Monday, April 6, 2015

Gracias Padres....

Date: April 6, 2015
Week: 41 Lago Agrio, Ecuador
Companion: Elder Lares

Lago Agrio, Ecuador April 2015

Another week down and we had changes! Wahoo. I am out of that trio and I am back in Lago 2. My old sector! I will be with Elder Lares. I am super excited to reopen my sector and I moved back into my old house. Elder Lares isn't here yet because he is coming from the coast so he will get here tomorrow. Elder Palomino and Elder Castillo are staying together back in Lago 1.

Now let me explain the title of this email. So last week the district went to the border of Colombia. Elder Cajahuaman had gotten permission to do a district activity since it was his last P-Day ever. Elder Valentine said it was all cool and we could go, so we went. We took pics and I of course sent them to you guys! A day later Elder Valentine gets a call from President.... Elder Valentine calls a District Council and tells us what happened. He said President saw photos on FB of us near the borders of Colombia and that we weren't allowed to go there.... Immediately I knew that Mother basically threw me under the bus by posting pics on FB. I confessed to my district that I was 100% sure that my mom sold us out. They were mad at first, but it was pretty funny later. President wasn't mad cause we didn't know we weren't supposed to go but I still think its hilarious that President has me as a friend on Facebook and sees what pics I send. I should be more careful! HAHA. Editors Note: He never said not to post his pictures of them at the Colombian border!
Cleaning the church building
Lago Agrio, April 2015

Watching conference with Elder Valentine
Lago Agrio, April 2015

My district before changes
Lago Agrio, April 2015

In other news we had General Conference this past weekend. My fingers were again crossed for a temple in Quito or Otavalo but of course no....Coverage for conference in English was slim since I am currently living on the banks of the Amazon Rivers. We missed a few talks but we were still able to hear it in our native tongue thanks to BYUtv! My favorite talk was Larry M. Gibson. I am sure mom and dad think I forgot that I met him once but I remembered. When he said that he had asked a bunch of young man all over the world what they wanted to learn in life, and no one said that they wanted to "learn to be a father". Elder Valentine immediately turned to me and said "Did he ask you that?, aww man you could have been the one to say it!" I laughed pretty hard that I had the chance to be the one to answer, but of course I did not. I will have more comments next week on conference since I just downloaded the whole thing on my USB.
At a Chinese Restaurant for P-day
Lago Agrio, April 2015

This is what happens when I ask Elder Valentine to take my picture
Lago Agrio, Ecuador April 2015

Traditional Easter Soup Yummm
Lago Agrio, Ecuador April 2015

I hope everyone has a good week and keeps the faith,
Elder Kimball

Bailey! I wrote you.
Clay! I'll celebrate your birthday on Wednesday by sleeping in untill 6:30 am! Happy Birthday bud!
Lexi! I love you!!!!!! So much! I hope you say your morning and nightly prayers.
Leah! I wrote you
Bella! I like how you still sit in the baby seat at the dinner table. You ain't no baby!
Collins! You sure look cute!
Mom. Thanks for selling me out to Prezy. I guess it's cool to know he looks at my photos. I hope he doesn't read these letters!
Dad. I love you and of course again thought of you during the Priesthood sesh. Hope you went to Aldacos or somewhere good for dinner! Love you!
Elder Kimbolito

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