Thursday, July 3, 2014

Dear Familia; Second Letter has Arrived!

Date: July 3, 2014
Week: 2 in the MTC

Dear Familia!
My Spanish is alright. Last weeks letter was basically copied out of my journal. I was sups totes surprised at how good it was. I can understand almost anything anyone says in Spanish now which is really cool. I feel Heavenly Fathers love for me everyday. Being a missionary is cool because you only have to worry about one thing, and thats teaching people the gospel and you don't even have to worry about that so nothing to worry about. 

This week we are teaching two "investigators". Their names are Gaby and Lugo. Elder Bell likes to study alot which keeps me on task. He really is a great companion for me. He puts up with my teasing and my awesome soccer skills. Last night as a zone we had this thing called P-Day eve or aka peeve. Presidente Suaste recommended we do something as a zone so the Sister Training Leaders, Bell, and I thought of peeve. We did skits of the book of mormon. Lots of Fun! I never realized how much fun a mission would be. The Lord is looking out for you 24/7 and you get to hangout with people that have the sames standards and focus you do. 

The food is alright. We get tan missionaries on tan Tuesday and white missionaries on white Wednesdays. Every Wednesday there is always like corn dogs and hamburgers or something American but I prefer when they stick to the food they know how to make. They always have rolls and some sort of mystery meat, and if we are lucky mashed potatoes!. The food definitely takes your stomach getting used to. I have to got to the bathroom alot and so does everyone else. Last Sunday we had a fast because one of the hermanas was sick. Elder Sok and I gave her a blessing. Shes doing better now. 

It rains everyday and I try to rewear clothes as much as possible because it takes forever to do laundry here. Elder Bell and I woke up at like 5 am this morning just so we could find a washer.

 I want to thank you guys for taking out of the states so much and travel a lot. Today we went to the Mexico City Temple but not inside because its getting worked on. It was really neat to see. On the bus ride there everyone is freaking out because of the driving. I pretty much knew that this is how foreign countries were with driving so you could say I'm an expert. 

The best days are Thursdays and Sundays because those days you aren't trapped in a classroom. We get one hour of gym everyday which is awesome! My district and I have made friends with these Mexican missionaries. They improve our soccer playing and our Spanish. Like I said I could understand pretty well but it's really hard for me to create my own sentences. 

Most local people here know Dad (from teaching at the Entrepreneur School next door to the MTC) so it is kind of hard for me to slip under the radar, but its awesome when an hermana walks up to you and says Are you Trent Kimball's son? Then we talk about dad and the business.... in Spanish of course.

Other than Thursdays and Sundays we are in our classroom from 7am to 9:30pm. We heard from Elder Villalobos on Tuesday in a devotional. He spoke in English though. It would have been cooler for him to speak in Spanish but o well. I miss you guys and am jealous that you guys are all having fun!  One thing I learned this week is that some hermana missionaries are crazy. The district above us likes to do these game nights and Elder Bell have been trying to get them to stop doing those. Anyway we turned to the Lord and their hearts were changed and realized that this wasn't an EFY. You are on a mission. It is really easy to think this is just an EFY if you aren't careful.

 Elder Bell and I have been sticking to the schedule with exact obedience and we have been blessed for it. Tonight we meet our fourth district in our zone. So thirty-two people just went to forty something missionaries Elder Bell and are in charge of. We are finishing up our third week in the CCM so only 3 more till I'm a real missionary! I love you guys and miss you. Remember to read your scriptures everyday! Remember how rare of a book The Book of Mormon is. Sometimes we take it for granted but it was written for our day so feast on its word!

Te amo!
Elder Kimball

Editors Note: EFY is a acronym for Especially For Youth which is a church sponsored camp for youth ages 14-18 in our church.  It is full of lots of games, dances, workshops and learning experiences to help the youth feel and recognize the Spirit in their lives.  

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