Tuesday, December 29, 2015

The Sacrifice of Our Savior

Date: December 28, 2015
Week: 79 Cangahua, Ecuador
Companion: Elder Moreira/ Quevedo Ecuador
Colton's Address:
Quito Ecuador North Mission
Francisco Robles E-4 151 Av Amazonas
Edificio Iglesia de Jesucristo
Quito Ecuador
Prezy, Me, Hermana Richardson
Cangahua, Ecuador December 2015
Dear Family and Friends!
I am doing well. Elder Moreira and I have been learning a lot. This week we studied How to Begin Teaching and it was great to see his willingness to learn. He has progressed alot. As of now we have Fabian Gordillo with a date for baptism. Yesterday his sister-in-law, Daisy, gave a talk and bore her testimony saying that she knows he and his family will be sealed in the temple. It was very touching and I know he felt the Spirit. His wife started crying and then he started crying and maybe I even started crying who knows!

Darwin, our other investigator who had a date for baptism went on vacation so his date will be postponed a little. He still has the desire it's just the church from where he was at was is an hour and a half away. I love being here and helping the Lord in this work.
Christmas dinner
Cangahua, Ecuador December 2015

Eating with the zone
Cangahua, Ecuador December 2015

Directing the Christmas Choir
Cangahua, Ecuador December 2015

More directing
Cangahua, Ecuador December 2015

Far shot
Cangahua, Ecuador December 2015

On Tuesday we had our Christmas Dinner with the Richardsons in la Casa Misional. They served turkey with mashpataeters and rolls. The rolls were probably the best. I made tons of turkey mashed potato sandwhiches! Oh and I let Hermana Richardson know that I didn´t miss the green beans so much!
Making dem Mashed potatoes
Cangahua, Ecuador December 2015
We were able to sing in a zone choir and then we shared a Christmas video based off the A Savior is Born video (pretty funny).   This Christmas will probably be one I will never forget. Being a servant of the Lord during this special season is such a privilege especially since it's only a once or twice in a lifetime opportunity.
The Ofelia Zone
Cangahua, Ecuador December 2015

Raising the Bar
Cangahua, Ecuador December 2015

Santa has come!
Cangahua, Ecuador December 2015

Christmas morning I woke up at 6:30 and was debating with myself to stay and bed and sleep a little longer since it was Christmas, and I wanted to do what I wanted. Then I felt my desire change as I remembered why we celebrate Christmas and that it is a day to honor our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. I quickly got up and felt great the rest of the day. Crazy how sometimes we forget what the true meaning of Christmas is! Jesus is the Christ! I know that Christ lives. He is the head of this Church. He suffered and died for each and everyone of us, and he did it out of love.
Good Tidings of Great Joy 
Much Love, Elder Kimball
Missionary Elf
Cangahua, Ecuador December 2015

Christmas Eve
Cangahua, Ecuador December 2015

Christmas Morn
Cangahua, Ecuador December 2015

Santa Made an appearance
Cangahua, Ecuador December 2015

Bailey- Looks like your Christmas was awesome! Save some of those gadgets for me!
Clay- Bro, I miss ya man. It was great seeing ya!
Lexi! How was Christmas? Did you get a new phone too?
Leah! Your IPhone looks sweet!
Bella! You have changed a lot! Your sphere thingy looks sweet!
Collins! What did you recieve? Why were you afraid to talk to me?
Capri! Love you and it was great seeing ya!
Mom- Your letter of appreciation has yet to come!
Dad- Sorry for the sucky call on Skype! Love ya!
Elder Kimball
A selfie with a photo of one of my baptisms in the mission home
Cangahua, Ecuador December 2015

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