Monday, September 29, 2014

I Like to look for Rainbows whenever it is Burning Hot!

Date: September 29, 2014
Week: 15 Esmeraldas Ecuador
Companion: Elder Montesino, Honduras
From our week in Quito two weeks ago with President and Sister Richardson
Quito, Ecuador September 2014
Looking for rainbows!
Esmeraldas, Ecuador September 2014

Dear Fam,

I survived! Quick review:

Tuesday: We watched the movie The Restoration with Christian. He now has a testimony of Joseph Smith. He is listo por baptism.

Wednesday: We conmtacted alot of people this day, because this week is the last week Elder Montesino and I can find someone and baptize them in this transfer.

Thursday: We found two really great investigators but they didn't attend church. :(

Friday: This day marks 100 days in the mission!!!! WAHOO! I really need to stop counting the days....... but my zone thinks it's funny.

Saturday: Supposed to have Baptism for Christian today but he was fishing so.... maybe tomorrow.

Sunday: We called Christian a thousands times during church but no answer which means he was out on the boat. Entonces no baptism this week. But a family of investigators came to church!

Today: We climbed up to the Lighthouse in my sector. I'll explain later.
Elder Kimball overlooking Esmeraldas
Esmeraldas, Ecuador September 2014

Elder Kimball overlooking Esmeraldas
Esmeraldas, Ecuador September 2014

Elder Kimball overlooking the beautiful Pacific Ocean
Esmeraldas, Ecuador September 2014

Okay. so yes Christian was not baptized last week, and he won't be baptized this week because of general conference! So looks like I've got to wait a little longer to drowned someone in rightousness. We found a lot of new investigators this week because Monty and I realized it was our last week to find peeps together, so we put on the after burners. We worked like dogs, and we fought like dogs. I like Elder Montesino but sometimes he pushes my buttons and ughh. Companions, I think, are the hardest things on a mish. I mean its hard to be with someone 24/7, but we are really striving to hasten the work here in Regocijo.
Elder Montesino and Elder Kimball on the way to Quito
Ecuador, September 2014

Elder Bell and Elder Kimball in Quito
Ecuador, September 2014

Okay so now about today, we decided to hike to the Lighthouse as a zone. We voted on Thursday and I was the only one to vote against it. For those of you who know the real Colton Kimball, y'all know how much I like walking around in the heat for no reason! Well, we went to the dumb lighthouse. There is no trail for this lighthouse. I have been to alot of crazy places in my life. From the caves of Guatemala to the sea bottom of Tahiti, but this might have been the crazy and stupidest and hardest thing I have ever done. 

This mountain/hill never ended and the grass was like 7 to 8 feet tall. Like I am not even joking right now. I went first so I made the trail with my bare hands. I would fall down flat on my face to push the grass down and then get up and walk where I had made a trail. My zone gave me a little game ball to represent my efforts. Freaking idiots...... We made it to the top and I have little tiny cuts all over my arms and legs. To make it even better we had to go down we made a slide and slid on our bottoms all the way down. That was actually pretty fun and it was a great memory. To make it even better Elder Montesino and I returned to our house to treat our wounds, and take a shower, and there was no water.....I washed my slit and cut skin with the water from the bucket we have. We better have water tonight or I will be mad! I am grateful for 'Past Colton's' transgression of stealing Bailey's Gold Bond Powder because that stuff felt great on my skin. 
Climbing to the Lighthouse
Esmeraldas Ecuador, September 2014

I've always been a trail blazer!
Esmeraldas Ecuador September 2014

Does my face tell you how hard this was?
Esmeraldas Ecuador September 2014

Checking on the other Elders on the trail below me
Esmeraldas Ecuador September 2014

I am down to my last bill. Elder Montesino and I are living on a prayer or should I say my money because his money has yet to appear.... urgh. But good news I will probably receive a package this Thursday because I got a letter saying one of my packages arrived in Quito!!! WAHOO! I am excited for that!

Conference is near. I have not always been the best conference watcher as in I didn't watch Saturdays sessions. I would watch Priesthood sesh, then wake up for Sunday morning and probably fall alseep during Sunday afternoon session.  Then I'd get slaughtered in Conference Jeopardy at seminary the following week. Oh and I would make conference bingo for all my siblings and I and charge a one dollar entry to play. That was the kind of kid i was. Well, since Conference is close and I am about to watch alot of conference all in Spanish, lets talk about the importance of a living day prophet. How  lucky are we to have Thomas S. Monson today! He in reality speaks with God. He knows and has the words of God, and this weekend when he speaks we will be listening to the words of God. I am so stoked for this conference because you don't know what can happen at conference. Some missionaries are betting that the Lord of the vineyard is going to call in his servants(missionaries). HAHA Highly doubt that!
Made it to the top of the lighthouse!
Esmeraldas, Ecuador September 2014

This was harder than it looks!
Esmeraldas Ecuador September 2014

Well, I am out of time.
Bailey: Be home more often. You don't need to be going on dates with any boys.
Clay: Keep thriving on GO team. Go team is the best thing ever invented because you get to play man!
Lexi: I know you are working hard in school. Hoepefully you can read this! HA
Leah: Love you sis. I made a pretty cool goal last week. Keep practicing. Practice makes perfect.
Bell: I heard you were fast! Don't drink 8 gallons of water before your soccer games!
Collins: How's being pampered 24/7? Keep being sweet. Mom really loves you!
Mom: Got your package. I'll tell you which one next week. Sorry my spiritual message stunk this week.
Dad: Your letter's are slimming. You need to write me more! But I love you and appreciate the advice you give me about being out here!

Love you all,
Elder Kimball
Made this chocolate chip french toast myself!
Esmeraldas Ecuador September 2014

The beach in Esmeraldas
Esmeraldas Ecuador September 2014

This is the place I talked about in my letter two weeks ago where Elder Spencer W. Kimball dedicated the church in Ecuador called El Panecillo!
September 2014

Found this little critter in our apartment!  Anyone know what it is?
Esmeraldas Ecuador, September 2014

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