Monday, March 30, 2015

Birthday Bash

Date: March 30, 2015
Week: 40 Lago Agrio, Ecuador
Companions: Elder Palomino & Elder Castillo
My 19th birthday
Lago Agrio, Ecuador March 2015
I am now 19 years old. What a shame! It was so much fun saying 18 and seeing the people's faces when I said it. I guess 19 isn't so bad. I did alot of stuff this past week. First off, Elder Castillo went to Quito on my birthday so that was lame. Elder Palomino and I worked hard and I was able to keep him obedient. Elder Valentine was also with us for a little bit and it was awesome to speak English. We figured out that when I speak English I can be a little mean. HA! Well I don't have much time to write today but my birthday was awesome. It didn´t really feel like my birthday because I am used to roller skating parties and chocolate cake.
My tiny birthday cake
Lago Agrio Ecuador March 2015

Noche de hogar with the Branch
Lago Agrio, Ecuador March 2015

Still playing small earthquake large earthquake with the branch
Lago Agrio, Ecuador March 2015

I am excitied for General Conference this week and Elder Castillo left to Quito again..... The dude leaves to Quito like everyweek!  It´s freaking nuts!  I want to go to Quito!!  Well, anyways we had a family night with the whole branch the day of my birthday and it was super sick.  We had a spiritual part from the Relief Society and then we played some games.  We played a game called Temblor y Terimoto (in English it translates to little earthquake and big earthquake, kind lame but yah I`m over it)  and then we ate some food and the members remembered my birthday and all sang Feliz Cumpleaños.  It was super sick.  I`m really grateful to be in this branch the people here are so awesome and take really good care of me.
Visiting the border of Ecuador & Colombia
Lago Agrio, Ecuador March 2015

The highest point in Lago Agrio
Ecuador, March 2015
After having been called to serve en Quito, Ecuador for over a year now, I have learned many things. I love being out here in the mission and I know that what I am doing is the Lord's work. There is no place that I would rather be. Some months before I recieved my mission call I wasn´t sure if this is what I wanted to do, but after a sincere prayer that I had with my Father in Heaven I knew that this what I needed to do. There are days where I don't want to get up in the morning, but there also days where I am already on the floor kneeling. I feel myself changing everyday. A change that I am grateful for everyday. I feel the Saviors love everyday and I love being a servant of Him and helping others come unto Him. I know that I am a child of God, and am grateful for the opportunity to come here to earth and to learn and progress and this live so that one day I can live with him and my family for eternity. I know these things are true and say them in the name of Jesusn Christ, Amen.
With love and appreciation (for the birthday wishes)
Elder Kimball
Bienvenidos a Colombia!
Lago Agrio, Ecuador March 2015

The river that separates Colombia and Ecuador
Lago Agrio, Ecuador March 2015

This is my look of where I´m serving face...
Lago Agrio, Ecuador March 2015

P.S I'll try and write better next week
Bailey- Take my advice
Clay- Pay attention during priesthood session
Lexi- Thanks for writing me finally!
Leah- Thank for your notes that you sent of the General Women's Meeting. Elder Ironing (Eyring) would be proud.
Bella- When are your going to score in soccer?
Collins- Can´t wait to see your little baby sibling right? (Editors Note: Colton is still just guessing and spreading rumors.)
Mother- Thanks for the scrap book pages, they didn´t make me cry at all. I noticed I have written you alot of apology this past few years.
Dad! Keep being a good ward mission leader. And think about me during Priesthood Session.

Your 19 year old brother and son,
Headed back to the jungle of Ecuador
Lago Agrio, Ecuador March 2015

In the Jungle
Lago Agrio, Ecuador March 2015

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