because of the handwriting, but at the end you put "P.S sorry for the bad handwriting" Hahaha miss you!
Bella- Well, Bella you are growing up, I can't believe it. I hope you are being good!
Collins- For some reason I feel like you are most loved in the fam.  Hope you are ready for your position to be taken when I get back.
Capri- You are still a baby and you can't read this, but to future Capri when you read this: Know that I love you!
Mom- I hope you know I am always praying for the family but especially you! I miss you and love you too!
Dad- Keep being awesome! I wrote a few nice things about you too but I'll save'em for another day when I make you mad, or need to apologize for something! haha

Love you all,
Elder Kimball

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