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The Race for Seis (six months!)

December 15, 2004
Week: 25, Ofelia Ecuador
Companion: Elder Macalopu aka Elder Pena
Elder Macalopu and I at the Mission Home.
Quito Ecuador

Hello Everyone!
A ton happened this past week so here's another inside look at the life of Elder Kimball:

Tuesday: On this day I was studying when Elder Macalopu (changed his name to Elder Peña because its hard to say the other one and its the lastname of his mother) came up stairs and asked me to tie his tie. The guy has 21 months and he can't tie a tie. Thats all I'll say...

Wednesday: This day we had a practice to prepare something for a little devotional with President on Friday. These people don't have any imaginations. I prepared the whole thing and I wish I was overexaggerating.
Packages are finally rolling in!
Ofelia, Ecuador

Me in the Mission Home
Quito Ecuador

Thursday: We had another practice and we got to teach a lot of investigators this day.

Friday: We were with President in the Mission Home all day to celebrate Christmas. We got to eat Turkey and do white elephant. It was alot of fun. The food gave me bicicleta but it was still pretty good.
Me and Elder Quintana
Ofelia, Ecuador

The Main course
Quito, Ecuador

Quito Ecuador

My salad
Quito, Ecuador

Saturday: This day we found another investigator!!! She's 9, but she counts as an investigator. Her family is less active so we are going to reactivate them and baptize her and her sister(8) the 27th. We also have a girl who is part of a family of recent converts who we will baptize the 27th also. So we are planning a Noche Blanco this day for a bunch of the primary kids to come and see the baptism. It should be really sweet.

Sunday: The usual with church and everything. One of the members asked us to talk a little about baptism to the kids and this is probably the most embarassing moment of my mission. I felt like I asked for a circumcised loaf. I was talking about my baptism to the kiddos when I said " Yo estuve vestiendo mi vestido blanco". Which basically means I was wearing my white dress. When then one of the primary kids is like Vesitdo??? I turned to Elder Peña and was like "What does vestido mean?" He told me I told them I was wearing a white dress, like for girls. The whole primary burst out laughing. I thought it was pretty funny too but pretty embarassing also.
My ornament on the Mission President's tree
Quito, Ecuador

I saw this at the Mission Presidents's house
Quito, Ecuador

My Christmas tree at the apartment
Ofelia, Ecuador

The past week was great. I was having fun! Angie is on date for the 27th but she is still unsure. She attends church every Sunday which is good so she just needs more time. We have been finding alot more to teach her which is great.

Lucy is on date for the 27th also. She is the girl of the less active family. Its cool to be teaching a family and I teach great with little kids cause I keep it simple. Its alot of fun to teach Familia Mediavilla. I think it will be neat to reunite a family.

Honestly, I am having a blast! I really have just put everything in the hands of the Lord. It truly has been the most amazing experience of my entire life. I represent the Lord daily and I live in mircales. Representing the Lord really has helped me realize the importance of sharing this message. I was thinking the other day of how much I have given for this gospel. Family, friends, years...  Then I thought of what He has given for me. Really without His sacrifice I wouldn't be here. I would be nothing honestly. I know that Jesus Christ has sacrificed so much more for me and I am less than the dust of the earth. With Him I can do so much more. I love representing Him here in Ecuador. And I am eternally grateful to Him. This Christmas season has been the prefect time to really come to know Jesus Christ. In representing Him, I have been trying to study and do what he has done. To truly be like Him and I can't think of a better way to truly celebrate this Christmas. As you watch this next video, think of all the things He has done for you, and then go and read Mosiah 2:20- 25. There is no better way to celebrate Christmas than to represent Christ himself. His Hands

Just letting everyone know I love them! Keep on keeping on!
Bailey- Love ya sis! Work hard in all that ya do
Clay! I havn't heard from ya in a little while! Hope all is well!
Lexi! Hows it going? What did you ask for for Christmas?
Leah- Thats awesome that you and Lexi are going to do Club soccer! Remember to put the ball in the net!
Bella! Hows the haircut sweetie?
Collins! Keep up the videos! You keep getting bigger and bigger.
Ma, Honestly I can{t remember which packages are which. I ll start keeping track now!
Dad! That stinks with the Cougs and everything. My next P-Day will be the 24th of December. Thats a Wednesday. We have a bunch of rules for this Navidad with being in the house at a certain time do I will tell you what time I will call on that P-Day- Let me repeat that I till be calling you the 25th probably from between the hours of  2pm - 5pm Ecuador Standard Time. I will be more sure as to what time I will call next wednesday. I will be calling on thursday the 25th of December. Love ya pa! I still have one more pday before the llamada so we can play the 24th of December!

Ciao Folks!
-Elder Kimball

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