Monday, May 16, 2016

Baptizing BYU Brothers

Date: May 16, 2016
Week: 98
 Iñaquito, Ecuador
Companion: Elder Nielson/ Parma, Idaho
Colton's Address:
Quito Ecuador North Mission
Francisco Robles E-4 151 Av Amazonas
Edificio Iglesia de Jesucristo
Quito Ecuador
Senior Pic Pose
 Iñaquito, Ecuador May 2016
Dear Fam. and Friends of Elder Kimball,
Another great week has been witnessed by the Elders Kimball and Nielsen. They were hard at work this week. They really had thier focuses on Vladimir and Marco. Vladimir has been known to give scares before so when the Elders called him Saturday night for his baptismal interview, and he said he wasn´t going to make it, they were disappointed. They expressed thier love for the little Ecuadorian man and his heart was obviously touched because within 5 minutes he was in the Church ready for his interview.

He passed! What a blessing! Crazy how the Lord works! So Vladimir will be baptized this Saturday at 7 pm. He asked if both of us could baptize him....Haha oooo Vladimir...  I told him that Elder Nielsen could baptize him, and that I could confirm him the Sunday after. He happily agreed. Elder Nielsen and I are beyond belief with all of these miracles. Vladimir was a very stubborn man when we first started teaching him, but his heart has changed before out eyes.
The Bro's Elder Nielson and Me
 Iñaquito, Ecuador May 2016

McMahon takes Quito
Iñaquito, Ecuador May 2016

Our Album Cover
Iñaquito, Ecuador May 2016

Unfortunately Marco was unable to attend this Sunday because he was at the coast.  So his baptismal date has been moved to next Saturday, the 28th. We are hoping that he can complete with this baptimal date. Just having a daily contact with Vladimir and Marco will help them know that we really do care about them!

We went to Teleferico today with the District and we took some sweet pics, and as you can see Elder Nielsen and I had a similar high school wardrobe. Go Cougs! Well I love you all and hope y'all are safe!

Much love,
Elder Kimball!
We went to Teleferico
ñaquito, Ecuador May 2016

Elder Nielson strikes a pose
ñaquito, Ecuador May 2016

Our district
ñaquito, Ecuador May 2016

Standing in line
ñaquito, Ecuador May 2016

ñaquito, Ecuador May 2016

Zone Activity last week
ñaquito, Ecuador May 2016

Bailey- No letter, no love...
Clay- Even though you don't write me, you still a bro!
Lexi- Miss you and I´m serious. We should team up at home and we can take everyone out!
Leah- Heard you tried out for soccer! Hope it went well!
Bella- You are the number one missed kid! I love you!
Collins- You playing duck, duck, goose was cute!
Capri- Guess I can´t really say I miss you, because I don´t know you, but ya mismo!
Mom- Miss you and love that you are so interested in what I will be doing after the mission. I've decided to officially tell you, I'm goin back to Ecuador to live here, and let you have little Ecuadorian grandbabies....hahahah just kidding.
Dad- Miss you and stinks to hear about the spurs! They were supposed to take me to the Finals!
Much love-
The Elder Kimball

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