Monday, January 25, 2016

Priesthood Power

Date: January 25, 2016
Week: 83 Cangahua, Ecuador
Companion: Elder Moreira/ Quevedo Ecuador
Colton's Address:
Quito Ecuador North Mission
Francisco Robles E-4 151 Av Amazonas
Edificio Iglesia de Jesucristo

Quito Ecuador
Fabian and the "Bros."
Cangahua, Ecuador January 2016

Fabian and all his family members that are members
Cangahua, Ecuador January 2016

We are goofs!
Cangahua, Ecuador January 2016

Fabian, His family, and his boss
Cangahua, Ecuador January 2016

This week was exciting. We were able to have the baptism of Fabian. It was great. He bore his testimony saying how he had the goal to be sealed with his family and the spirit was just so strong. On Sunday, he was interviewed to recieve the priesthood. 

Elder Moreira decided that he could clip eyebrows. He really can't though. Good thing I didn't let him take a razor to my brows or else the same thing that happened to my hair would have had happened to my eyebrows. 
Elder Moreira clipping eyebrows
Cangahua, Ecuador January 2016

The district!
Cangahua, Ecuador January 2016

We had changes yesterday and we were pretty happy to find out that Elder Moreira and I were staying together another change (6 weeks). As we were heading back to the apartment after recieving the changes Elder Moreira told me that his stomach was hurting. I gave him some pills and he went right to bed. Next thing you know I'm being woken up at 1 in the morning to crying and moaning. I try and figure out what's happening to the poor elder. All he would say is that he needed to go to the hospital. I weighed my options and after about an hour of pure moaning. I decided to go the Yepez home who live really close to us. Nothing better than knocking on a members home at 2 in the morning. They calmed my companion down with some weird drink stuff. I called the nurse and Elder Perry to see what we should do, but neither of them answered. We finally returned back to the house because he starts feeling a little better. After about thirty minutes of sleep, he wakes up again and the moaning continues. I finally realize that I should offer him a priesthood blessing. After the blessing he just laid his head down on his desk and didn't make a sound. I thought he might have died, but I realized that he just went right to sleep. He didn't wake up until the morning. We called the nurse and he had to go get a blood test today. They are checking if it's just an infection or he has to get his appendix removed. 
Me and the Kid (Elder Moreira)
Cangahua, Ecuador January 2016

Being part of that little blessing reminded me of a little story Thomas S. Monson once told:
My brethren of the priesthood—from the youngest to the oldest—are you living your life in accordance with that which the Lord requires? Are you worthy to bear the priesthood of God? If you are not, make the decision here and now, muster the courage it will take, and institute whatever changes are necessary so that your life is what it should be. To sail safely the seas of mortality, we need the guidance of that eternal mariner—even the great Jehovah. If we are on the Lord’s errand, we are entitled to the Lord’s help.
His help has come to me on countless occasions throughout my life. During the final phases of World War II, I turned 18 and was ordained an elder—one week before I departed for active duty with the navy. A member of my ward bishopric was at the train station to bid me farewell. Just before train time, he placed in my hand a book which I hold before you tonight. Its title: The Missionary’s Hand Book. I laughed and commented, “I’ll be in the navy—not on a mission.” He answered, “Take it anyway. It may come in handy.”
It did. During basic training our company commander instructed us concerning how we might best pack our clothing in a large seabag. He then advised, “If you have a hard, rectangular object you can place in the bottom of the bag, your clothes will stay more firm.” I thought, “Where am I going to find a hard, rectangular object?” Suddenly I remembered just the right rectangular object—The Missionary’s Hand Book. And thus it served for 12 weeks at the bottom of that seabag.
The night preceding our Christmas leave, our thoughts were, as always, on home. The barracks were quiet. Suddenly I became aware that my buddy in the adjoining bunk—a member of the Church, Leland Merrill—was moaning in pain.

I asked, “What’s the matter, Merrill?”
He replied, “I’m sick. I’m really sick.”
I advised him to go to the base dispensary, but he answered knowingly that such a course would prevent him from being home for Christmas. I then suggested he be quiet so that we didn’t awaken the entire barracks.
The hours lengthened; his groans grew louder. Then, in desperation, he whispered, “Monson, aren’t you an elder?” I acknowledged this to be so, whereupon he pleaded, “Give me a blessing.”
I became very much aware that I had never given a blessing. I had never received such a blessing; I had never witnessed a blessing being given. My prayer to God was a plea for help. The answer came: “Look in the bottom of the seabag.” Thus, at 2:00 a.m. I emptied on the deck the contents of the bag. I then took to the night-light that hard, rectangular object, The Missionary’s Hand Book, and read how one blesses the sick. With about 120 curious sailors looking on, I proceeded with the blessing. Before I could stow my gear, Leland Merrill was sleeping like a child.
The next morning, Merrill smilingly turned to me and said, “Monson, I’m glad you hold the priesthood!” His gladness was only surpassed by my gratitude—gratitude not only for the priesthood but for being worthy to receive the help I required in a time of desperate need and to exercise the power of the priesthood.

I know that priesthood power is real! I know that we as children of God can be blessed by it. Sorry for such the lame letter but with not much sleep, it was hard to just get out a couple words.
I love you all and wish you the best!

Elder Kimball

P.S Happy Birthday Bella! I love you   
Our study in our apartment
Cangahua, Ecuador January 2016

We actually made our beds!
Cangahua, Ecuador January 2016

Our bathroom
Cangahua, Ecuador January 2016

Our kitchen
Cangahua, Ecuador January 2016

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