Monday, November 23, 2015

Skinny Man Physique, Fat Man Mentality

Date: November 23, 2015
Week: 74 Cangahua, Ecuador
Companion: Elder Sejas/ Cochabomba, Bolivia
Colton's Address:
Quito Ecuador North Mission
Francisco Robles E-4 151 Av Amazonas

Edificio Iglesia de Jesucristo
Quito Ecuador
Jajaja I just feel cold. I'm from Texas and am currently 9000 feet above sea level. What do you want?
Cangahua, Ecuador November 2015
Well... As you can tell by the fotos I may or may not have lost weight here in Ecuador. I sometimes feel like a fat man trapped in a skinny man's body. I really do believe that it has been the rice or just the consistency of the aforementioned. I mean I can at least eat the rice now but these people are putting mountains on my plate. In Agato, I was given two plates of soup daily. In Lago Agrio, they would at least give me some mayo and ketchup to help the rice slide down the throat, but here in Quito, you are all on your own. Well, unless God gives you Elder Sejas.
Skinny man physically, fat man mentally
Cangahua, Ecuador November 2015
The good thing is that I do have the blessing of being Elder Sejas's companion. We are getting along great and we are both having a great time in Cangahua. We are having trouble with getting people to come to church but Sunday morning we called literally every person we have ever taught and a few showed up. The thing is if you meet with someone Tuesday and ask them attend church they they will, but there is a bunch of time in between Tuesday and Sunday mornings and I'm sure we all know how Sunday mornings work. I remember waking up Sunday mornings when mom and dad weren't home and telling one of the kids to fake sick so that we could skip. I know, I was a sinner...So I figured if we want these people to attend they have to have that extra help of someone calling them to get them to come. And it sort of worked. We didn't have a bunch of investigators come but a lot of the less actives showed up and we were even able to rescue one guy. 
Elder Sejitas
Cangahua, Ecuador November 2015

Yo y Elder Sejas waiting on supper!
Cangahua, Ecuador November 2015

Elder Sejas and I were teaching this one family that were having trouble getting along and immediately this Mormon Message came to my mind. We were able to share it and unfortunately by the end the room was in tears. It wasn't because the video was just so great, but I am pretty sure we all find ourselves in some sort of situation like that. I remember the first time watching it and being able to apply the video almost exactly to my situation. I had never thought of myself as a bully. I almost always tried to claim I was the one being bullied. But I guess that's how all bullies are. I know that we destroy one another when we act in a harmful way to God´s children. If we look at everyone as a child of God I am sure the situation would change! We must stop bullying at all and really remember who we all are. Sorry for the short letter.

Elder Kimball
Bailey- You really are a great sister but stop drinking all the juice!
Clay- You are getting cooler and cooler everyday. Eat that turkey in memory of Elder Kimball
Lexi- I love you and sorry for making you put up Christmas decorations. I am sure you were strong enough to make it through.
Leah- I love you and hope you love being 11- Work on your Faith in God!
Bella- How's being the oldest of two sisters? I can't believe how big you are getting. Sorry for the passing of your third cousin...
Collins- Enjoying the RV. You have been in it more than I have!
Capri- Well not much I can write you. You're three months old.,..
Mom- Remember the Egg nog, and if you want to be a doll and fetch me some reading material that would be nice.
Trent- I love you dad, and hope BYU can be better in basketball than they were in football. O and beat the Aggies. Eat your turkey in rememebrance of me!
Elder Kimball!
Thanksgiving dinner planned for this week....
Cangahua, Ecuador November 2015

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