Monday, February 16, 2015

1 to Trek

Date: February 16, 2015
Week: 34 Ofelia, Ecudador
Companion: Elder Bustillo/Honduras
My only pic this week.  Happy Valentines Day!
Ofelia, Ecuador February 2015
Dear Everyone!
I have been keeping busy. As I said last week we are in the middle of Spring Break, but we actually have kept busy. We goofed off in the house the other night with some shampoo sprayers which was a blast! (quite literally a blast). Elder Perry and I bought the fire extinguisher sprayers and those things are crazy.

Carnaval is alive here in Quito. Elder Bustillo and I were waiting for the bus when some car passed by and shot blue and orange shampoo spray at us. I had my sweater on so my white shirt didn´t get stained but Elder Bustillo's got completly dyed. He was not too happy about that. Speaking of stained clothing, as I have said before, I have started washing my own clothes. What an experience. I literally just throw in how ever much detergent and vanish in a rusty old bucket. Throw my clothes in there, leave them there for like 4 days, and when I am not too lazy, I'll take them to the washing station that we have and wash them with a soap bar, and leave them hanging. I am starting to get the hang of it but don´t think I will ever wash my clothes again once I move out of this sector (fingers crossed). I threw one of my Spurs towels and socks in the bucket and forgot about them and when I took them out they were dyed white..... great. 

Temple Sealing Ahead
Leslie went out of town which took our 6 'o' clock daily appointment away for a week so we have been contacting alot. Leslie's baptismal date got changed to the 28th in which I probably won´t be here due to transfers. But Leslie gets back this week and she asked what I wanted from the states and I told her a jar of Chick-Fil-A sauce, so if she comes through that would be sweet. As I said she went to Alabama, and she is real serious about getting baptized. She said she wants to be sealed in the Houston Temple. Elder Bustillo is going to go, but as for me I will still be here.... whatever.         

Spiritual Giant                      
On Friday we had interviews. President Richardson is a great guy. He really made me feel great but also a little trunky. (Definition of Trunky: Nostalgic or Homesick). He started counting the months I had in the mission and also how much I had to go. If anyone is wondering ask my Mother. She seems to have the weeks down pretty good. Ha but yeah everything went great with President.  He shared a couple of scriptures to get my animus (excitment) up and he also said there is a pretty high chance that I'll be checking out of my sector next week.

Angry Elf
Saturday was Valentines Day and what a surprise that was. I told Elder Bustillo Feliz Dia de Amor but he didn´t like that so much. I try to give him a hug every once in a while but I guess I can say that he would be an angry elf ( Reference to Elf with Will Ferrell and little midgit elf attacking him (movie refernce spot on to situation to giant elf (me) and midgit elf (Elder Bustillo))). But he is a nice guy and I am sure our parting will be like Buddy (Will Ferrell) leaving the Narwal. My Valentines Day was good though. We got to visit some members and sleep in the house when we didn´t have appointments.

The Biggest Loser
As to my physical estate, I have been eating less which is bad but its mostly because the food here stinks. Its been 8 months and I am free to say that the cheese here is terrible, the rice here is terrible, and above all else its supes totes expensive. There are no Walmarts or HEBs just Santa Marias and Super Maxis which are terrible. McDonalds sandwhiches are not 1 dollar but like five and they are even worse than the ones in the states. I think we all remember the tear filled testimony I bore at trek about my food. Lets just say those tear filled testimonies about food have been abundant here in Ecuador.

Babbling of Bailey 
A few weeks back my sister proposed the question "On a scale of 1 to Trek, how hard is the mission?"  First off what a well worded question. I would have to say that the mish is well beyond trek status but its doable. But, yes there is a but, it's only doable if you give it all to the Lord. Ya just have to give Him your all or you'll learn nothing and not benefit from your two year sacrifice to the Lord. And that's what I am learning form Elder Bustillo.  Although his teaching tactics maybe mean and harsh and I cry alot in the bathroom, I am learning and progressing. And yes the crying is true but come on people we all know its true. I am Colton Kimball...

But I can say that the mission has and will continue to change my life. I love being out here because I get to meet great people. I meet people that I feel like I have known my whole life. Stalin is one person I will never forget from this sector. He just got called to be a Ward Missionary by the way. He is always willing to help us out and I definitly  am grateful to know him. 

A Little Worried
President told us the other day that every one of our companions has attributes of our future spouses. Wow thanks president... Let's take a look at the attributes of my futures wife. Looks like she will be 4'9 and grumpy most of the time. She will like to wipe her mucus on the wall, and like to haze and bully me. Wow all I can say is that I have hope in the future.

Words of Wisdom
Okay Now I know that I have been pretty funny today but you can't expect that from the Elder Kimball every time. All I can say is Alma 26:12. "I do not boast of myself but of my God because without Him I am nothing". And I am not  even kidding. WITHOUT HIM I AM NOTHING!!!

Lets get Spiritual  
This week I have been studying Charity and it is something that we definitly have to have. Pray to have Charity. Charity does not mean to give money to the poor or drop your old clothes off at the Goodwill. Study 1 Corithians 13 and that should help get the low down on Charity. I testify that Charity is the pure love of Christ. It is everything that we need to continue in this life. Pray for this charity. This is my prayer in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Bailey- Sorry to make fun of you this week. I hope all is well in theater. Keep working out. If I can do my little pansy workouts in the mornings you can too!
Clay- Dude you are living the life! How was all the BYU games? I hope you are preparing for the mish.
Lexi- How are ya doing? Stay away from the boys please!!!
Leah- Hows basketball and soccer? I haven't gotten a letter from ya in a while!
Bella- Be good for Nana please and also have you been baptized yet or are you one of those investigators that needs more time to think?...
Collins! Have fun with Aunt Tracie. She's a pretty cool Aunt I guess.
Mom- Took some money out from my debit card and it works! Wa hoo! No packages from you this week! But its all good. It might be better to see if I get transferred, that way we can see if I have to pay for the packages to be sent out of Quito.
Trent- Thanks for the BYU Email. So much for sacrificing. Stop going to all the BYU Games!  
Peace out! 
Elder Kimball                

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