Monday, August 24, 2015

Planting and Harvesting

Date: August 24, 2015
Week: 61 Otavalo, Ecuador
Companion: Elder Blas/ Lima, Peru
Colton's Address:
Quito Ecuador North Mission
Francisco Robles E-4 151 Av Amazonas
Edificio Iglesia de Jesucristo
Quito, Ecuador
Email Address:
My back to school photo in my new sweater.  I paid $15 for it because I'm terrible at haggling .
Otavalo, Ecuador August 2015

Dear All,
This week went well. We were able to have two baptisms! As I said last week... Miracles!
So Elder Godoy ended up not coming this past week, but Elder Ulisses Soares of the Presidency of the Seventy did, so that's pretty cool. President told us that we all had to cut our hair and shave everyday. If there is one rule that I ain't the best at following it would be the whole shaving everyday thing. I usually shave twice every six weeks. I know sad.

So we had our reunion with President which was awesome. He has challenged us to read the Book of Mormon in 90 days so that's cool. I just finished it in Spanish, so it'll be fun to see the difference in English, if there are any. We also talked about how we will never find our spouse on the mission so there goes that idea.....(just kidding:)
A cute little girl & I
Otavalo, Ecuador August 2015

So packed I had to sit out on the refreshment table
Otavalo, Ecuador August 2015

Elder Blas and I were running around all week this week. We were trying to find new people to teach but it didn't quite work out as we planned. The day of the baptism we passed by Jorge Mafla house just to invite he and his wife, and he graciously accepted as he always does. He came to the baptism with his wife so that was neat. The baptism was at 5 and we show up to at 4 to see if the first counselor had filled up the font. Of course he hadn't so I began running in sink filled buckets into the font. By 5:30 everything was set and a full house showed up. Standing room only. It was crazy how many people came but I guess that is what happens when you baptize in an area that hasn't filled a font since 2014.

Elder Blas complained that he had to baptize in freezing cold water. The water was pretty cold. The baptism was a great memory for all and we are hoping to see more in the future.
The day of our baptism in Agate
Otavalo, Ecuador August 2015

With our convert Fernando, Elder Blas and I
Otavalo, Ecuador August 2015

Fernando step daughter, Mishel, Elder Blas and I
Otavalo, Ecuador August 2015

Our invesitgator of 85 years, José didn't show up to church so I was sad about that. We will just have to put a new baptismal date and see what's going on. I'm sure there was an emergency. So we will end the month of August with 2 converts and 3 rescues.

Elder Blas is a good companion. We work hard and we both know the sector is difficult so we keep eachother on track and focused. We had a pretty cool experience when we passed this one lady who was at least over 80 carrying this heavy bag that weighed about 70 lbs. We asked her if she needed us to help and she gave us her bag and pointed to where she needed to go because she obviously didn't speak Spanish.

Well I took her bag and it weighed a ton I could hardly carry it. I was so surprised at this little ladies strength. Made me think of Nana carrying a huge bag up and down the Ecuadorian mountain side. We do a lot of little service type stuff like that on the spot just trying to contact people without using words. Honestly our actions speak so much louder than our words. I can officially say that I have knocked on every door twice here in Agato but just letting people see you help out in the community it really makes them think a little. That is what this sector has taught me. Every good deed I do or bad deed is like a seed and we are just planting. The fruit could be bad or good but they both yield fruit.
At the baptism
Otavlo, Ecuador August 2015

Another photo of the baptism
Otavalo, Ecuador August 2015

To sort of update on the whole Jorge situation, I was really excited when he and his wife came to the baptism and to church. I honestly couldn't believe it. Well things were looking great but then a member said something to him he said he felt to much pressure to be baptized, so he left during the third hour. It was weird but we have planned to let him go for a while so that he can figure out his priorities. The bishop will continue passing by to see what's up.

My main goal at this point is to keep myself humble and to find new people. I trust that the Lord will provide as long as I am doing my part. Just got to trust in Him, and all will come out smoothly.
I love you all and wish ya a happy school year.....
Elder Kimball
I had my mom send me a pic of all of us in a back to school collage
August 2015

Bailey- Once a Rattler, Always a Rattler
Clay- Football? Scouts? Girls?
Lexi- 5th grade! That's crazy!
Leah- "Theres no crying in baseball" Martin Frye
Bella- I feel like you are my new favorite sibling. You sound cool. We will see if the rumors are true when I get back.
Collins- Gheuhwbndjferfenr right back at ya
Capri- That Kangaroo care is something I was always trying to do with dad but it seems like he was more willing to do it with you:(
Mom- I hope for the next 18 years I am always in your Back to school photos
Dad- Keep being awesome and trust in the Lord and everything will work out!
Love ya family,
Elder Kimball

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