Monday, February 9, 2015

Another One Bites the Dust

Date: February 9, 2015
Week: 33 Ofelia, Ecuador
Companion: Elder Bustillo/ Honduras
Bautismo of Federico Aguirre
Ofelia, Ecuador February 2015

This week had its ups and also its downs. First off, we have been working super hard and not only in the area of finding and teaching. I wash my own clothes every morning which is terrible and Elder Bustillo makes me workout every morning. I agreed to work out only because I had to prepare to baptize Federico who is like 3 times my size. Yes I got to baptize someone which was awesome. I also got to confirm him a member of the church the next  week which I had no idea I was going to do, but luckily my Spanish isn´t too bad.  I survived! 

I've lost a little bit of weight...can you tell?
Ofelia, Ecuador February 2015

We visited Gustavo this week who had been progressing really well and would have been baptized this week but we went to his house and he was flat out drunk.... We visited him a couple days later and he was still drunk. It was pretty hard for Elder Bustillo and I to accept, but we are still going to work with him.

Leslie is doing well. I found out that she has the IPhone 6 plus which I didn´t know exisited. She leaves to Alabama this week. We need her to attend church in Alabama with her fiance in order for us to get her baptized on the 21st. She knows everything is true she just doesn´t want her family to think that she is doing this for her boyfriend. We read Lehi´s Dream with her and how she has partaken of the fruit and now has the desire to share it with her family but she needs to be an example for them. 
A family we are reactivating
Ofelia Ecuador, February 2015

All is well here in Ofelia. We are trying to find new investigators so we did a lot of contacting. We had a reunion with President on Friday but it was for like an hour so not too long. We just talked about us trying to work with members more often. We are trying to get more references in the ward but they aren´t cooperating very well.

Well this week we have Carnaval. We have thus named it Spring Break for missionaries. The 14th,15th,16th and 17th we aren´t allowed to leave the house unless we have for sure appointments. We can´t leave because people will pour water on us or spray us with this shampoo. So it'll be boring being in the house but I am sure I'll catch up on some much needed sleep and maybe gain a few pounds.

President made a little thing for us called "The Faith of February will bring the Miracles of March." The rules are there will be no Zone, District or Companion activities for 2 months. We can only listen to music that would be played at General Conference for example no EFY music. And we have to make a personal sacrifice that would help us grow spiritually. Examples are no writing your girlfriend or getting up at 6 and studying more often. I have decided that my personal sacrifice will be the BYU letters my dad sends me for 2 months, It's sad because March Madness starts and basically after March there are like no BYU sports until agosto. I didn´t want to do it, but hey the mission is all about sacrifices. Today was our first day without an activity for Pday and it was hard and boring but we got to sleep a little bit. I hoping for a lot of Miracles in my March this year.
Better lighting with the family we are reactivating
Ofelia, Ecuador February 2015

Not sure not much else happened in my week, Stalin needed an article in English to present to his class. So he found one on my Dad and he showed the video of him getting shot. Stalin said he got an A.

I like this video because we all know that we don´t have our primary learning of the Gospel of Jesus Christ at school, work, or even church but in our homes. Families are ordained of God. God has entrusted fathers and mothers to care for their children, and for the children to care for their parents. First we must protect our homes. Elder Callister taught us that the mothers of the 2000 stripling warriors protected there children especially with the principle of prayer. We cannot let our children leave the house out into the battlefield where Satan is, with out their armor. I invite everyone to have their Family Home Evening tonight and to have family scripture study. My family is definitly not perfect in these aspects. I have had a many FHE´s end in Dad and Mom getting upset and going straight to bed. And I have missed plenty of family scripture study while I was out for seminary or in the nights when I was over at the Englishes. All I have to say is... Just do it!

¡Anciano Kimball!

Bailey, way to move the candles with such strength. (As part of the stage crew of Les Miserable)
Clay, Go BYU! Stay cool bro! How was Cali?
Lexi! Way to grab those rebounds! You are doing better than the Bigs for BYU
Leah, I am glad you are scoring points but practice those freethrows!
Bella! Have you been baptized yet or are you less active now?
Collins! I heard you were the favorite now, guess that's what happens when I leave!
Mother! Happy Valentines day! I'll try and get my packages next week. Gracias mi amor!
Dad- Guess this means no more BYU letters for a while. Just write me more in your personal letters and that will make up for the the words I get from my father!


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