Monday, April 20, 2015

¡Milagros en Lago!

Date: April 20, 2015
Week: 43 Lago Agrio, Ecuador
Companion: Elder Lares/Peru

Literally swinging on a vine in the jungle
Lago Agrio, Ecuador April 2015
What a week is has been people!
To start it off, I will say that I am alive and well! Elder Lares is alive as well and we have not been eaten by andacondas! We will be having a baptism this Saturday at 5 o´ clock in the river Aguarico. WAHOO! Isamar San Martin Pogo has finally decided to make this covenant with the Lord. We are trying to get the whole family baptized but as for now she will go first. The parents aren´t married yet so we have to get them married before we can baptize the whole family. Isamar passed her interview and I will get to baptize her.
My district on P-day
Lago Agrio Ecuador, April 2015

Other things that are happening are Elder Lares and I are doing good. He is a great companion and has been helping me alot. I don´t think he wants to be serving here in the jungle but it's all good. Things I have learned from him are that he is kind of a momma's boy. He doesn´t cook at all and buys all his food of the street. He likes to put on like five different kinds of deoderant. He is clean so that's the least I can ask for. I have learned that with companions, you get what you get, and you don´t throw a fit. As I have mentioned before your companions should have a quality that your future wife will have. I am still wondering if that applies with every companion or just a select few?

Elder Bell told me the other day that he was talking to an investigator and she had just had a baby and that it didn´t have a name yet. She then wanted to know gringo names. (Side Note: As a missionary you always know the names of your follow missionaries sisters. It's just a rule. So as you can imagine, when I say I have five sisters they all go drooling but then once they figure out the oldest one is 16 all the old Latinos usually stop drooling.) Elder Bell then told her the names of every girl he could think of but she didn´t like them. Finally he said "Bailey" and what do you know she liked the name! HA! Thanks Elder Bell...... Now my sis has a little Ecuadorian baby named after her.
The monkeys are back and they just jump right on you in the street
Lago Agrio, Ecuador April 2015

A bridge in the jungle
Lago Agrio, Ecuador April 2015
This talk was actually given first in San Antonio by Elder Bednar himself so check out the link for the video:
Bearing Our Burdens with Hope
Okay so this is one principle that I have really learned on my mission. The load we bear is what makes us stronger not weaker. I think people forget and even I forgot that we aren't here just to have a good time, and then die, and go to heaven. We are here to learn something, to learn many things that is. We are here to progress as an individual and become better. I know the mission might be one of the hardest things I have ever done, but I also know that I have learned so much more in the past ten months than I have in the past ten years. We gotta to take our weaknesses and make them apart of who we are and then make ourselves better.

Love you all and of course miss you all,
Elder Kimball
Bailey- Hope you are preparing for finals, Junior year.......
Clay- I heard you are tearing it up on the golf course! Keep doing your thing!
Lexi- I love you so much and I saw that you were taller than Clay. Wow you are a giant but a pretty one of course!
Leah- You sly dog you! Stop stealing the boys hearts at school!
Bella- What up homeslice? I hope you are being good!
Collins- I have to admit you are one cute baby.....
Mom- I love you! and appreciate you weekly letters! Don't forget to keep sending me packages! I recieved my sidebag and I love it. Wow that didn't sound gay....the sidebag is basically a purse...But really no sarcasm it's awesome. Please send me a new ipod and speakers because mine officially don't work...I'm trying to slow down on the money but everything is so expensive here.
Dad- That stinks the Spurs lost game one. What seed did they end up getting? I love you Dad and miss you a ton!
Editors Note: Colton had only spent an extra $50 by the time he had 9 months in the mission.  Then this past month he has spent $250 and I think it's because of the new KFC that just opened up in his area.  Maybe that is what is so expensive!

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