Monday, November 16, 2015

Finding and Dining

Date: November 16, 2015
Week: 73 Cangahua, Ecuador
Companion: Elder Sejas/ Cochabomba, Bolivia
Colton's Address:
Quito Ecuador North Mission
Francisco Robles E-4 151 Av Amazonas
Edificio Iglesia de Jesucristo
Lost a little weight in Ecuador
Ecuador, November 2015

Dear Everyone,
I am doing fine. Elder Sejas is fine, and we are getting along just fine. Elder Sejas will probably end up being one of my favorite companions because he is just a nice, quiet, and humble missionary. Yesterday we had three families feed us rice and chicken and by the third plate I was done. I literally could not eat anymore. Before I tell you what happen, let's all think back to the movie Matilda, where Bruce is punished and he has to eat a giant chocolate cake in front of his entire school. He ends up eating the cake and he takes a giant lick of the pan and raises it into the air after a classic "Bruce! Bruce! Bruce!" chant.(Great movie)

Now back to the story, well Elder Sejas comes through and finishes my third plate. I quietly start chanting "Bruce! Bruce! Bruce!" and although Elder Sejas has no idea what I am referencing he smiles and raises the plate into the air (unfortunately no lick was provided). Probably a great missionary moment that I will never forget. Talk about unity in a companionship! If that ain't unity then I don't know what is!
Elder Sejas y La ciudad
Cangahua, Ecuador November 2015
It's cold out here!
Cangahua, Ecuador November 2015

As for the sector, I am really liking it. It is a lot of fun. The members seem pretty loving and I almost forget that I am serving in Ecuador sometimes because it's americanish. I'm not talking fast food restaurants American, but it just feels like America, even though its not....We are teaching a lady right now whose name is Tatiana Alaba. She is currently with a less active guy (Bruce), we are reactivating. They should get married this week, and then we will be able to have her baptismal service the following week. She has the desire, and is keeping her commitments, so we are really excited, especially Elder Sejas.
A member here has a big screen TV!
Cangahua, Ecuador November 2015

Fine Dining!
Cangahua, Ecuador November 2015
As for me, I am doing well. I recently received this from my dear Nana:
"You are building character. I can tell. I can tell by your letters. You sound like somebody I really want to know. I did before, but you were at "grandson" you are at "special person" level.
So I guess I was at grandson level before, but I have moved up to special person level. So I guess that could mean I'm changing. (Looks like she didn't want to know me before my mission). The mission changes ya. There is no other way to explain it! If it's from boy to man, girl to woman, or as recently stated even from grandson to "special person". We all change. That's why we are here.

We are here on earth to change but our change is according to the decisions we make. I know that my mission has changed my life but I am excited to see what the Lord has in store for all of us according to our decisions. I have seen people change right before my eyes when preparing to be baptized or come back to the church and I know that change is only possible through our Lord Jesus Christ. We must repent and use the atonement for our bebnefit and we will see the hand of God in our lives. This I know to be true and share with all of you in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen

Keep on keeping on and everything will work out!

Elder Kimball
Mis Escrituras
Cangahua, Ecuador November 2015

Old member from Ponceano
Cangahua, Ecuador Novemember 2015

Bailey- Break a leg in your play this week!
Clay- Mom says that I should follow your fashion sense. Not sure if Marty McFly hats and Harry Potter robes are for me😘 I'm just joking bud! Love you!
Lexi- You look so grown up. You are one pretty lady! Even now that you are 11!
Leah- Your soccer jerseys look legit! What number are you? Make righteous choices, my love!
Bella- How are ya? You are beautiful! You must be a Princess!
Collins- Devil in the making from the video mom sent!
Capri- Don't follow in all your sisters foot steps.
Mom- I love you and I received my halloween package! It was awesome! Hit me up with XMas package now😘
Dad- Great to hear about La Obra misional por allΓ­. Hope you can write a little more next week!
Con CariΓ±o, Elder Kimball
Where am I?
Cangahua, Ecuador November 2015

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