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Outskirts of Gethsemane

Date: August 25, 2014
Week: 10 Esmeraldas Ecuador
Companion: Elder Montesino, Honduras

Colton's back to school pic he took for me to include in the kids back to school collage
August 2014 Esmeraldas Ecuador

Dear Fam, Friends, and Stalkers,
Well another week down here in The Emerald City. Quick overview of this past week:

Tuesday: Went on splits with Elder Gallego from Colombia. He is my zone leader. He's a great guy. I was sick all that day but kept my mouth shut and pressed forward. Speaking of illnesses... In the CCM, I was on crutches for the first three weeks but didn't tell you guys because my parents are pretty mean when it comes to my physical disabilites. So that cat is now out of the bag.
Editors Note: Yes we do not tolerate faking for extra attention.  ;)

Wednesday: Pretty hard day. Not very many people wanting to listen but we were able to get a lesson in with Familia Rosado. I'll talk more about them later.
Elder Montesino and I at church
August 2014, Esmeraldas Ecuador

Thursday: Every Thursday we have a mini zone conference for three hours. I know it doesn't sound very fun but its great to be with other missionaries who know how you feel. We knocked on alot of doors that day. I have named one of the hills in my sector "Murder Death Face". For those of you who have been to Philmont scout camp you know of this name, but for those of you who haven't, its basically a trail that goes straight up the face of Mt.Baldy. Entonces, we have one of those right in the middle of the sector. So, we take breaks by knocking on doors.

Friday: Found medicine for my throat. Did a service project for the Canchingre Familia. Quick note about them. We have been teaching them for a couple weeks now. They are less active and have been real great with us. Well, thier house collapsed..... The same house I have been teaching in so many times before. So we suited up and went to help them rebuild their house. Please keep them in your prayers because this has been a real hardship for them.

Saturday: Got a lesson in with Familia Chavez. Love that family! We justed started teaching them this week. They are less active and they serve us a cup of flan everytime we come over!

Sunday: Met with Familia Parrales. A family of less actives. They are all sealed in the temple so thats good but they stopped going to church. They served us corn on the cob. Don't really like corn on or off the cob but I ate it. It was delicious. They filled it with chesse and butter and it was heaven. Forgot to mention we went to church. Church is alright. Our ward mission leader isn't really great. We don't have a ward mission plan. No ward missionaries, and no mission prep or marriage prep classes. We need those, pronto.
Our living room
August 2014, Esmeraldas Ecuador

Our kitchen
August 2014, Esmeraldas Ecuador

Our desks for studying
August 2014 Esmeraldas Ecuador

My bedroom
August 2014, Esmeraldas Ecuador

Elder Montesino being funny
August 2014, Esmeraldas Ecuador

Well folks that's my week in a nut shell. Our best investigator right now is Christian, and by best I mean only. He is 24-years-old and is part of Familia Rosado. He has been to church once out of the past three weeks. To get him baptized for the 12th of September he needs to go the rest of the time. He is a great guy. He comes to institute and family home evening. But all the fishermen leave for the weekend and he is a fisherman so its hard for him to attend church on Sundays. Everyone else we teach has already been baptized and is less active. We might teach an investigator throughout the day but that will be the only time we ever teach them because they won't want us to come back. Elder Montesino and I have been studying hard about what makes a missionary successful. We have come to the conclusion that a missionary success depends on how well he teaches with the Spirit. Wow! Okay well that's easy... nope not easy... but can be accomplished! I love teaching anybody at this point because a lesson is a lesson whether it be with a less active or an investigator.

The spiritual message I want to get across this week is many times in life we are faced with trials and tribulations. These potholes and roadblocks make us go ways we don't want to go. They might make us go the extra mile, or get lost in the shortcut. I wake up and sometimes I feel like going back to sleep.  Sometimes I´ll be walking up a hill and want to turn around and go the other way. I'll be spat at (Yes this has happened), yelled at, chastised, name called, and even had stuff thrown at me (este tambien), but I´ll keep moving forward.

In 2 Nephi 2:11, we read "For it must needs be, that there is an opposition in all things. If not so, my first-born in the wilderness, rightousness could not be brought to pass, neither wickedness, neither holiness nor misery, neither good nor bad. Wherefore, all things must needs be a compound in one; wherefore, if it should be one body it must needs remain as dead, having no life neither death, nor corruption nor incorruption, happiness nor misery, neither sense nor insensibility"

Friends, Family, people who awkwardly stalk this famous blog, when you go through those hard moments in your life think of the Savior. Untill you walk on the outskirts of Gethsemane and are standing underneath the cross of Calvary, you have not progressed. We are here to learn and progress and to recieve eternal life. There must needs be an opposition in all things folks! Sorry to tell you! You don't know what good is untill you have experienced bad. You don´t know what life is untill you have experienced death. And most of all, you don´t know what freedom is until you have experienced captivity. We all have mountains to climb. We all have opposition. But Because of Him we all have salvation.

