Monday, March 28, 2016


Date: March 28, 2016
Week: 91 Iñaquito, Ecuador
Companion: Elder Nielson/ Parma Idaho
Colton's Address:
Quito Ecuador North Mission
Francisco Robles E-4 151 Av Amazonas
Edificio Iglesia de Jesucristo
Quito Ecuador
A mural by the Boy Socuts of South America....
Iñaquito, Ecuador March 2016
They got their Grafitti merit badge!
Iñaquito, Ecuador March 2016
103 people we contacted this week! Just kidding we didn't contact 103 people...That would have been cool, but instead the little sore throat I had, turned into 103 degree fever. Not fun especially in Ecuador. My throat feels as if I swallowed a hundred knifes but it's all good.

Elder Nielsen and I taught by the Spirit like crazy this week. We are teaching the Guamaninga Family. The wife, Gabriela, is a member along with her son, Sebastion. We are trying to reactivate them both but the husband, Vladimir, is being real lame! We walked into the lesson, and we hadn't really talked about what were going to share. We went over their commitments to come to church and basically tried to make Vladimir see that he was doing anything that we were going to tell him to do.

Elder Nielsen decided to teach about Eternal Families. I followed his lead and we both bore our testimonies on the opportunity we have to be with our families forever.  However, Vladimir wasn't quite catching it yet! So I recieved an impression to share a video by the church called Families are Eternal. It was probably made in the 90's because it basically was a slideshow with music in the background. So I decided to ignore that impression because it isn't that cool, plus I wasn't sure I even had the video. Turns out I had the video.

So I started looking around to see if they had some sort of updated technology to plug my USB into. I paused in the middle of the lesson and asked if they had some sort of TV or computer that would play a video from a flash drive. They said no...So I just sat there like an idiot asking myself, why I would ever listen to the Spirit! Then Vladimir says that we could use his laptop. I then found myself repenting asking forgiveness because the impression worked. By the end of the video we had everyone in tears and they decided they wanted to be an eternal family.
Elder Nielsen made me a cake!
Iñaquito, Ecuador March 2016

The cake the Ocarez family made me.
Iñaquito, Ecuador March 2016

And of course the aftermath of pushing my face into the cake!
Iñaquito, Ecuador March 2016
My brthday was fun! Elder Nielsen made me a cake, so that was awesome! The Ocarez family also made me a cake, but they stuffed my face in it. Look's like they like doing that here in Ecuador.
Well not much is going on! I love you all and wish y'all a Happy Easter!
Elder Kimball
The closest I could get to an Easter picture, plus I'm showing a little leg!
Iñaquito, Ecuador March 2016

Bailey- Thanks for the insta shoutout. I swear you use the same pic every year...
Clay- Honestly, I love it that you think that I'm going to come home like a midget and you're going to be able to beat me up.
Lexi- Thanks for inviting me to your Harry Potter watching Marathon.
Leah- Thanks for the birthday wishes!
Bella- Hope you enjoyed Botanical gardens! I still remember that field trip...
Collins- Looks like you enjoyed the easter egg hunt. Did you get the one dad puts a hundred dollars in?
Capri- Well you look like you're enjoying life! You are one blessed baby!
Mom- Love you and hope you are having a wonderful Easter. Enjoy Conference!
Dad- Thanks for all the pics! I love ya!
Elder Kimball

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