Monday, January 4, 2016

Lucky or Ucky Cows Foot

Date: January 4, 2016
Week: 80 Cangahua, Ecuador
Companion: Elder Moreira/ Quevedo Ecuador
Colton's Address:
Quito Ecuador North Mission
Francisco Robles E-4 151 Av Amazonas
Edificio Iglesia de Jesucristo
Quito Ecuador
Santa made a stop in Ecuador!
Cangahua, Ecuador January 2016

Dear All,
I appreciate all the Christmas and new year wishes. I hope y'all had a wonderful time during the two of them. Elder Moreira and I have been trying to work hard during these last two weeks even though most  people have been out of town, and we have seen alot of blessings for it. We currently have Fabian Gordillo for the 23rd of January for baptism. He was unable to come to church yesterday due to work, but he still is showing tons of desires to progress for the 23rd.

We had a problem with contacting one of our investigators with a date, Darwin. He happened to go on vacation and we lost contact. I had been calling daily and praying for him also... but nothing. Elder Moreira and I felt a little down knowing most likely he wouldn't come to church. Turns out he showed up! He had actually had a tough week because he was unable to keep one of the commandments that we had taught him and he felt ashamed. We thanked him in a very loving way for showing his desires to the Lord that he wants to repent. He left the church that day with a huge smile and so did I.
Angry Elf
Cangahua, Ecuador January 2016

Sometimes I feel like maybe the people don't understand everything we teach, and don't do it either. However, seeing Darwin go through his own repentance with steps we had taught him, I just was able to look at the missionary work with a different perspective. So that was a miracle this week! Having two investigators for the 23rd of January makes January look very exciting!

This week we were able to teach the Cifuentes Family. They are a family that I have been teaching for a while that has had trouble moving into the new ward. They have yet to attend church. I did some research while trying to move their records to our ward and turns out their 12 year old daughter, Anita, hasn't been baptized. We talked with the family about it and they understand that they must attend in order for her to be baptized. They didn't attend this week but we are going to kep working with them to help them out.
Nuestro Año Viejo an Ecuadorian tradition.  Look it up!
Cangahua, Ecuador January 2016

Every year the ecuadorians makes these and burn them at midnightCangahua, Ecuador January 2016

Us with our missionary
Cangahua, Ecuador January 2016

Yesterday after having a super day at church, we went to our mamitas house to have lunch. Her name is Edith Porozo. She is from the coast near Esmeraldas and cooks very well. Luckily she says if you don't like it, you don't have to eat it. So the greenbeans didn't make the cut;) But she also served a soup that  had a part of the foot of the cow in it. I of course ate it but it was not my favorite. Good thing she came out with a rice and chicken to help it go down.
President asked us to wite some goals to complete this year. I feel like that I will be completing all these goals during the mission so I guess all make new ones when I get home:
1)Finish the Book of Mormon in spanish
2) Read Preach my Gospel in both english and spanish
3) Memorize the Living Christ in spanish
4) Become more like Christ by always representing him
5) Always be a help and a friend to my companion
6) Think of others before myself
7)Put the will of the Lord above my own
8) Leave my sectors better than I found them
9)Begin and finish eachday with a personal prayer
10) Be obedient
I guess Elder Moreira is tired
Cangahua, Ecuador January 2016

So before the mission my mother always told me that during my mission I would be thanking her and asking for forgiveness and I guess I haven't done it enough so here goes nothing!

Dear Mother, So you obviously know I love you and really do appreciate all the things you have done for me. I know I wasn't the best kid. From egging cop cars to stealing your money, I did my fair share of tontarias. As I sit in a shirt and tie in an ecuadorian internet cafe, I look back and sort of feel dumb. As I teach investigators who sometimes don't do what we teach I sort of feel how you felt. As you knew I knew what was right but I didn't do it! And more than anything, It has taught me how God feels when we know what it right but we don't do it. Honestly mom, I am sorry for all the dumb stuff but ya got admit they make funny stories. I love you Mom!

Love you all!
Elder Kimball

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