Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Brothels, Transvestites, and Witch Doctors, O MY!

Date: August 18, 2014
Week: 9 Esmeraldas Ecuador
Companion: Elder Montesino

Hot in one of the nice houses in our area for Elder Mahmanis Birthday
August 2014 Esmeraldas Ecuador

Dear Fam,
I have no idea what week it is! I think today is the 2 month mark so what's that 8 weeks?  I have lost track. Lets see where was I from my last letter?  O yeah broethels, transvestites, and witch doctors, O MY!

This week was a struggle! Not one lesson with an investigator. A lesson consists of a opening and closing prayer so don't get me wrong we taught people, but no one would invite us in, or want to have a prayer. So now we have a big fat zero being sent to the President. Hijo le! That's my new phrase I say! Bright side to this week would be our lessons with menos actives! (less actives) We did exceptionally well with getting members to come to church and teaching them too.

Mothers Questions so that I dont forget,
1) Do you do your own laundry?
Psh NO! But thats not a good thing. Every other day we wake up at 6am and walk like 2 miles to a ladies house and she will do our normal clothes and then we will walk 4 miles the other way to a lady who does our garments! So sometimes we just do our laundry in the sink because its easier then waking up early and running a marathon!

2) What do you make yourself to eat for breakfast and dinner?
I used to have two egg sandwhiches with toast but I stopped doing that beacause I wouldn't be able to eat at the mamitas house! I wasn't able to finish one time and that was bad! For dinner I will or won't have a ham and cheese sandwhich.

3) Are you excersizing?
Do I look like the kind of person that has ever exercised! Really mother, Are you serious? Heck No I don't exercise, we walk like 15 miles a day... and your sitting in your RV asking me if I be exercising! Hijo le! next question please!

4) What am I most afraid of? I'm most afraid of the dogs. Those things are nasty little devils. I wacked one with a stick that was charging us and it started bleeding but it deserved it. The people are nice people. They just want to steal all your stuff but nicely! The area is gorgeous! Love it but its also blazing hot and the high hilled views come with a price on your legs.

5) Have you found any US expats living in Esmeraldas?
No white people here. Zero. Literally I'm the only one! Everyone asks me if I am from Utah and I am proud to say "Soy de Texas!" But people don't know where that is so...

6) What's your mode of transportation?
On normal days its my shoes when we have a mini zone conference or go own to the Multi- Plaza, we take a bus or taxi. 25 cents for the bus and a dollar for the taxi. The roads where I live, the buses and taxis can't get too. I'm debating on buying a dirtbike that Elder Montesino and I can roam around in. ;)

Okay thats all the questions, back to my week.

Tuesday, I went on a exchange with Elder Tumpay, my zone leader, and that was crazy. We went to a Chinese restuarant and Elder Tumpay ordered rice. Come on dude! We have rice everyday and one day we get to chose what to eat and you order the exact same thing! Holy Hell!!!!! At the Chinese restaurant, I learned that Robin Williams died. That sure is sad. We saw it on TV that was on in the restaurant. After that we visited some houses in his sector which can't see the beach at all because its low, so that stinks. He said my Spanish is pretty good! Wahoo!
A beautiful sunset
August 2014 Esmeraldas Ecuador

Tuesday and Wednesday- NADA
Friday, Otro division con Elder Mahmani, mi Distrito leader! That was a blast because he is pretty cool guy and can speak some English! He talked to me about my family and home and we contacted 8 people and taught 6 lessons!!!! That was amazing! We hardly got to teach in our sector. Once again his sector is all flat so no view of the beach. In is room he has a speaker with a usb that plays church music and disney songs so I went out and bought a little speaker and usb and he's putting music on for me. Both his sector and my sector are where Brother Pyne served so when I went there I asked around for people he taught, but no luck.

Saturday. All less actives being taught. 

Sunday, We had alot of less actives show up to church so that was good! Also Sunday we had a birthday party for Elder Mahmani at a mamitas house so I got pics of that. There was a cake but that wasn't very good so... And for the main course!!!!!! ......chicken and rice.... Thats all they know how to make here! I found a burger and snapped a pic of that! and some lady was selling fish tamales and she gave me one. Dad might like it, but it wasn't very good. 
The burger I saw this week
August 2014 Esmeraldas Ecuador

The Fish Tamale a lady gave me.
August 2014 Esmeraldas Ecuador

Elder Mahmani said that tomorrow I'm going on divisions with Elder Neilson who is a white kid who was with me in the CCM, I doubt that will happen because we don't speak Spanish very well and we are both white!

Not sure what else to write about!  When do yall get home? In our house we have running water so that is a blessing. I take a shower at night and morning because at all times I am sweating. I had oreos and milk this week and that was amazing! I know I am blessed. This week I start my English classes in the church so I'll keep you updated on that! I miss you guys! I didn't recieve Leah's letter. It didnt work. I got Bella's and it made me cry, but it also makes me wonder if she wrote it because it sounds like she misses me! Bailey is getting her license but for some reason I have feeling she didn't do the drivers ed. I miss you guys!
Elder Mahmanis and I on his birthday
August 2014 Esmeraldas Ecuador

Bailey! Be careful when driving, Its a priviledge but also dangerous!
Clay! Strap on the pads bud cause its Football Time!!!!
Lexi, yet to recieve an email from you so I have nothing to say to you
Leah! Love you and sorry I couldnt read your letter!
Bella! I miss you and I'm glad that you know I can't leave my mission because its such an important job!
Collins! I bet right about now you are realizing that you were born into a great family! They may be querky but they sure are a blast!
Mom, quit pretending like you miss me! We all know your faking it. I know that you are excited for the school year to start to get these kids out the door! Speaking of school next week I'll send you a first day of school pic of me and post it with all the kids! Thought that would be pretty funny! I miss you!
Father! I love you! Yes Spanish is tough but it isn't too hard! I have been studying and in like three months I should be fluent hopefully! I miss you and love you all!

Elder Kimball!

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