Friday, July 11, 2014

The Third Epistle from Elder Kimball

Date: July 10, 2014
Third Week in the MTC

Dear Fam!

Well you guys sure aren't having fun at all! It sounds like another crazy Kimball Summer! This week I was trapped in this place. No real investigators and lots of beans. I just want to teach a real person. Its hard to feel the spirit when you are teaching someone fake.

I leave for Ecuador pretty soon and I got my plane ticket.  I'm going to Atlanta then Ecuador which will be sweet to get one last American meal. My district and I are planning to have a "Last Supper" in the Atlanta airport but we probably won't have time.

My district are life savers. Sometimes they get annoying (since we are together all the time)  but thank goodness none of them are creeps. I'm picking up the language pretty well and I try to be friends with as many natives at possible. This Tuesday we had President Neil L. Anderson speak to us. It was broadcast to all the MTCs. He spoke in Provo because no one comes down here... but whatever. I got to see Mikayla on the screen because she was in the choir. I looked for Jack but no sign of him. He is probably already in St. George. Elder Anderson spoke about BYU and Utah Football which was cool because it updated me on what was going on. A kid named Harvey Langi just got back from his mission and he was playing for Utah, but as soon as he got back he wanted to play for the Y. Look up the article in the Salt Lake Tribune. Its neat. He wanted to go to a school "where other people were wanting to meet the same standards he wanted to meet." Its really crazy how much a mission changes people. I could already tell that if I went home right now I would be weird. I don't want to go home yet. I haven't even really started a mission yet. Dont get me wrong, I miss you guys and all but if I came home I would probably be over at the Englishes everyday.

We now have 5 districts in our zone. So that makes like 50 something missionaries that Elder Bell and I are in charge of. I'm glad that the district above us is leaving next week so that we can stop thier stupid traditions. One of them being Peve. Its fun to play games all but everyone feels like they should be studying instead of goofing off. Its hard to put my foot down though because than hermanas just start crying about traditions, and stupid made up rules of why we must have Peve. Lets just say that not everyone goes on a mission for the same reason. I am so glad that I am out here for the right reasons. I feel Christ's atoning sacrifice for me everyday. And when we start talking about eternal families with investigators boy does that bring the Spirit. 

Elder Sok got sent Krispy Kreme donuts form dear from his aunt and he was kind enough to share with everyone. Our teacher Hermano Salvador is the bomb. I can tell that he likes me the best ;). A mission hasn't changed my humbleness. You don't know how bad every time I see a new district come in I just want to say "Welcome to Hell", but I

Sometimes I say some stuff in Spanish that dad used to say to me and my teachers get mad at me but then they are impressed that I even know that. I'm trying to be the best missionary I can be! A mission definitely is hard and I can't wait to have the whole Kimball clan back together, and then all you guys will go on missions, including Mom and Dad. Just remember that if Colton can do it then you all can do it. I love and miss you guys. And sorry there wasn't much to write about this week. 

Your son and brother, 
Elder Kimball!

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