Monday, April 13, 2015

Monkeying Around

Date: April 13, 2015
Week: 42 Lago Agrio
Companion: Elder Lares, Lima Peru
Finally got to hold a monkey!
Lago Agrio, Ecuador April 2015

Dear Family and Friends,
What a great week! As yáll know I recieved my new companion last week, Elder Lares. He is from Lima, Peru. He only has like 2 weeks more than me in the mission and we both will be going home together next year so we have been talking about that. He is probably my most clean companion. He takes like 45 minutes to get ready....Ha! We are opening up this sector so its been hard, but I have to admit we have been having some success. We could have a baptism this Saturday but everything depends on our investigator. Elder Lares hasn't been feeling too well either as he has been here. He has been having similar symptoms to Dengue but nothing has been confirmed. He has served in the coast practically his whole mission
At the hospital with my comp, Elder Lares
Lago Agrio, Ecuador April 2015

I wanted to jump in that river behind us.
Lago Agrio, Ecuador April 2015

Yesterday we found a family where the Dad is from Esmeraldas. I told him that I got to serve there and he said he lived in Regocijo and constructed the church there. I told him that that is exactly where I served. He now calls me brother because I lived in his city. The name of the family is La Familia Cortes. We also found a huge family that counts as three families. I feel more like a wedding planner than a missionary. Just planning these weddings and baptisms to get a whole other branch attending the church. I am hoping and praying for all of this success to have fruits. 

We also got to go to Parque Perla with my old two companions. That's where I got my monkey pic. The thing just jumped on me and I freaked. Maybe serving in the Ecuadorian jungle ain't so bad;)

I have been listening to a lot of Conference. I really like the talk by Elder Eyring in priesthood... sesh when he was talking about the priesthood power and how he was Deacon and he was scared but then gave a blessing to a little girl who was supposed to die but he gave her a blessing and the Spirit told him that she would live. The Doctor was disgusted and kicked him out of the room but he explained the differences in how he felt and I abosolutly loved to hear this experience.
I think we are lost!
Lago Agrio, Ecuador April 2015

Yep, we are lost!
Lago Agrio, Ecuador April 2015
This might be the best video I have ever posted, just because it has my name in it. With conference just having happened, I feel like this follow the Prophet video will help everyone remember that the words of a living Prophet guide us on the right road. Why don't we all take this videos advice and not be like Colton?
Love you all, Elder Kimball
Waiting in line at the new KFC that opened!
Lago Agrio, Ecuador April 2015

Love KFC!
Lago Agrio, Ecuador April 2015

Bailey- Hope all is well with my 16-year-old sister! Keep making right choices
Clay- Wow you are 13! Can't believe it! When are you going to become a rebel like I was? Stop being so good, your making me look bad.
Lexi! I love you Sis! Great job in soccer! Keep blocking those shots.
Leah! Keep working hard. Hard work does pay off!
Bella! How you doing sis? Can't believe how old you are!
Collins! Keep getting more and more pretty!
Mom- I need a new ipod with all the EFY music. The Ipod you sent is starting not to work! And if you can get a little watch that  would be nice. My big one I can´t take out because....well just because.... I haven't recieved a package from you since like February so I hope there are some on the way! LOVE YOU!
Dad, Miss you Dad! Just wanted you to know that you did teach me how to be a father as Larry M. Gibson asked. I think the Philmont trip could be related to the 50/20. And if I rememeber correctly I did say I never wanted to do it again! I guess I can say now "Unless my son asks me too". Maybe you will still be alive to do it with us. JK, Love you!
Elder Kimbolito

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