 I encourage all of you to watch this video: This message is not only for people of my faith but for people of all faiths. I am writing to all of you when saying I love you guys and have chosen to share this message with y'all at this time. I know the Spirit of the Lord has guided me in writing this letter today. So for those of you who keep hitting that same pothole or can´t get past that same road block, I know that there is salvation through our Savior, Jesus Christ. This mission has not been easy for me. Everyday I teach the importance of families and yet I am a thousand miles away from my own. But as a representative of Jesus Christ, I testify that the Son of God has endured all things. Your Savior has endured all things. And most of all your Brother has endured all things for you..... I know that the power of the atonement is real. I know families can be together forever because of Him. Please watch this video. And know that I love each and every one you guys and pray for yáll everyday. And if you really want to start crying watch this one also:
A soup called Encebollado. Pretty good. Fish, banana chips and some onions I think
August 2014 Esmeraldas Ecuador

My parents tell me that alot of people read this blog. Well to all of my fans out there I wouldn't mind a message from ya sitting in my email box. Not saying my email isn't already flowing with fan mail but I appreciate every letter I get.

Mother and Father, I miss you guys. I have yet to recieve the package you sent me. Glad to know you guys are home safe. How's the Texas heat? I would take that over the Ecuadorian sun any day! You guys are probably stoked to kick the kids out the door! Can´t believe school is already starting up!

Bailey drove to school today illegally! Great.... I remember the first time I drove to school. Be careful while driving sis. A car is a great priveledge but with great power comes great responsibility. Yes Mom and Dad told me about your little car accident. I love the fact that you were supposed to get your license a long time ago but you have yet to recieve it! HA! Also Junior year! Wow you are an upper classmen. Can´t believe that either! This is the year that counts the most. Study hard so that you dont have to go to the same school as me:P

Clay! Seventh Grade! Wow! School sports has now entered your life! Work hard in football! How's your first day of practice? I remember one of my football practices. Mom and Dad picked me up early because we were filming Family Armor. It was so embarassing but then it was cool to be on TV. Seventh Grade was the easiest grade for me out of all my years of schooling but that doesn't mean you can slack off. Remember I didnt get in to BYU.

Lexi! you have still yet to write to me. Out of all the children you are the only one that won´t write. Entonces no letter for you this week.

Leah! You sent me a letter and I responded but a little more to add on to that. You and Lexi are starting soccer! That's great. Elder Montesino is still debating on playing professionally or not. I have seen him play and he is really good! Like better than the entire MLS good! Work hard in soccer! and school! What grade are you in? Fourth?

Bella! I think you are starting 2nd grade. I can´t remember. Mom is having children faster than my mind can think! I miss you sweetie! I remember 2nd grade like it was yesterday! Thinking back to all these moments makes me realize how fast time really is! Maybe 2 years isn't so bad! Ha. Bella, I love you and miss you. And all the members look at my facebook and say they see a picture of you and they think you are the cutest! Be good for mom!

Collins! Let me just say that you are a convenience and also a burden. Whenever someone asks me how old you are I say 2 meses. Then it reminds me how little time I have out here in the mission! Wish I could have seen ya before the mish but keep being a pain for mother and father!
Love you guys, Elder Kimball

P.S Is Lexi done crying yet? Lexi I love you sweetie! Work hard in Fourth Grade! Wish you were here to iron my shirts cause I don't know how! You'll do great in soccer! Are you allowed to use your head yet? Love you!
Alright enough teasing!
Your Brother, Your Son, Your Missionary, Elder Kimball

"Yo camino cuando yo no quiero caminar. Yo estudio cuando yo no quiero estudiar, pero yo no enseño cuando yo quiero enseñar. Yo enseño cuando el Epìritu me dice." -Elder Kimball, Little phrase I came up with.
As per Leahs request.  Sorry its so blurry
August 2014, Esmeraldas Ecuador
Editors Note:  Here are some questions the kids put together that he answered in a follow up email.  Enjoy!
1) I want a cute picture of you next to some Ecuadorian kids while you are dressed as a missionary.  (More of a statement than a question I know)
Don't have one. Kids might steal my camera
2) How's the teaching of the two girls like Bailey?  Are they still getting baptized?
We dropped those two girls because they werent coming to church and keeping commitments. But we got these other guy named Christian. Ill talk about him in my next letter.
3) What is your best conversation starter to non members?  You figure out any key topics to get the conversation going?
Best conversation starter. Hola Como esta? Key topic would be to talk about their family
4) Also we want pictures of your apartment?  How are the sleeping quarters?
Sent you those, sleeping nice but blazing hot.
5) How's the studying of Spanish and the gospel coming?  How often do you do each?
Study everyday language and gospel for four hours. Its going good. Studying becomes a form of entertainment because there is nothing else to do at the apartment.
6) Did you go on splits with the other American Elder there?
Nope. I went with Elder Gallego. talk more about that in my letter.
7) Any nice houses in your area?
If by nice you mean tile floor than yes. But if you mean nice like air conditioning than no.
8) You said there are no families there… are there families at church?
There are families here. None of the black people have families. And most of my sector is black so there ain't alot.
9) Who cuts your hair? Got my haircut at a barber shop in the center of town. Bout 30 minutes from my sector. 
By Bus that it.
10) What is a typical P-day like?  Pday consists of studying. Look at emails for 10 minutes to see who wrote us. Then go play soccer of shop. Maybe sit in the grocery store and play Uno and then got write. That's Pday. Its a blast!

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