Monday, September 15, 2014

Lots and lots of Questions

Date: September 15, 2014
Week: 13 Esmeraldas Ecuador
Companion: Elder Montesino, Honduras

Dear Family,
Another week and only a couple more to go.... NOT. Advice to all missionaries that somehow read this or any future missionaries: Do not, I repeat for emphasis, Do not count the DAYS you have left to serve. HA! Terrible idea. I don`t want to sound like some terrible missionary that can`t wait to go home but I was just wondering how much time I got left. Let's just say that when I break less than 500 days I'll tell you guys.
At my mamitas house for lunch
Esmeraldas Ecuador, September 2014
         I got alot of pictures this week. Maybe because I am getting more brave with my camera or more stupid. Once my camera gets stolen I`ll tell you.
One of our mamitas daughters.  She's hilarious!
Esmeraldas, Ecuador September 2014

Weekly Questions and Answers

1. Did you ever get your pesos converted to dollars?  If so have you used all of that money?  Do you have any money left? 
I converted all those pesos into cash. I have some cash left. And by some, I mean I`m living on a prayer right now. It seems to me that every Latino missionary never has MONEY!  I am a kind person and I also have no concept of money but come on help a brother in the Lord out! I won`t say any names.... ELDER MONTESINO. He says he will pay me back but I don`t want to be a stickler so if he pays me, he pays me, but if he doesn`t, he doesn`t.
2. How did things go with your Mission President when you were in Quito?  Does he seem to like you? 
You know I crack jokes with my zone alot and I think they all know by now that I am hilarious but I had to hold back my talent with the President. Well I tried to hold back. He was speaking Spanish and then he said something in English and I could tell that he had just said the same thing but in a different language so I pretended to just now understand and everybody left including the President so there goes trying to pretend to be a nice sweet little 18-year-old missionary that won`t be a nuisance. HA! No, I think he likes me. I am the only new missionary that I know that stayed with his original trainer so that means I`m a little slow and need extra help, or Elder Montesino and I are killing it out in the field.
3.  Where is Elder Bell at and does his mom keep a blog?  Do any of the other American missionaries keep blogs?  I’d like to read them.  So if you could get blog addresses that would be cool.  
Well Elder Bell is in Quito. I don`t think he has a blog. His name is Taylor Grant Bell so you can find him. Elder Neilson, the other new missionary in my district, has one. Michael Easton Neilson is his name. So search up!
4. Are you gaining weight with all the rice you’ve been eating?I have no idea. I keep cutting holes in my mexican belt to make it tighter so maybe but I need a scale and there are none! In the CCM, I was 192. Yikes!
5. If I (Courtney Kimball) visited Esmeraldas would there be a nice hotel for me to stay at?  Is there any decent businesses in that city?Probably about as nice as Livingston, Guatemala. I don`t know, I usually don`t hit up the local hotels. Everyone here fishes. Everyone! and I saw pictures of these huge marlin that they caught! WOW!
6. How do you get along with Elder Montesino?  Can you understand him? Does he get frustrated with you always joking around?Yeah he is great. He tries to teach like Jeffrey R. Holland. Like he loves Elder Holland. He watches him speak all the time and tries to be real direct like Elder Holland which is great except when he does it to me. I guess my joking around could bother him but I hate it when he is training me and treats me like one of his investigators. Training isn't fun. I have been a new missionary forever!
7. Are you keeping the mission rules? Mother. The fact that you put this two questions together is weird. Yes I am keeping mission rules. The rule that we always break is the time we are supoposed to get home. We have to be home between 8-8:30 and we are never home at that time. More like 9:15-9:45.
8. Are there any attractive girls down there? (We all know how you like exotic girls….)No.....
9. How many transfers will you stay in one place?  What's the average down there?  You mentioned once that Elder Montesino ends his mission in December and that you’ll be his last companion.  Do you think that is what will happen? Do you think you’ll stay there until December?I don't know. The average is 3 probably. Our next transfer is October 19th and either I or Elder Montesino will go. President Richardson doesn`t want a new missionary saying goodbye to a missionary going home because I`ll get trunky. Trunky means homesick but everyone in the mission uses this word. Don't know why?
10. Have any other American missionaries received packages from the US? 
Elder Neilson got his package Thursday and he won`t shut up about it! I have yet to recieve anything from y`all. I sent a letter to Annika and you guys today so we will see how long it will take to get there. Not sending anymore letters cause they were 9 bucks each!
Tried to get a cool pic of the background but failed
Esmeraldas Ecuador, September 2014
Baby Abinadi and I
Esmeraldas Ecuador, September 2014

