Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Welcome to the Jungle

Date: February 24, 2015
Week: 35 Lago Agrio, Ecuador
Companion: Elder Del Aguila/Peru
Saying goodbye to my district in Ofelia, Ecuador
February 2015
Saying goodbye to Hermana Dunne who was leaving the mission
Ofelia, Ecuador February 2015

Well I don't have much time this week due to the fact that I got transfered. My last week in Ponceano (Ofelia) was a crazy one. We visited one of the investigators I contacted, Hermana Teresa, and her haircut place was having slow work this week so we decided to help out by getting our haircuts well turns out she can't see very well so maybe that's why work was going slow. Elder Bustillo then decided to fix my cut but shaving it. I'll just have to wait a while till all my hair grows back. 
Me and Panchito after my "haircut"
Ofelia, Ecuador February 2015
Saying goodbye to Elder Perry
Ofelia, Ecuador February 2015

Well Leslie returned home from Alabama in which she bought me Chick- Fil- A sauce but forgot it in the fridge. Urg! She decided that she wants her boyfriend to baptize her so she will be baptized in the states but whatever I am calling her a convert. She's hoping to be sealed in the Houston Temple so that's cool! On Sunday we had President Richardson, Elder Calderon (Area Seventy), and our Stake President come to our Ward Council. Elder Calderon machetted everyone in the room which was awesome. The Bishop almost peed his pants because he was so scared. The ward needed to be edified.

Cambio de Planes
Sunday night we recieved our transfers and just my luck I get sent back out into the heat. I am now here in Lago Agrio. Its about 15 minutes from Colombia and its definitly Jungle. The Gospel is so new here, like 2 or so years new. It's awesome to be teaching out in the heat agin. My companion is Elder Del Aguila or as he says "Of the Eagle". He is from a Jungle part of Peru. He seems pretty cool but we will see! I'll probably be here for 5 or 6 months or so. I am so grateful that my mission has been such a variety. I have been near the ocean, I have been in the city, and now I am in then jungle. Elder Del Aguila said we will eat caterpillars on Saturday. A little change of scenery and I guess food also. There are about 50 members in our branch and I'll probably recieve a calling. Here the missionaries are the leaders of the ward. It's so cool to see how the church starts of in an area. Well I don't have much time to write so thanks for reading and I'll try and write better next time with all the details of living in the Jungle.
Saying goodbye to people in Ofelia
Ecuador February 2015

Never going to forget this guy Stalin!  What a great guy.
Ofelia, Ecuador February 2015

Bailey- 1 to trek is now like 1 to Living with Tarzan
Clay- Dude, prepare for the mission man. You are going to be ten times better on the mission than me bro!
Lexi- How are ya doing? I hope Valentines day was great for ya and you weren't kissing any boys.
Leah!- Hows soccer? any goals?
Bella- When is your baptism? If you wait until your 9 you could be a baptism for the missionaries. HA
Collins! Hows the spoiled life? You still have like 18 more years of living in that house so get used to it. I barely made it out alive and look where they got me!... In the middle of the Ecuadoriam Jungle next to the Amazon rivers.
Mom- I got a package this week ad thank goodness because I need that water bottle for where I am now. Let's slow down with the packages for a while since I am here.
Dad- Hows Hawaii been? This place reminds me of the Guatemalan jungle. All these cool places should be fun to visit with you and Mom. Not a lot of missionaries have the experience of going to both the Coast and the Orient. I am happy that President still has some trust in me to send me out. Elder Bell also got sent out here but he is in Coca. And my DL is Elder Valentine. Too many people from Sandy, Utah here. Maybe because President is from Sandy.... hmmm?????
Well Ciao folks!
Elder Kimball

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