Monday, October 5, 2015

Conference as a Waiki

Date: October 5, 2015
Week: 67 Otavalo, Ecuador
Companion: Elder Blas/ Lima, Peru
Colton's Address:
Quito Ecuador North Mission
Francisco Robles E-4 151 Av Amazonas
Edificio Iglesia de Jesucristo
Quito, Ecuador
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Pretty funny companion. Only he would agree to come with me dressed as a Waiki.
Otavalo, Ecuador October 2015
What a great week we were able to have with the opportunity to listen to apostles and prophets of God. I'll start from the beginning of last week to fill everyone in on the work.

Well we are still working with Jorge. We were actually to going to set a baptismal date with him but he chickened out by the end of the week... again. This has now been the fourth time that Jorge has told me that he still wants to wait. It's really hard with his wife not supporting him in his decision and it discourages him everytime. He tells us everytime that he knows the church is true, and he wants to keep attending, but he wants to be baptized with his wife and she is still against it. We will keep working with him because honestly he is a great guy and he just needs a little push to follow Christ and be baptized.
Guinea Pigs
Otavalo, Ecuador October 2015

Carne...not guinea pig carne
Otavalo, Ecuador October 2015

We were able to find a new investigator, Jefferson Remache. He is 15 years old and he lives by himself in front of the church. He is really mature and is interested in the church. We have an appointment with him today and hopefully we can set a date with him soon. We are hopeing to contact him daily to continue gaining his trust.

There is really not much else going on here in Agato. We were able to have an invasion where the whole zone came to my sector and contacted it for two hours to help us out. We have a few appoinments with people this week so we will see who is interested.

As for conference it was a blast! I bought some of the traditional sandles that they use here and Waiki lent me a poncho so Elder Blas and I were able to attend conference as waikis. We were the only elders to do it so we definitely stood out. I was able to watch it English. Some sessions I was able to watch using the internet and others we were only able to listen to. We stuffed into a small secretary office with about 10 or 12 gringos watching the conference. Brought back memories from the orient because Elder Valentine was there! I was able to take some notes on each speaker so here they are:

Saturday Morning
Dieter F. Uchtdorf- "Exaltation is our goal, dicipleship is our journey" I really like Elder Uchtdorf's talk on being a true disciple of Christ.

M. Russell Ballard- I actually missed some of this talk but I do rememeber when he told us that when we partake of the sacrament, we reconfirm our love for the Savior.

Richard J. Maynes- Well I really like his analysis of Lamonis father in the Book of Mormon. How at first Lamonis father was only willing to give up half his kingdom for his life but when he was taught the gospel he desired to give up all of his possessions.

Neill F. Marriott- She sounded like she was from the South. Her family motto was "It will all work out" even through times of trails.

Larry R. Lawrence- This was one of my favorites from the conference. He talked alot about the Spirit being an HONEST companion. It shows us our weaknesses but also our strengths.

Francisco J. ViƱas- He focused on the partaking of the sacrament and how its is necessary to repent so that we may be worthy to partake of it.

Quentin L. Cook- When he talked about our self control being like a muscle, I found that interesting. How we must work out and continally use it to make it stronger.
Otavalo, Ecuado October 2015

Elders Quorum Activity
Otavalo, Ecuador October 2015

Saturday Afternoon
Well they obviously called the three new apostles so that was really neat!
Robert D. Hales- This was an amazing talk. New favorite apostle right here!
"Straighten up and fly right"
"If you never drink alcohol, you will never be an alcoholic."
"Pay tithing and you will be able to save money"
"We don't marry perfection, we marry potential"
"Reach up, not across"

Jeffrey R. Holland- As always Elder Holland brought his A-game....
Christ's love for us can be compared to a mother's love.
"Maternal love is divine"

Bradley D. Foster- The story of Pablo was really interesting. The importance of a parent giving counsel to their children.

Hugo Montoya- 
1) Go the second mile
3) Express feelings of compassion to others
4) The atonement is key

Vern P. Stanfill- "We choose how the darkness that surrounds us influences us."

James B. Martino- He was able to explain to us how to recieve answers.

Priesthood Session
Neil L. Anderson- 
"To obey is better than to sacrifice"
"The future is bright as your faith"

Randall K. Bennett
1) Take steps towards Christ
2) Willing act with Faith
3) Counter the natural man

Dieter F. Uchtdorf- I didn't quite understand "getting flamed". I assume it means getting burned. We must make the choices, not GOD.

Henry B. Eyring- "Any calling requires divine help"

Thomas S. Monson- He talked alot about addictions as plagues.He told us to avoid anything that deprives happiness.
Elder Goff was a little jealous to not be dressed like a Waiki
Otavalo, Ecuador October 2015

Sunday Morning
Thomas S. Monson- "Faith and doubt cannot exist at the sometime"

Testimonies of New Apostles

Ronald A. Rasband- I totally knew he would be one!

