Monday, August 10, 2015

Love of the Lord

Date: August 10, 2015
Week: 59 Otavalo, Ecuador
Companion: Elder Blas/ Lima, Peru
Colton's Address:
Quito Ecuador North Mission
Francisco Robles E-4 151 Av Amazonas
Edificio Iglesia de Jesucristo
Quito, Ecuador
Email Address:
La Zona Otavalo Norte
Otavalo, Ecuador August 2015
     Well what an eventful this week! Lots of craziness but hey that's life right?! As most probably know I was able to find out that yet again I have a new sister while out here in the mission. Hermana Richardson (my president's wife) called me Thursday morning was able to give me the wonderful news of having a new baby sister! Mother sent me pictures and she looks beautiful. Just reminds me of the love that the Lord has for all of us. I am blessed to be able to come home to two new beautiful sisters.

     The week was hard with the news of baby Quinn but it really reminded me of my purpose as a missionary. I said to myself if my famly has to go through this with the knowledge of the Plan of Salvation, I can only imagine others most go through these trials without that knowledge. I know my baby sister was just way too special for this life but even more importantly she is sharing this message in the next life to those who need it. The work of the Lord needs missionaries in all aspects whether that be in this life or in the next. I know that I will see her again because families are eternal.
My zone again
Otavalo, Ecuador August 2015

We get a little goofy
Otavalo, Ecuador August 2015

     As for my week, I ended up having to take antibiotics for the parasite I got. I am a firm believer that all misionaries have parasites just eventually we adapt to our surroundings and it becomes a way of life.

     Elder Lomeli and I were able to finish this transfer off strong by having two of our investigators progress. Of course we have our investigator Mishel CastaƱeda. Her mom is Luz Marina Cabascango. Luz lived in Brazil for two years with a guy but the missionaries found her there and helped her come back to live her in Agato with her children, Sebastian (14) and Mishel(12). Luz and Sebastian are members so we are in the process of reactivating her and we are working with Mishel for her baptism for the 22nd of August.
La familia Cabascango
Mishel is in the blue jacket on the couch
Otavalo, Ecuador August 2015
     Mishel is super cool. She said she had a problem with drinking coffee and we helped her leave coffee drinking completly. Her brother Sebastian is a little bit of a rebel and he fights and teases Mishel alot but I was able to talk with him. When I talked to him, I choked up a little bit because I was remembering all the times that I had fought and teased my siblings and I feel like that's when it finally hit me. I was able to help him understand his role as the man in the house and how he should help his family and not be a burden like I was. He has been getting better.

     The other investigator we have is Jose Miguel Ajala. He is about 85 years old and his Spanish is not the best. We visit him with Waiki as a translator.  Hermano Ajala ended up accepting a date for the 29th of August to be baptized. He attended church by himself at 85 years old. We just have to teach him everyday so that he can understand the gospel. This sector has been struggling for a little bit with the baptisms but we are excited to see some success here especially after everything that happened with Jorge.
Me just being goofy
Otavalo, Ecuador August 2015

Elder Goff and I
Otavalo, Ecuador August 2015

Birthday ties!
Otavalo, Ecuador August 2015
     Well yesterday we had changes and Elder Lomeli was changed. He went to Esmeraldas so I was able to hype up the Emerald city for him. I ended up recieving Elder Blas from Lima, Peru. Elder Blas is sweet for now! Elde Blas is a missionary with some time in the mission. He will finish in December. When Elder Montesino (My Trainer) was here Elder Blas was his first companion. So we have talked about Elder Montesino a little bit. I'm excited to work with Elder Blas this change and I know he will teach me a bunch.
Elder Blas and I
Otavalo, Ecuador August 2015
The mountains and I
Otavalo, Ecuador August 2015

Arise and Shine
Otavalo, Ecuador August 2015

Well I would just like to finish with my testimony. Although my family passes through challenges like this, I know that it is for the exact reason I am here in Ecuador. I must share this message of comfort with all so that they may know where they can find hope. I know that God is our Gardener and sometimes he must cut us down so that we may learn! I love this mission and know that this is the best two years of my life. I love you all and know that Jesus does too, that is why He paid the ultimate price. These things I say in His name, Jesus Christ, Amen.

Elder Kimball
¡Feliz CumpleaƱos Madre!
Otavalo, Ecuador August 2015

Goodbye Elder Lomeli
Otavalo, Ecuador August 2015

Con Waiki
Otavalo, Ecuador August 2015
Bailey- Did you ever get your patriachal blessing?
Clay- How's the Eagle coming?
Lexi- Are you still goalie? How tall are you now?
Leah- I appreciate your letter. You are now my third most missed person!
Bella- Dad told me that you are just being Bella whatever that means.
Collins- Well welcome to the older sibling club! Kinda weird feeling right? Imagine having 7 to look over...
¡CAPRI!- And if it wasn't hard enough writing to someone I didn't know. Now there's two of ya. Sorry about your name, I know would have rather been called Cougar your whole life. I threw in the option of Cougarette but nothing bit. Haha just kidding. Welcome to the fam, Kid! Now just stay healthy! Aight?
Mom- As always you know I love you and I hope my letter met your standards.  I love you tons mom, and as always my prayers are with ya. Thanks for the medicine package. I really needed them!
Dad- As always you are always the strongest spirited in the family. The Lord trusted you to lead this family for a reason. Just remember that your first calling is as a father. I love you dad and I am glad I have the privledge of calling you "Dad".
With love, your son, your brother, your missionary,
Elder Kimball

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