Friday, July 25, 2014

Last Letter from the Mexico City MTC

Date: July 24, 2014
Fifth Week in the MTC

Elder Kimball studying in the heat of the Mexico City MTC, July 2014

Dear Famila!
I am almost out of this place!!!!! That's cool that you guys are having fun..... Wish Leah, Lexi and Bella would email me every once in a while but whateves. So here is the Dealio! I leave the CCM Monday night at 10:30 pmish to the Mexico Airport! Then I get to CALL you guys! My plane leaves at 2am to Bogata, Columbia. I arrive there at like 6am and then off to Quito! Ill get there at like 8am!!! Email me fast because I get to email Monday also! I'll call Dad at like 12am so please stay up!

My district, CCM July 2014
This week has been sweet! Presidente Pratt is back! I used to not like him very much cause he reminds me of Mr. Fredrickson but now I love him because he bore his testimony and it was awesome. He and his wife like to dresscode people so I'm surprised that I havn't got yelled at for my shoes because I have only worn these.
Elder Bell on P-day, CCM July 2014 

P-day antics, CCM July 2014

Anyways... Elder Bell does do a lot but come on I do stuff too! Elder Bell and I have been owning our investigators! We really are a great team. He is an awesome people person. I conduct almost all the meetings and I take notes during all leadership meetings while he deals with annoying people that are not prepared for a mission. He has been great example to me on Christlike love. But I do stuff too!!!

This week we got to hear from Shawn Cates. A director of operations here at the CCM. He spoke about being focused and working for the Lord and it was amazing. We took our going away pictures that they show on a slideshow this Sunday night. There are so many people here. So glad I'm getting out while I can because they have overbooked this place.
District CCM 2014

The Ecuadorian flag that hangs in the CCM, July 2014

I already wrote to Bailey so she doesn't get a personal note this week.
-Dad, I miss you and I am so glad you love my emails. Thank you for the Spurs and BYU Updates. I took pictures of them and I am going to read them on the plane. Send me the fourth missionary thing cause I never read it and I'm regretting that decision now.
-Mother! Quit having children without me around.JKJK Please be awake when I call I know how you like to sleep in.;) 
-Clay! Dude! I miss you bro! So glad to hear at least one of my family members misses me! Your hair looks great and when I get back I know you will be taller than me. P.S I don't think you would like it here because the food is terrible. The only good thing they have is pineapple pizza and you hate pizza. And for the salad they don't have croutons so I don't think your salad would be any good.
-Lexi! I love you sweetie. I have been playing soccer thinking of you and Leah!
-Leah! what up homeslice! Keep working on your bicycle kick! I want to see a video of you making one!
-Bella! They have nutella and peanut butter every morning and night so I'll always have one of those and it makes me think of ya.  Be nice to Collins!
Last but not Least, CoCo, Glad to have another C name in the family. Be terrible for Mom and Dad they need to wake up more in the middle of the night! I can feel your little spirit all the way here in Mexico and I can't wait to see if I can in Ecuador.
Elder Kimball playing around, CCM July 2014

I love you guys! Email me back as soon as possible! I will read them Monday. Plan out the calling thing and be safe on ya'lls trip, I pray for you guys everyday!

Love Your Bro, Son and Missionary,
Elder Kimball

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