Monday, December 7, 2015

Dodging Danger

Date: December 7, 2015
Week: 76 Cangahua, Ecuador
Companion: Elder Sejas/ Cochabomba, Bolivia
Colton's Address:
Quito Ecuador North Mission
Francisco Robles E-4 151 Av Amazonas
Edificio Iglesia de Jesucristo
Quito Ecuador
A guy from the NBA and I
Cangahua, Ecuador December 2015
Dear Everyone,
Well we are officially in the month of Decembersof 2015! Wow, just wow. The sisters from my group finish their mission this week. A year and half passes by really fast! So speaking of people finishing up their missions, mine had a high chance of finishing this week. Yes I'm still worthy mom....This is the story:

So there is a place in our sector called PisulΓ­. It actually could be a sector of its own for other misisonaries but its really dangerous so as of now it's closed down. But Elder Sejas and I go and visit it to keep contact with investigators, converts, and less actives.

So we are on the bus and Elder Sejas and I are standing up when I look down towards the back of the bus and this man looks right at me. He's not that kind of dude that's looking to play patty cake, and he starts making his way towards me. His eyes mantain contact with mine, and I can tell they are a little red, so who knows what this guy was on. He comes all the way down and gets in between Elder Sejas and I, and I am just like "why me?!?!". So, I make my way towards the end of the bus to get as far away from this fool as possible. Sejas later tells me that the guy asked him for some money and Sejas told him he didn't have any. The guy just told him, it doesn't matter because he will rob him tomorrow anyway.

So then the guy looks back down at me and I'm just like uhhhohhh... So he comes all the way back towards me... He asks me for one dollar. (He literally said one dollar) and in Spanish I say I don't got one brah... Then he asks me for 75 cents and I told him again I got nothing. He then asks for 50 cents, at this point I put my hand in my pocket to make sure my wallet was still there. He then asks for 25 cents. What is this guy going to do with 25 cents? I hope they ain't selling drugs for 25 cents. He finally gives up and gets off the bus. I take a look at Sejas and hes got his head bowed and I am pretty sure he was saying a prayer. So the power of prayer works!

Later I was able to have divisions with Elder Leifer. He's from Utah and went to Lone Peak (No he doesn't know the Collins cousins:( He finishes his mission this week. So he was a little trunky;) Nah he was actually really cool. We contacted this russian lady who married an ecuadorian and she was trying to teach her son English. We told her who we were and she immediately asked if monkey in English was pronounced "Monkey or Mankey because here they say it like monkey, when I know it's mankey. " So it was kind of hard to tell her that indeed she was actually wrong, but we would still like to share a message with her about Jesus Christ.
The Zone
Cangahua, Ecuador December 2015

Elder Sejas with Manuel (investigator)
Cangahua, Ecuador December 2015
Well the church realeased there new video "Ha nacido un Salvador". A Savior is Born
The video is really awesome. The church gave us like 500 or so cards to pass out so the movement is happening all the way down here. Yesterday we had our Christmas Devotional and it was in Ponceano (My old sector). I was able to see a lot of the members and they all remember "Elder Kimbolito". So that was really neat, but since we are in Ecuador of course there in no satellite signal to the church to watch the devotional, so we wearn't able to see it.
Just a foto
Cangahua, Ecuador December 2015
But I miss everyone and wissh you all a Merry Christmas!
Elder Kimball

Bailey- Heard you didn't go to church on Sunday. Nice.... FYI I haven't missed church in a year and a half.
Clay- I thought being in a wheelchair would be fun too in the MTC. You can ask Elder Bell how that went. Keep working hard man!
Lexi- The beautiful Princess! What are you asking Santa for Christmas?
Leah- The other Beautiful Princess! Hope you enjoy your offseason of soccer!
Bella- Heard you are finally obeying Dad! That's good news! Keep it up Sweetheart! I love you!
Collins- You are really that old! Wow! How's the Kimball Fam?  Watch over them for me a'ight?
Capri- 4 Months! 2 Fast! Keep on eating girlie!
Mom- Thank you for all the effort you have put in these 19 years to raise these 8 kids! You are appreciated from your kid in Ecuador. Love you!
Dad- You are the man and ya know it. Hope you keep on protecting those kids of yours. The Lord trusted ya enough to give'em to ya. I love you dad!
Y'all's son,
Elder Kimball

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