Monday, March 14, 2016

Double that Please...

Date: March 14, 2016
Week: 89 Iñaquito, Ecuador
Companion: Elder Nielson/ Parma Idaho
Colton's Address:
Quito Ecuador North Mission
Francisco Robles E-4 151 Av Amazonas
Edificio Iglesia de Jesucristo
Quito Ecuador
The Quito West Zone and Me
Iñaquito, Ecuador March 2016
Well what a great week in my new sector. Elder Nielsen has only been here 3 weeks, and I just got here ,so we are like ants in a swimming pool. Iñaquito used to have 4 sets of missionaries but they lost a set  just this past transfer, so Elder Nielsen and I had to get a little bit more into our sector. It's pretty huge now! In my Ward, we have the assistants, and the nurses and they are busy most of the time, so my companion and I have to take on most of the work. 

We started by cremating our area book and re building it from the ashes. We literally called everyone that had a number and we actually found someone that accepted us. Anita Castillo who was actually taught by the other Elder Nielsen a year ago (Yes Elder Nielsen has a cousin in the misión, He is the 6 ft 10 Elder, it's hard to miss him). Anita is like 70 years old and she has knee problems. It actually makes me feel as though I am teaching my Nana. Anita accepted a baptismal date but was unable to come to church. We will help her to  come though. She came to a Ward activity last week so we hope that that will help her see that we, Mormons, aren't weird. We want to baptize her on Elder Nielsen's birthday, April 9th. 

We are also teaching the Familia Guamaninga. The mom and son are less actives and the dad is an investigator. He accepted a date but flaked on coming to church. It's really hard to get people to come to church but I feel positive that he will come this Sunday.

Elder Nielsen is awesome. He knows a lot about BYU sports which is amazing. We were messing around on the cell pone and made a voice message tone of him reenacting Greg Wrubell when we beat Utah in 2006. But then we took it off because we felt it was inappropiate Hahaha! 

So the house we have is pretty nice but I swear we are living in Nana's upstairs. The kitchen smells like Nana's pantry, the bedroom smells like Nana's bedroom and even the bathroom. I feel like I am on vacation up in Utah. Elder Nielsen and I made the house into a man cave. We found some pieces of an old bunk bed so we made a bunk bed. I don't trust it too much because well, we made it. I also found a hanger and made it into a bball hoop. With some old bball shorts I made a net and Elder Nielsen even made a back board for the make shift hoop. Its pretty fun being with him. We work hard and we have fun doing it! We are excited to get to work!

So in my first training to the district, President shows up. Just my luck. I was pretty nervous already and then he walks in and I was like "Wow that's my life".... But he said I did a great job so I guess I did alright.

Well I will keep you guys updated on the misión life of Elder Colton Kimball. Love you all, especially those of you who have made it through 21 months of Elder Kimball letters!
Much love, Elder Kimball

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