Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Staying Alive

Date: March 9, 2015
Week: 37, Lago Agrio
Companion: Elder Del Aguila/Peru
It's a Jungle out there!
Lago Agrio, Ecuador March 2015

Dear People,
Have no fear because I am still alive. No, I did not have a near death experience this week, but I just thought that I would let all yall know that after a bit of time in the mission I am still alive.

This week was a week of work. Elder Del Aguila and I worked hard and even got to see some fruits of our labprs. We found Richard this past week and he now has a baptismal date for the 28th of March. He is beyond excited for his baptism and he came to church1 Fingers crossed, or should I say arms crossed for him. We also had a few hours to contact this past week and found the Bone OrdoƱez Family. The mother was sick but then we offered her a blessing and she faithfully accepted. By the end of the week she was checked out of the hospital and the doctors could not find anything wrong with her. She and her family then decided to attend church with us. We still have to verify if she and her husband are married and then we will make a baptismal date.
Elder Del Aguila and I
Lago Agrio, Ecuador March 2015

This past Thursday we had Zone Conference in which I got to see Elder Bell again. He is currently serving as a DL all the way in Coca. Elder Del Aguila is the missionary that trained Elder Bell so that's pretty cool. Friday I had divisions with Elder Valentine. He is my DL and a really good missionary. It was good to get to know him and learn from different missionaries.
A blue dog in the street
Lago Agrio, Ecuador 2015

The church
Lago Agrio, March 2015
I also recieved a package from my parents this past week. It contained a belt that I had been wanting but turns out the belt is too small. I had said I had been losing weight but maybe not... but then again the belt doesn't even fit my companion. Money here literally burns its way out of my pocket. Everything here is really expensive and the mission here gives us more money but my daily breakfast isn't as big as it was.

The people here sort of speak a different Spanish because most of them are from Colombia. I can definitely tell when someone is from Colombia or Ecuador though. As you can see, my house is pretty humble. We try to keep it clean but the thing tends to smell bad sometimes. Its sort of like a hot fish smell.... I know its disgusting. Elder Del Aguila isn't that clean but I seem to be doing my part as in terms of cleanliness.
Our kitchen
Lago Agrio, Ecuador March 2015

Our study area
Lago Agrio, Ecuador March 2015

Our bedroom
Lago Agrio, Ecuador March 2015

I try to shower twice a day because the afternoon sweat shower I take doesn't seem to be helping. Yes its hot but I love it. I compained about it in Esmeraldas but now that I have had my fairshare of "cold" in Quito and I love being out here. President called me the other day and he asked how I'm doing. I said I was doing well and I love it out here. He told me all though it may be hot and hard I just got to keep working. In which I then said I love the heat President. He thought it was pretty funny. He calls all the missionaries after a few weeks out here just to encourage them and let them know he still loves them eventhough he sent them out here. Yes the work is pretty hard here but I love it.

The people here are open to hear what we have to say its just hard to get them to progress. We expected to contact 20 people a week compared to the 100 we had to do in Quito. It's because our first or second contact will always let us in so then we lose that hour of contacting because we are now teaching.

Well although most of you have been waiting for me to get some sort of Leadership position. I am proud to say I got made the English tutor of our district. Ha! Not really a leadership position at all. I don´t really do anything just teach English for 15 minutes during our district meetings. Out of the 100 something latino missionaries that have passed lesson 1 in english, there are 4 who have done nothing, and what do you know... one of them is my companion. Elder Del Aguila finishes his mission in May and he has yet to do one of the English lessons so my goal is to get him to do one. It's not that he's lazy it's just he is afraid to take the test. I am hoping to help him out since I guess it's now my responsibility.

Well, that's my week this week, if there are any unanswered questions that you guys are dying to have answered ust send me an email and I will try to include the answers in next weeks email.
Elder Kimball!
Me in the jungle, what can I say?
Lago Agrio, Ecuador March 2015

Bailey- How are ya doing in Cali? Sort of looks like you are a Cali girl now with your blonde hair. I hope all is well in high school. Remember the only thing that matters in high school are your grades. (Something I am now realizing after most of my friends have forgotten about me and don't write me) Keep being awesome sis!
Clay- Hows orchestra been? Something I regret is not taking my violin out here that would of been cool to keep playing! I hope Cali has been treating you well. Keep being a BYU sports fanatic!
Lexi- I haven't heard from you in a while. Miss you sister!
Leah- Thanks for writing me and sending me all of those wonderful pre-teen girl pics. Its weird to see you and Lexi growing up. Seems like yesterday I dropped one of you on your head....
Bella- You are beautiful! Be safe in California! and don´t forget about your brother!
Collins- Most of the emails people send me say your sister is the most cutest baby in the world. Thanks for getting people to write me with your prettiness!
Mother- Thanks for the package! It really brightened my week. I am now a 100 % sure that you could not last being in here. Theres alot of bugs here and I have yet to see a Marriott. I love ya mom and appriciate everything you have done for me.
Trent- Hey Dad, well your email was disappointing this week because it had about 2 lines in it. I hope BYU is still doing well. I have seen that you haven´t been watching the games as much since I have been gone. I hope you still love the Cougs. Have fun in California dad and thanks for always taking the fam on fun trips!
Your son, Elder Kimball

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