Well quick review of this past week.
Tuesday: We taught Cristhian about the Book of Mormon. Cristhian will not be baptized this week due to the fact he didn`t attend church. His date has been moved to the 27th of September.
Wednesday: This day we taught Cristhian again. This time the Word of Wisdom. I am going to be honest this week was super long and not alot of lessons taught.
Thursday: No lessons to investigators this day. We taught Hermana Ladis Piedad. She is the mother-in-law to our ward missionary leader Hermano Victor Hurtado.
Friday: This day we met our new zone. Our whole zone consists of 14 missionaries and they are all in Esmeraldas. Everyone got a new companion this week except Elder Montesino and I. Our new zone leader is Elder Wright. I love that guy because he speaks English and appreciates the Cougars of BYU!
Saturday: Only one lesson this day<361.gif>. We knock tons of doors but these peeps are rejecting us like we are Alma and Amulek!
Sunday: We had church. We got to eat at a new Mamitas house this day. I got mashed potatos and fried chicken!!!!!! Oh and Rice.......HA. Elder Montesino taught a class to the Relief Society on visiting teaching, and I had my english class. Pictures are included. I taught the alphabet and the vowels. English is hard! So glad I know it.
Teaching English!
Esmeraldas Ecuador, September 2014

Probably shouldn't take a picture in the chapel but I guess it wasn't me that took it anyway! ;)
Esmeraldas Ecuador, September 2014

The chapel
Esmeraldas, Ecuador September 2014

         Well thats my week! This was probably one of the hardest and most challenging weeks for me. Not alot of lessons and a whole lot of heat. But we did find Familia QuiƱonez! This family consists of Hermana Julia. She is like 35 and she has been inactive for a year and a half. Then theres her daughter, Daretza. She is 19 and not very intrested in the church. She is not a member. And then there is Elian! This dude is 14 and listo por bautismo! He has definitly been prepared by the Lord. We have him on date for 11th of October. He didn't attend church though so gosh darn it! 
Some of the kids in our neighborhood
Esmeraldas Ecuador, September 2014

Bailey! You didn`t write me this week. Sad! I look forward to your letters.

Clay! Dude Football! You played in your first real game! What number are you? My number was three.  Middle school football is easy! To be the best you just need to know the plays! Coaches play smart kids that listen to what they say.  Just memorize the plays like you do for lines for theatre! Dude football is a blast. The running stinks but it will prepare you for a mission cause who knows you could get sent to burning hot Esmeraldas where you walk up hills all day, everyday. Do basketball! Middle school basketball is a blast! Especially on Go-team! Just get in good with the coaches! I love you bud and I hope you aren`t texting girls non stop!

Lexi! How was soccer? Are you Goalie? Are you still taller than Clay? It looked like in a picture Clay was growing. How's school? Are you sad you don`t see me everyday for PALS?

Leah! How was soccer? Are you scoring goals? Are you taller than Clay? How's school? Are you sad that you don`t see me everyday for PALS?

Bella! How was soccer? Do you actually play? HAHA! I'm sorry but its hard for me to imagine you actually participating in a team sport and helping the team! You just have always been more of a princess to me.

Collins! Mom and Dad say you are the cutest baby around! I can`t believe you are my sister. I feel like you are going to be just like Renata and leave my family in like a month. I can`t really say I miss you because I don't know you, but I hope all is well for you. Take......Luck.....:/

Courtney Kimball!
I already have the 17 points of the True Church card, but thanks for trying.....HAHA I love you MOM! My friend Mckay Dayton gave me the card in the CCM. He is from Orem and he knows Cade. Anyways, I have studied the card so yes it's pretty neato. If you and Dad could respond more to the letters I write like if they are any good. I don`t know what you want. So I just write. Anyways, I need money like pronto so figure it out. Elder Montesino is draining me.

Trent! You had some questions concerning the occupations of the members and that would be fishermen. I have been thinking that once you and I visit this place again we could go deep sea fishing! The Marlins are huge! The members here are really great. They go to the temple every month and they are really converted to the Lord. I am glad the Cougars are doing well. Too bad Max Hall isn`t.  I have a question. How do I know when I am bilingual? Like I can speak real well but I don't know. How much longer untill I don't have to worry about Spanish?

Well I love you guys! I hope everyone else is doing great! Stay strong! Sorry for no spirituall message this week:(
Your Son, Your Brother, Your Missionary, Elder Kimball
My friend Julian and I
Esmeraldas Ecuador, September 2014

The Canchingre house.
That ocean view is everywhere in my sector
Esmeraldas Ecuador, September 2014

Just me and the neighbors
Esmeraldas Ecuador, September 2014


  1. You are a blessing to the kids. I love the photos. Hugs from miss j.

  2. Love your letters and the pictures. What a treat to read your letters every week. We love you very much. Tu Abuela