Tuesday, August 5, 2014

The Lone Texan in Ecuador

Date: August 4, 2014
Week: 7, Esmeraldas, Ecuador
Companion: Elder Montesino
Elder Kimball, Esmeraldas Ecuador
August 2014

Dear Family!

Week one of Ecuador is now over. We arrived at the airport and Presidente Richardson and Sister Richardson were there to pick us up. Nine Utah Elders, one Californian Sister, and me, the Texan. We then got into a van and drove to Quito up into the mountains. It was an hour drive. We got to the mission home which sits overlooking the city! It's beautiful. We ate pizza and we talked with the President. 

I stayed in one of the mission hotels. six people to one room. Wednesday, we had training all day in one of churches. Thursday we got to meet our comnpanion. They bring one of the trainers up and people say stuff about them and then the President says which newbie he will be with. I got Elder Montecino from Honduras. He has been in Ecuador one month. He served 18 months in Peru, He says that I am probably his last companion since he leaves in December. He is a real hard worker. We stop at nothing to find people and we walk all day. 
My comp, Elder Montesino  We couldn't get a picture together because taking a camera out and asking someone to take your picture is too dangerous here.
Esermeadas Ecuador, August 2014

Our first area is Esmeraldas. A BEACH town! Yeah it sounds awesome but it isn't. The most dangerous part of Ecuador is the coast. Everyone here is black and speaks Spanish. They speak a differnet kind of Spanish. Our whole sector are shacks on hills overlooking the ocean. Elder Montecino is great but I don't know if he could protect me if we got jumped.  The hills are rough on me but I keep trekking! We fasted Saturday night and Sunday morning and Elder Montecino wouldn't let me have water so that was sups totes hard! The ward I am in is called Regocijo. I got to bare my testimony in Spanish to the people and I think it helped the relationship between the missionaries and the ward. We met the ward mission leader and the ward just got a new bishop so there is a lot of "new" here. 
Elder Kimball, Esmeraldas Ecuador
August 2014

Did I mention that it is blazing hot? Here on the equator we are pretty close to the sun so it is really hot. . The bus ride to here from Quito was eight hours. I am eight hours from the mission office! I received a package from Uncle Todd and Aunt Monica! I got a oil vial with my line of authority on it. It is so cool!!! Still nothing from my own family but its good.  (I'm sorry for this email. Its terrible. the internet here is scarce so its hard to write and send it. I will do better next time.) I love it here, we have running water so thats nice. I would compare it to Livingston, Guatemala. Its a lot like Livingston. 

The food here is chicken and rice. We had KFC today since it was P-day and we got ice-cream. The missionaries here play alot of Uno. Elder Montecino had to get his Visa all Friday so we didn't arrive in Esmeraldas till Saturday. So we havn't done much teaching, but I´m sure it will pick up. 

In my first lesson. I was teaching a young lady and her brother and they started laughing at my Spanish in the middle of the lesson, but Elder Montecino said my Spanish is getting alot better. I was able to teach a member family with an investigator there. We were reading Mosiah 13,14,15. I brought up how we need to be humble and recognize Gods hand in our life. Elder Montecino said I did great and the Spirit was definitly felt. We have to be in at 8pm since it is so dangerous here. We eat with mamitas for lunch everyday. Last night I was served some sort of ball of fried banana, meat, nuts, and beans. To be honest, I don't know what its was but I just ate it. They serve you a whole buch of rice, and I love rice, but I don't want a ton of it!... but I ate it! 
Yep basically three of the same picture this week.  Sorry
Elder Kimball, Esmeraldas Ecuador
August 2014

My head is spinning so I'm just writing stuff. I love you guys and it was great getting to talk to you from the airport on my way down. I thought my Spanish was ready for Ecuador, but boy was I wrong! Dad, I miss you and I sometimes look behind me thinking you here just like on anyother trip I have been on! I love you! Mom! Happy 50th Birthday! You are the only 50 year old I know with a 1 month old! I love you mom and I'm glad to hear that you do love me. I tried to answer all your questions! I know nothing about Quito because I'm not there, but I can see the ocean the whole time I am here! Bay! Miss you! Hope you are studying your scriptures! Just a chapter a day and you willl be ready for your mission! Clay! Hope you are ready for football!!! Don't worry if you dont know everything about it! You are the smartest on the team and that's all the coach needs! Keep flirting with red heads! Lexi! Hey Beautiful! you didn't write me.......but i still love you! Leah! You wrote me!!!! and I love you! Bella! I told you that you would miss me! Keep on crying for your older brother! Collins! I love you and keep the family in check for me!

Love you guys!
Elder Kimball

Editor's Note: it is not my 50th birthday! 

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