Monday, March 16, 2015

Toca la Madera o Trio (Knock on Wood, a Trio)

Date: March 16, 2015
Week: 38 Lago Agrio
Companion: Elder Castillo

Elder Bell, Valentine, and Kimball
Lago Agrio, March 2015
Dear Folks,
I have never had the chance to write to you guys about cambios intermezzos (intermediate changes) because until yesterday I thought they didn´t exist. Funniest thing is that yesterday, Elder Valentine, Cajahuaman, Del Aguila, and I were all talking about the mission.  We started talking about Cambios Intermedios, in which I then said that I don't believe in them. Elder Del Aguila quickly told me to "Toca la madera" or knock on wood, and then the irony of it all was when Elder Valentine told us that today was the day for the cambios intermedios. My day proceeded on and yesterday night we learned that Elder Del Aguila was headed to Quito and they were combining my sector with the Zone leaders sector. Elder Santos who was Branch President went to Otavalo and I am now companions with Elder Castillo who became Zone Leader and Branch President. We will also be recieving Elder Palomino who was the companion of Elder Bell in Coca. So I will now be in a trio with the branch President and a missionary who tends to be disobedient and is close to finishing his mission.

Not all is lost...
My District
Lago Agrio, March 2015

"Don't urinate here" is what the wall says so of course we had to take a pic pretending we were!
Lago Agrio, March 2015

Well not all is lost folks, president called me and told me that I would have an assignment. I have to keep the stress level of Elder Castillo down and keep my eye on Elder Palomino. He told me that I was senior companion to Elder Palomino but also Junior Companion to Elder Castillo. Like that's not confusing..... but don´t get me wrong I am super excited to work with Elder Castillo because he has lots of experience and he is a great leader.

What else?
Well there isn´t that much else to say. Richard asked Elder Del Aguila to baptize him but we all know how that turned out. We still have to visit my sector for the people that have dates for baptisms and I am hoping to keep working with Richard. I gave a talk yesterday in church. Of course the subject was on missionary work. Too Easy! Before Elder Del Aguila left he passed two English tests so so far my English tutor track record looks real nice. Also we now have the smallest zone in the mission with eleven missionaries. Six in Coca, and five here in Lago Agrio.
My last moments with Elder Del Aguila
Lago Agrio, March 2015
As for Getting Spiritual....
As for getting spiritual, the other day I was feeling real down on myself and Elder Del Aguila helped me out by telling me of another missionary's experience:
This was told at a missionary's farewell before he left to serve the Lord for two years. "Brothers and Sisters, as many of you know for the past couple weeks I had been waiting for my mission call to see where I would be serving the Lord for the next two years. Before I recieved my call I had a dream in which I was in the pre earth life. I was surrounded by light and I was there with another person. I had never seen this person before but I knew he was my friend. We were both waiting to recieve our earthly calling in which we would recieve a body and come to earth to be tried and tested. We were both extremely excited and couldn't wait.

I recieved a letter and I told my friend to read it. He read "You will be born into the gospel and into a country that allows you to fully live the gospel. You will be given everything that you might need and your family will support you in all that you do. You will have the chance to serve a mission in which you will help others come unto the Savior." I was so happy to see all the blessings that I was going to have and then my friend recieved his letter. He asked me to read it saying "You will be born into a country that will be misguided with a torn government. You will not be born into the gospel. You will be born into Ecuador." My friend then told me with tears in his eyes to come find him. I then promised him that I would find him. I will find him."

I know why I was born with all the blessings that I have and I know why I was called and have chosen to serve a mission for 2 years. I made a promise and maybe not just one but many promises that I would find them. I told my friend "Te encontrarĂ©" (I will find you).  I know that this gospel is true and it is the only way for us to return to our Heavenly Father. I know the Book of Mormon is true and provides us with the fulness of the gospel in today's world. I know we are guided by a living prophet, Thomas S. Monson. I have been blessed with the knowledge of eternal families and now I am helping others come to know this gospel truth. This I say in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.
Elder Kimball
Did I mention it rains a lot here?
Lago Agrio, Ecuador March 2015

It's been raining the past three days! No real drainage here.
Lago Agrio, Ecuador March 2015

Bailey, Your Junior year is almost over and then you are a Senior!
Clay, Love you bro and I expect a video of you saying all the names of the current BYU basketball team by memory and I guess a scripture also.....
Lexi, You ready for swimteam to start?  I know how much you love it!
Leah,  How's club soccer been? Still planning on serving a mission?
Bella, I guess you can serve a mission if you want to also.
Collins, What up cute baby? I heard you were a star out there in Cali
Mom,  I am safe here in the Ecuadorian Jungle! Have no fear. How's that cooking class you signed up for? I always wondered who Clay got the phase thing from?
Dad, Just to inform you that no I don´t have birthday plans because we arn´t allowed to have activites during the month of March.... but it's all good. Hope BYU does good this week we will need some prayers answered!

Your Missionary, Elder Kimball

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