Monday, December 1, 2014

From ABC's to XYZ's

Date: December 1, 2014
Week: 23 Ofelia Ecuador
Companion: Elder Macalopu
Me and my district.  The ultimate reunion
Ofelia, Ecuador November 2014

Dear Friends and Family,

Transfer Update:
I am staying in Ponceano 2, in Ofelia, along with Elder Macalopu. I am happy that he and I are still together. I learn a ton from him so its beneficial.  Elder Marshall and Elder Perry are together again also. Its good that Elder Perry will only have one dad (trainer). That's what I had, and look how I turned out and plus we all know it ain't right to have two dad's.  Hermana Irepan and Hermana Hancey left. This is kind of rare but both missionaries left from the same sector. We recieved two new hermanas (Dunne and Nethercott) and they will be opening a sector.

If you counted correctly, you are correct, there are 5 gringos in one district and of course our fearless leader Elder Macalopu. I think that it is safe to say Elder Macalopu ain't so happy about being with 5 gringos but I take it as a sign from the Lord that someone needs to start studying English.

Tuesday: I went on divisions with my Zone Leader Elder Urquieta. It was a great day because we found Hermana Teresa. She moved into my sector casi 15 dias arras (15 days ago) and she is awesome. My first visit with her was this day and we helped her hang up a curtain in her haircut shop. I can definitly tell she has been prepared by the Lord. She takes the lessons so well and she is asking all the right questions.
Me again
Ofelia Ecuador, November 2014
My district
Ofelia, Ecuador November 2014

Wednesday: I had interviews with President. Most missionaries go into their interview asking things of President but honestly I had nothing to ask. I had planned on asking for a new companion but I really prayed about it and felt like ole Macalopu needed me. I recieved my certificate for reading the Book of Mormon in 90 days. That was cool.  He handed out another challenge. I have to read Preach My Gospel before March 1st. I started reading the Book of Mormon in Spanish this past week and I can definitly see that helping my Spanish.
Elder Perry and I
Ofelia, Ecuador November 2014

More shots of our district
Ofelia, Ecuador November 2014

Just goofing around
Ofelia, Ecuador November 2014

Thursday: We had a last district meeting. Elder Macalopu challenged everyone to come with a talent. He trained us about being a good companion and then compared the talents we had to working together with our companions. Elder Macalopu always sings this one song from his country (Peru) called "Cholito". It's actually a pretty catchy song so we decided to dance to it and I dressed up and it was funny.
Dressing like an Ecuadorian
Ofelia, Ecuador November 2014

Our talent
Ofelia, Ecuador November 2014

Elder Macalopu's hat is my favorite
Ofelia, Ecuador November 2014
At night we had Thanksgiving dinner with Hermana Letty. The turkey was a little too expensive and we didn't buy it in time, so she made pasta which was actually really good. It didn't have rice so that was a benefit. She also made a chocolate cake which was really good.

Friday: We talked with Angie (Investigator with date for the 13th) and she is doing well. Its hard to teach because her Dad is never home so we can't go into the house, but she is still progressing. We just got to get in alot of lessons before her interview for baptism this Saturday.

Saturday: We walked alot this day. Like no one would recieve us so we had to walk from one end of the sector to the other.

Sunday: Had church and ward council and the chabang and by the time 5 o' clock rolled around we were back on the streets. We headed over to Stalin's later and talked with him and he drove us home and that's when we recieved the changes.
Unlike my last companion, Elder Macalopu actually smiles
Ofelia Ecuador, November 2014

Ofelia, Ecuador November 2014
I think Elder Macalopu  and I are going to be great this next change. As I said I think we are past the ABCs and onto the XYZs. We are definitly going to have some success this change especially with Navidad on the way. People are going to be alot more open.

Well I guess all I can say to you folks this week is stay on your toes and I love ya!
Bailey! Keep writing me sister!
Clay! Play hard in bball, I haven't heard much about it his week.
Lexi! I love you and work hard in school!
Leah! Have you been studying Spanish? If so, I need you to teach me.
Bella! Sorry you were sick during your vacation! That stinks! Hope you didn't throw up turkey!
Collins! How ya doing? Love ya!
Mom! Got another package this week! Gracias. Keep'em coming. President told me of what a loving mother I had! You might be number 1 in the whole mission!
Dad! Love you and your emails have been really slacking! Can't wait for you to critique my Spanish!

Elder Kimball

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