Monday, September 7, 2015

Heart Locked

Date: September 7, 2015
Week: 63 Otavalo, Ecuador
Companion: Elder Blas/ Lima, Peru
Colton's Address:
Quito Ecuador North Mission
Francisco Robles E-4 151 Av Amazonas
Edificio Iglesia de Jesucristo
Quito, Ecuador
Email Address:
Heart is locked but wardrobe not quite....BYU gamely apparel
Otavalo, Ecuador September 2015

So a couple weeks a go, President made us read this talk by President Spencer W. Kimball called "Lock your Heart". It was talking about locking your heart from girls and stuff like that while we are on our mission, but something I quickly learned at the beginning of my mission was to lock my heart from BYU sports. When he told us to read it, I knew that it was divine revelation for me especially with the BYU football season starting up. I won't be talking about the BYU game that happened this past Saturday but just so everyone knows all of my greatest sports dreams are coming true while serving a mission. #jimmertothespurs #mangummiracle

So enough about that, I have been having a great time here in Agato. The work is still a little slow but we have been focusing a lot more on recent converts and less actives. Hermana Luz and Fernando (convert) said they are planning on getting married next week so that is really awesome. I was able to give some of my white shirts and ties to Fernando so that he could come to church. The Bishop is planning to give him the priesthood so that is really exciting. Mishel is doing well also. She recently started personal progress and seems pretty excited about that. Her brother Sebastian will be passing the sacrament next week after receiving the priesthood so they are all doing great!
This little guy is 100 years old!
Otavalo Ecuador, September 2015

This is where this little old man lives!
Otavalo, Ecuador September 2015

Elder Blas and I totally blanked on fast sunday so we are fasting today. We felt pretty bad about it, but I guess that happens sometimes. Elder Blas and I really connected this week as he was telling me how he came into the church. He accepted to be baptized after attending one time and was baptized two weeks later. He then left on his mission a year later! Crazy! He really has such a strong testimony of the restored gospel and teaches really well.
Ejercicios...getting ready to walk on to BYU's football team next season. ;)
Otavalo, Ecuador September 2015

I got Elder Blas on the bench!
Otavalo, Ecuador September 2015

We have been contacting a lot but with not a lot of luck. We feel great though. We are working hard and we know that sooner or later we are going to find someone. So we have just been focusing more on recent converts and less actives. We just rescued Anita Váquez so that was awesome. Ever since we found her she has come to church off and on, but now she is fully commited to attending and even going to activities with the young single adults.

Elder Blas and I were able to share our testimonies yesterday and I was able to share a little bit of mine in Quichua which was cool. Elder Blas speaks Quechua so he knows a little bit of Quichua. I can speak a couple sentences but I have been working on it. My Spanish is getting better. I feel myself talking more and more like an Otavalan which is kinda bad. They speak more with their mouths closed.
Weird machine they use to make clothes
Otavalo, Ecuador September 2015

This is what you make on that wierd machine
Otavalo, Ecuador September 2015

We will be having a meeting with President this Thursday. It's weird getting to see President every month but it's refreshing to see him. The last time he challenged us to read the Book of Mormon in 90 days. I am on 2 Nephi 27. I was behind at first but I a caught up and am right on schedule. It's really great to read the Book of Mormon like that everyday because you always find direct little messages written especially for you. The Book of Mormon really is the key to our religion.

A Book with a Promise
In all reality if we ever feel stressed or overwhlemed we just have to read the Book of Mormon. It is written for our day and they are the words of Christ. The Book of Mormon will testify of the truthfulness of the Bible but will give us "Another Testament of Jesus Christ". I love preaching about this wonderful book everyday and resenting the day when I come home and won't have such a sacred calling as this.
Elder Kimball
Live Guinea Pigs hanging on the back of the truck.Some guy is getting married so he has to give a bunch of food to the parents.
Otavalo, Ecuador September 2015
Bailey- Sad that you are the only sibling that didn't write me this week.:(
Clay- Bro Siga adelante con el fútbol americano. Se que es duro pero juega con el fin en mente.
Lexi- Thats awesome about your secret!  Congratulations!!
Leah- You're are the awesomest ever!
Bella- Didn't quite understand what you wrote, but you are still my favorite sister.
Collins- 23 lbs! That's about how much weight I have lost out here!
Capri- 5lbs! That's about how much rice I eat daily!
Mom- Sounds like you are having a blast with all the kids now under one roof! I hope you are enjoying every minute and counting your blessings!
Dad- Well that game sounds like it was one for the ages. I hope BYU keeps winning. I'll keep sporting my gameday attire for the wins! Love ya dad!
Elder Kimball

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