Monday, March 2, 2015

It's a Jungle Out There!

Date: March 2, 2015
Week: 36 Lago Agrio
Companion: Elder Del Aguila/ Peru
Me in the Jungle
Lake Agrio Ecuador, March 2015

Well... after one week here in the Ecuadorian Jungle, its safe to say its a jungle out there. Elder Del Aguila is from Iquitos, Peru. It's also a Jungle there. I was looking on the map and if you just go down one of the Amazon Rivers, you can get to his city. He has like 2 months left in his mission.

The Jungle is sweet. In my mission  we have two cities in the Orient (that's what we call the jungle here), Coca, and Lago Agrio. We are a zone of twelve missionaries, six in Coca, and six in Lago Agrio. I got to visit Coca this past Thursday for our zone meeting. Coca is about a two-hour bus ride away so it takes alot of travel time. Turns out that Elder Bell is there as a District leader.

Our Zone is odd because there is one zone leader in Coca and one zone leader in Lago Agrio, but our Zone leader is the only Branch President in the mission. Our branch has like 50 people and the missionaries basically run the branch. Elder Del Aguila is in charge of the Elders Quorum.
My comp, Elder Del Aguilo
Lake Agrio, Ecuador March 2015

Beautiful sunset here
Lake Agrio, Ecuador March 2015

The weather here is good. It's hot but also really humid. I sweat alot and want to go jump into one of the rivers. As in river I mean rain puddles we have in the streets. It rains alot and I get soaked but its actually refreshing. My house smells bad but it's all good because I have two fans instead of just one. The people here alot more open than the people in Quito. We don't have to contact alot because usually our first contact will let us in. The food is of course rice and chicken but the rice is alot more savory. Slides down the throat with a little bit more ease. We eat a bunch so I don't buy food for the house cause we don't need it.

We wake up at 6:00 every morning and play soccer with our district for an hour. President only comes here every three months for interviews and he just came so looks like I won't see President for a while. The missionaries usually stay longer in the Orient so I could be here for a while. My sector is the biggest in the mission which means we have alot of ground to cover. Basically we have all the way to Quito. So Elder Del Aguila and I could easily step into the jungle and be lost forever. I love being here because its such a great experience! I never thought my mission would be filled with so many different places, but so far I've got the coast, city and jungle under my belt.
A turtle we saw on the street
Lake Agrio, Ecuador March 2015

La Pila Bautismal
Lake Agrio, Ecuador March 2015

Happy Birthday to Aaron
Lake Agrio, Ecuador March 2015

Sorry for such a plain and boring email this week.  I'll try and do a lot more cool stuff so that my email is filled with fun adventurous stories next week. If I had a story to tell this week it would be meeting one of the recent converts here. He actually was baptized by Elder Bustillo because Elder Bustillo served here in the same sector. The converts name is Fernando. He got in a motorcycle accident a couple years back so he can't walk real well or talk. He always has to repeat stuff when he says stuff to me. He is 21 and is really cool.

We did a service projct with him this week in which we dug a hole to put some cables in to help him out. He teases a whole bunch of people and especially the missionaries. He is the only member in his family so we are hoping to work with the family.

Well folks I hope you are still reading these emails. Just know there is an Elder Kimball out there living in the Ecuadorian Jungles!

Bailey- What up! Enjoy Spring Break this next week! I hope all is well in Seminary and you have been going everyday. Waking up for seminary has probably helped me the most in my mission in terms of waking up.
Clay- I heard you and Bailey are getting along! Wow what a difference it makes to take out the antagonizer. Keep working hard in school. You doing track?
Lexi- I bet you were the one babysitting instead of Nana!
Leah- How's club been going? Haven't heard from you in a while
Bella- Way to get baptized! Wow you sure are growing up! Next thing you know you will be serving a mission!
Collins- I hope you get better! You sure are a cute girl!
Mom- Well I survived week one here in the Jungle. I don't know if you would want to visit here. It's pretty hot and I am not sure if there are any Ecuadorian Jungle massages..... By the way, I can only use my debit card to take out money because they don't use cards here to pay for stuff......
Dad- Well go Cougars! Surprised they pulled off a big win this season. I hope they got to the NCAA tourney. The jungle is cool here. All those scout camps and Guatemalan service projects probably prepared me the most for the mission especially the 50 mile canoe trip. Just to remind me that I can do hard stuff every once in a while.

Elder Kimball

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