Monday, December 8, 2014

Dear People In The World But Not Of It

Date: December 8, 2014
Week: 24 Ofelia, Ecuador
Companion: Elder Macalopu, Peru
Mas Bolos!
Ofelia, Ecuador December 2014

Dear People in the world but not of it,
I hope all is well this Christmas season. The lights are definitly up here in Ofelia and the loving time of the year is definitly here or is it?........

Tuesday: Like I said we got two new hermanas in our district last week and they basically know nothing about their sector so we had to show them around. Being companion to the DL makes you go on a lot of errands.

Wednesday: Our goals for this month are to have 4 rescued and 2 baptisms. It is doable especially since we found out the baptism of Angies dad might have to be redone. We met with 2 less active families this day. Familia √Ďacato Salazar and Familia √Ďacato Guerro. They are planned to be reactivated this month and I hope for the best.
P-day fun
Ofelia, Ecuador December 2014
My shoes... Have no fear guy a in my ward is a cobbler
Ofelia, Ecuador December 2014

Letty made us breakfast this morning
Ofelia Ecuador December 2014

Thursday: Well ol' Monty (my first companion), officially went home this day. He has served his time and I got to say goodbye to him. I hope for the best for the ol' chap and I guess I'll see him later in life.

Friday: We had a Missionary Work sponsered Talent Show for the ward. It was well put together. This week was fiestas of Quito so there were tons of Friday night parties. I got a great night sleep! For my talent I did how fast I can eat a bowl of rice. The whole ward laughed cause everyone knows what a picky eater I am. Some have asked to speak with my mother and father so that they can talk to them about my eating disabilities. Sorry Ma and Pa if you guys get calls this next week from angry mamitas.
Feliz Navidad!  Voy a comprar un arbol!
Ofelia, Ecuador December 2014

My apartment with the banner ya'll made me
Ofelia Ecuador December 2014

Finally found a hotel for Mom to stay in when ya'll come down to get me in 2016.  Nothing better than the J-Dub!
Ofelia, Ecuador December 2014

Saturday: Funny thing happened this day. A few weeks ago E'Macalopu and I were unlocking the church building when some crazy lady just started yelling at us. I didn't understand what she said because she was using words I have never used before but E' Macky said not to worry about it. Well I was walking on the street this day and I wasn't looking up but this crazy lady straight punches me in the arm. It was good sized Lexi type swing so it didn't hurt but it had some power. Immediately I thought it was some member of the ward like Stalin or Letty but I looked back at who hit me and its this crazy lady. You should have seen the fear in her eyes when my long giraffe neck lifted my oversized noggin. I just smiled and said Gracias. I am sure that ticked her off. E' Macalopu was laughing the whole way home. That will definitely be something I won't forget.

Sunday: So the usual routine. Do nothing all day but church. After church we went over to a members house. Diego Robayo. He was a feeling a tad bit disanimated about his calling, Leader of the JAS. I think its young single adults in English. Anyways we shared a few scriptures with him to animate him and then we went to the Christmas Devotional! Great week!!!!!!!!
Me not thinking about home...
Ofelia Ecuador December 2014

Update on Angie:
She has been sick this whole past week so basically we haven't been able to teach her. We moved her date to the 20th so that we could have more time to fit in all the lessons. She is definitly Pilas so I am hoping for the best.

Update on Teresa: 
She really is what you would call a "Golden Investigator" but maybe just gold plated. She works 24/7 so its really a pass by and see type situation. If she is not busy we can teach her. We really just need to get her to understand the Plan of Salvation because I think that will be the make it or break it. I will definitly be praying and fasting for her.
What I love most about my mission is the realtionship I now have with my Savior. Really it is something I an not put into words but I know God gave His Son for us. Really we all go through rough patches some more difficult than others but I know with my whole heart that we all have the same Savior and his name is Jesus Christ. He is the Gift. WATCH

Bailey, Do what you got to do!

Clay, Hows Bball man? Try and give something for Christmas this year. And remember even if your new car comes in black don't cry for the blue one or Santa will just take the whole car away.

Lexi! How are ya Sweetie? Hows school? Thank you for all your wonderful Christmas letters. Your handwriting is alot like Bailey's.

Leah! What up Sis? Your growing up so fast! Keep working hard!

Bella! Its weird to see you with two front teeth! I don't remember them being so big! Keep being cute!

Collins, Heard the sick kids tried to kiss you this past week! You must be super cute!

Mom, Thanks for all the packages. With all the packages I have been getting I can't believe not one of them has my ATM card. I love you so much!

Dad, How are ya? I miss you and can't wait to speak to you in a different language. My biggest fear is that my Spanish will stink. I love you and thanks for writing.

Aunt Kym, Thanks for the package, for once you might have given me presents earlier than the desired date. Really though I appreciate it! I won't open it till christmas!

Nana, thanks for the package, if you want you can do food packages sometimes and then other stuff other times. and No customs did not steal anything!

Love everyone! Have the Spirit of Christmas this time of year!
Elder Kimball

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  1. Ha! Ha! In Nana's words, "You're such a nut."
    Yay! I am glad you got your package. I am trying to be better.