Friday, July 18, 2014

The Fourth Epistle of Elder Kimball!

Date: July 17, 2014
Fourth Week in the MTC

Colton at the CCM aka MTC
July 2014

Holy Cow!
Another week at the CCM. Learning tons of Spanish. My teacher Hermano Salvador is the bomb. Love that guy! We get new investigators this week and I got a haircut. We are now over 1000 Missionaries in the CCM. And we are the oldest group so we are the big dogs on campus. We got a new district last week and lost a district last week so we are sitting at four districts in my Zone. We meet our fifth tonight. 

I'm so glad Elder Bell is my companion because he deals with most of the stuff that goes on within the Zone. Our district this week really got on eachother about using time wisely and enough goofing around. Its really sad to say that some of these weren't prepared to come out here. But I will say again thank you for Elder Bell! We make a great team and I'm going to be sad to have to say goodbye to him and some of the friends I have made here. I leave next next Monday to Ecuador and I'm so excited! As much as I love the teachers and friends I have met here I really just want to give the Gospel to a real person.

In my last email, Grandma said it sounded like I wanted to come home, well let me say that I definitly do not want to come home! I love being on a mission! I can now go into lessons with just my scriptures and speak spanish to people! Its weird but awesome! I hope you are editing some of these emails mother and making me sound like a boss missionary. 
Elder Kimball and Elder Bell at the Mexico City Temple
July 2014

Elder Bell in the MTC
July 2014
Its hard to write about cool experiences I have when I'm just in a class room all day, but I'd say the coolest thing that happened this week was Elder Bells specific prayer. We had learned about specific prayers through our mission presidency first counselor, Presidente Tenorio. Elder Bell said a specific prayer that if he worked hard all day and was focused that he could receive at least one letter. He got three from his mom. So that was sweet and I know that his mom reads my blog so let me just thank her now by saying through the Lord you were able to strengthen mine and Elder Bells testimony about the power of prayer. Now back to writing to my mom and dad... I am the only one in my district that has not received a letter so thanks.....  
Elder Kimball with some of the Latin Elders
July 2014

A sample of the food served at the MTC (look like his favorite since he loves Chicken Cordon Bleu)
July 2014

They all think I have no friends. I finished reading Our Heritage and Our Search for Happiness. Two great books that have really deepened my understanding of The Gospel. This week I have been reading True to the Faith along with my scriptures. I mark a lot of the scriptures that are mentioned in True to the Faith and my scriptures are ready to be tested against real investigators. I need to find a neat and organized way to label and mark my spanish scriptures that will help me on my mission, so if anyone has got an idea hit me up. I also need hair gel and some STANCE church socks, doesn't matter what color because I keep running out of socks. 

Presidente Pratt, mission president, just got back from his vacation to Utah. He and his wife were gone for like ten days. His wife was having surgery or something so it really wasn't a vacation. If you are reading this Ciera Steinhour, let me tell you that your grandparents are the bomb! Your grandpa has all these sweet slideshows and quizzes and they are the bomb! 
Elder Kimball's district
July 2014

Elder Kimball and Elder Tonga
July 2014

Anyways, I'm excited to get to Ecuador but I will definitely miss my district and Elder Bell. Mother, You are wondering about Peeve. Elder Bell and I decided to keep it alive and well. We shortened so it starts at 9 and ends at 9:30. It sort of went better. We got new Sister Training Leaders this week since the old ones left and they are alright. They just wanted to play EFY games and Elder Bell and I don't feel like its appropriate. We played a game that I made up where we would say a problem an investigator would have and the zone would try to find a scripture to help them so that was fun!

I miss you guys and thank you for writing me Bailey! Clay your hair looks sweet and I cant wait to receive the package y'all sent. Lexi and Leah, I tell everyone how you guys are taller and bigger than Clay! Bella, I miss you and I love you! Collins, like I said I can feel your spirit everyday and it sounds so weird when I tell people that I have 5 Sisters! I got to go but I love you guys and I pray for your safety everyday!

Love you,
Elder Kimball!!!!!!

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