Gary E. Stevenson- He gets called Tuesday and he's  an apostle Sunday. Imagine the email he writes to his missionary son today. "O and bytheway, I got called to be an apostle"

Dale G. Renlund

Russell M. Nelson- I really liked his story about performing heart surgery and wife just says "Are you done crying now?" The importance of women is great. I mean what did God create last....

Gregory A. Schwitzer- "True disciples desire to inspire the hearts of men"

Henry B. Eyring- I really like what my Nana said about this talk:
"Just listened to President Eyrings' talk about the 40 men who were rescued by an Elder's Quorum president who was sitting in the back of a stake conference meeting (wearing a pair of battered boots.) After the meeting President Eyring met with him and asked him how he did it. And he told him how he was friends with each one and just stayed with them. He said eventually they needed help and he would help them and guide them toward the gospel. The story was much more detailed but it reminded me so much of your Granddad Collins.
There was a guy in our ward for years whose wife was at every meeting but he seldom came except for Christmas or something special, but eventually Granddad got to know him. This guy rode a big Harley, had a big pick/ up, had a newly restored roadster and had been in the Navy. He shaved his head bald and rolled up his short sleeved shirt to show his muscles... spent sometime at the gym. He was just a bit rough around the edges but a devoted family man...although his kids all stopped going to church by the time they got into their teens.
Anyway, Granddad happened to run into Jim in town when he was in his roadster. After talking for awhile he approached Jim about coming back to church but Jim wasn't too interested. He told him it was too long and he liked to ride his motorcycle and roadster on his days off. Dad told him he hated seeing his wife sitting alone in sacrament meeting Sunday after Sunday and laid a bit of a guilt trip on him. Then he somehow got him to agree to coming back to sacrament because of his wife. And Jim agreed.  Well, he started coming and, of course, Granddad always made sure he bumped into him and then Granddad started talking about going to his Priesthood meeting but Jim didn't think he could do it. Too many meetings! Well, that didn't discourage Granddad he made him a deal. He said if Jim would agree to go to Priesthood he would go out and ride around with Jim during Sunday School in his pick up or roadster.  And so that is what they did. I don't know how many times they did it but after a month or two maybe, Jim agreed he needed to be in church. This all happened not long before Granddad passed away in 2004. So you can imagine my surprise when a couple of years ago I went back to our old ward and sat down behind Jim and his wife. It had been about 8 years and Jim  was still active all that time.
Granddad was like the guy in the battered boots...he just knew how to talk to and love someone back into activity.
Sorry.just remembering Granddad tonight and what a wonderful human being he was.
He sure loved you. He thought you were something else. He told me all the time how special you are.  He must be so proud of you right now. I am sure he knows exactly where you are and what you are doing. Probably had visited you more than you know.  He couldn't be more proud. Missionary work was "where it is at". That was all from my Nana.
El Mexicano (Elder Morales) y yo
Otavalo, Ecuador October 2015

Sunday Afternoon
D. Todd Christofferson-
"The gospel is structured in a way that it can be established among diverse cultures and nations." From the mountains of Ecuador to the City of San Antonio!

Devin G. Durrant- I will definitly be ponderizing for the next 20 years. I also like when he just randomly told everyone to save money each week.

Von G. Keetch- "Don't be too critical of the barrier, it is the only thing keeping you from being devoured"

Carole M. Stephens- Stubborn 3 year old was able to realize that she must keep the commandments because the person giving them loved her. "If you love me keep my commandments"
Alan D. Hancey

Kim B. Clark- "Simple obedience brings the Spirit into our lives"

Koichi Aoyagi (Mr. Miyagi)- We suffer for our own personal growth as we learn physically and spiritually.

David A. Bednar- "When you cannot do what you have always done, you do what matters most" when quoting Elder Hales.

Well conference was a success and I encourage all to keep listening to and studying this talks for the next six months!

Elder Kimball!

Bailey- Great job in your play!
Clay- Glad to hear how great you are doing football! Much better than I was when I was your age.
Lexi- Keep working hard in soccer! You are the tallest girl out there!
Leah- Keep practicing soccer! I mean you do have a 24/7 partner to practice with. Hint:Lexi
Bella- I heard you are being really obedient and are growing into a young beautiful girl!
Collins- Just keep swimming! Just keep screaming! That's your job. Remind these parents what it means to be a parent!
Capri! Keep putting on weight! I suggest rice for every meal!
Mom! I love you and I really believe that most of the talks were directed towards you and our family I hope we can apply them!
Dad! Just one more PH session without me! I hope Aldacos was good!
Love your son and missionary,
Elder Kimball
P.S Love you Aunt Chelsey! I may or may not have suggest your name as a baby name to an Otavalan family! :P:)

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