Monday, May 4, 2015

Hotter than Hades

Date: May 4, 2015
Week: 45, Lago Agrio
Companion: Elder Lares/ Peru
Elder Valentine and I with one big family I found my first week here. I have been teaching them a while but they don't want to get married.
Lago Agrio, May 2015
It's hot....I feel like the sun took a break for like two weeks and then just came out full force this past week. Before it would rain and sort of cool stuff down but there was no rain this week and I miss it. I guess these are the problems you have when you live in a rain forest.

I got my hair cut today. I feel as though before the mission I would just walk into the hair cut place and my mom and dad would just tell the person how to cut my hair. Too bad that doesn't happen here. It's not the fact that I am telling them in Spanish it's the fact that I don't even know what the words are in English to tell them how to cut my hair. Probably a valuble piece of information I should have paid attention too. They just cut it like a Latino... buzzed on the sides and long on top. Whatever, it's not like I need to be looking good for anyone.

This week went well. We are teaching this young man named Richard. He has a girlfriend that's in our branch. He is real cool. At first we thought he was just listening to get brownie points with his girlfriend, but turns out he really has the desire. He accepted a baptismal date for the 16th of May, which means Elder Lares and I could finish this change with two baptisms which would be crazy especially after opening a sector.  I feel the Lord blessing us so much.

Elder Lares is a great guy and he is my first companion that has ever recieved a package from home. He got a bunch of chocolates from Peru. I gave him my beef jerky. (Mom and Dad probably think I like jerky but in all reality I don't). I think Elder Lares doesn't understand the fact that the jerky is dried meat because he covered it with mayonaise because he said it was too hard to eat.

My ties are starting to wither away. If I don't use some for a while they will get like a fungus on them and some of them I ruined when I was a greenie and I was wiping my sweaty face on the tie so some got brown. If you're trying to think of something to send me this is a good idea.

I hate to be writing this right now but I think I love rice. I can't go through a meal now with out having the white stuff on my plate. I now mix all of my plate into one big pile of mush and eat. In the beginning of the mission it would take me like an hour to finish an entire plate of rice but now I can down it in under 5 minutes. I don't know what's wrong with me. I am assuming its some sort of adaptation. I don't eat dinner anymore. It's just too expensive. I don't have that kind of money! Eating breakfast is sort of a bore now because its just egg sandwiches. I sometimes will just eat lunch so the good news is that fasting is really easy! I wish I had a scale to weigh myself just to see how much weight I have lost.
Another pic like the first
Lago Agrio, Ecuador May 2015

We are heading into the last two weeks of the change. Its a great possibility that Elder Lares and I could stay right where we are which is what I would like, but I think the little guy wants to go.  If he goes, he goes, but if he stays, he stays. He is a great companion so it would be sad to see him go. I don't want to leave. I can't think of anything else that has been going on. I guess it's time for a spiritual message.

Enemy Territory
I really like this video because it has alot of promises, if we do one thing; listen to the Spirit. The Spirit is so important in our lives. It is a gift of God that we recieve after we are baptized and it is so vital for us to always make sure we are doing the right so that we can have it in our lives to help us continue making rightous choices. I testify of the Spirit alot out here in the mission, but without the Spirit I wouldn't be able to teach. We really do live in enemy territory so we can't go out into the world unarmed. If we make rightous choices the Spirit will be something we will have guiding us in our lives.

Elder Kimball

Bay- Why you ain't writing me no more? (English skills aren't real good right now:)
Clay- What up bro? How's golf going? Golf is sweet! Always wish I would of played but Dad was never much of a golfer. I'm sure he golfs with ya all the time now.
Lexi- I saw a pic of you and you were doing a pretty funny face and I laughed! I'll talk to you on Sunday!
Leah- That e-mail you sent me was hilarious. You've grown up so much its crazy.
Bella- Remember you know have the Holy Ghost in your life. Always listen to it!
Collins- Can't believe how big you are. You're one lucky kiddo since you haven't been teased by Elder Kimball yet!
Mom- Thanks for everything! Especially teaching me how to get my own haircut! I'll call after your Sunday nap so that you are well rested to cry your eyes out!
Dad- How have you been? Stinks the Spurs lost. I hope Tim doesn't retire so I can get home just in time to see one of his last games. Keep being a great Dad for the kiddos and I guess me also. See you Sunday!
Elder Kimball

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