Monday, September 21, 2015

Mission Possible

Date: September 21, 2015
Week: 65 Otavalo, Ecuador
Companion: Elder Blas/ Lima, Peru
Colton's Address:
Quito Ecuador North Mission
Francisco Robles E-4 151 Av Amazonas
Edificio Iglesia de Jesucristo
Quito, Ecuador
Email Address:
Now I know the whole mission. We went to Ibarra today.
Ibarra, Ecuador September 2015

Dear Everyone,
So to make a long story short I am still serving in Agato with Elder Blas! To tell you the truth whenever I try to guess cambios (transfers) to see where I go, or who I'm with, it's always the last option that I think of that happens. I am excited to keep working here with Otavalans and especially to learn as much as I can from The Elder Blas. Let me tell ya about the miracles that we've seen this week:

So raise your hand if you rememeber Jorge Mafla. (Everyone's hand should be raise right now!). Well if you don't remember dear ole Jorgito just think back to the beginning of my time here when I almost baptized my first contact, until the last minute when he decided to not be baptized. Okay so now that we are all on the same page, a couple weeks back Elder Blas, Jorge and his wife (Rosa) attended church together. It was super awesome. We were happy and we thought we were going to be able to keep teaching Jorge. Well we taught Jorge after church and didn't mention anything about baptism, but he felt we were pressuring him to be baptized so he asked us to not visit him.  He then said he would never step foot in a mormon church again. So that was really sad for Elder Blas and I because we felt we had done nothing wrong. And in all reality, (don't won't to be prideful or anything) but we had done nothing wrong.

Well fast forward like 4 weeks after a bunch of contacting and walking around Agato trying to find the prepared people of the Lord, we fast and felt the need to set up a ward activity for missionary work. After making some plans and phone calls everything was all set up for our ward activity which I named "Venid y Comed" or in English: Come and eat. I know genius name.
Banana Split
Otavalo, Ecuador September 2015

Otavalo, Ecuador September 2015

This is how we do it at a ward party
Otavalo, Ecuador September 2015

So Elder Blas has the idea of setting up the church building like Lehi's dream with the iron rod, great and spacious building, and whole thing. So Relief Society comes to the church and makes a rice, sausage, chicken type mix (I know it's not like Raising Canes can come and just cater the dang thing). So food is all ready, and the activity is all set up, and everyone should be coming at 6. Of course they don't show up till 6:30 or 7 (Ecuadorian Standard Time) and we finally start the activity and guess who comes strolling through the door. Nope not Jorge Mafla, The Ward mission Leader! And then came Jorge Mafla in after him. So we have a great activity and the only thing Don Mafla tells us after the activity is that he needs to hold onto the iron rod and persevere. I was afraid to even speak to him because I might say something about baptism so all I say is that we hope to see him Sunday.

Well turns out Sunday was Ward Conference for Agato. (By the way I always thought that ward conference was an excuse to not attend church.) Editors Note:  He never missed a ward conference! Elder Blas and I were chosen to sing in the choir because we all know my voice. And in comes Jorge with his wife, Rosa! By this time, I am freaking and I ask Elder Blas what we should do because Elder Blas is just a genius and he said we will take it slow and see what he says. Well Jorge ends up staying for all three hours and he comes up to me and apologizes for the way he acted. Here is a 62 year old latin man asking a 19 year old gringo for forgiveness. Now when I say the Lord works in mysterious ways, I mean MYSTERIOUS WAYS!

So we set an appointment with Jorge for tomorrow and we are hoping for the best especially since Elder Blas and I stayed in the sector together. Now we have to take advantage of such opportune timing.
You know the Zone made shirts
Otavalo, Ecuador September 2015

Back of Shirts With Elder James tushie
Otavalo, Ecuador September 2015

Now to explain why I was in Ibarra today.... So in the mission we have these notebooks that you give to other missionaries so that they write you a little letter and put a photo in it so that you can have a little book of memories. (Quick sidenote: I was in refusal mode of not having one until an hermana finally made me one and I had to use it.)  So Elder Blas left his in Ibarra where he served last and he had been complaining the whole change how he didn't have it. Well he calls President to shed light on his little mishap and usually President says no to anyone leaving the sector but Elder Blas somehow got permission and off we went. So now that I have stepped foot in all major cities of my mission, I officially know the whole mission so it was fun to go and get his little book of memories.

So that was my week. I am stoked to be here in Agato and especially to keep learning from Elder Blas! I know BYU lost but "There is always next year!" I hope everyone is preparing spiritually for Conference! I am super excited!

Please remember dear ol' Elder Kimball!
Ward Chior with some Returned Missionaries they all served in Guayaquil
Otavalo, Ecuador September 2015

Otavalo, Ecuador September 2015

Bailey- I'll write you in a second! Cool you got your patriarchal blessing! Just remember that you have to do your part to recieve those promises!
Clay- I am so proud to hear that you are sticking with Football and Theatre! You are much more talented than I ever was!
Lexi- So cool to sing a solo at church! I am sure it was fantastic and that you brought the Spirit in to the room!
Leah- I hope you are loving school! Keep practicing hard at soccer! "Friendships come and go but banners hang forever!"-Kobe Bryant
Bella- Mom and Dad are telling me how funny and awesome you are! Keep being amazing sissy and obedient I guess...:)
Collins- You are getting pretty cute and a little chubby. Maybe you should come and live in Ecuador to lose some weight...
Capri- I almost forget you on the list everytime...I'll get used to it soon. Ask your sister Collins to lend you some of the fat she has...
Mom- Your life sounds wonderful! Enjoy these moments with the little girls! And know that I love you and that your son is fine here on the side of an Ecuadorian Volcano.
Dad- Stinks for BYU but only by one point, that's not so bad! Tanner must be on fire. There must be some left over spirit power from the mssion. Thanks for your advice by the way. I love you dad and the example you set for all of us.
Love you all,
Elder Kimball

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