Monday, February 8, 2016

Carnival is Here!

Date: February 8, 2016
Week: 85 Cangahua, Ecuador
Companion: Elder Moreira/ Quevedo Ecuador
Colton's Address:
Quito Ecuador North Mission
Francisco Robles E-4 151 Av Amazonas
Edificio Iglesia de Jesucristo
Quito Ecuador
Celebrating Hno. Carlos Birthday. (He didn´t even remmebr it was his birthday.)
Cangahua, Ecuador February 2016
Dear People,
As for now, I am fine. Thank goodness that Elder Moreira's sickness has been cooling down. This week was a little disappointing as far as investigators progressing goes. We are teaching a lot just not all are keeping their commitments.

We have a lady named Marcia who finally recieved permission from her husband to be baptized. But last minute she wasn't able to attend church this week.We are hoping to have her baptized in February. Darwin was doing great and had a date to be baptized but didn't come to church. We are focusing on the Book of Mormon with him and we have definitely seen a difference in his desire to be baptized. I am sure he can get baptized in February as well.  We focused on Lehonti coming down from the mountain and he was able to make the connection to himself for every time he doesn't keep a commandment.

Carlota Lopez was admitted into the hospital this week so the Familia Yepez was a little dead. Going through the records, I saw that it was her husbands birthday that day. We had an appointment with him that night so we bought him a cake and surprised him. We pretended to start the lesson and I asked him why this day was special. He said because it was Wednesday. We pulled out the cake and  said surprise! The poor guy didn't even remember his own birthday. I guess when you are turning 59 you try not to rememeber that.
This guy likes his Ecuadorian food!
Cangahua, Ecuador February 2016

Well as far as big news goes, not really sure how to tell you guys but I will finally be having an Apostle of the Lord visit the mission. And of all of them of course it has to be The Jefferey R. Holland. I am pretty excited! We were be able to be in a panaromic photo with him so we will see!

Also Fe de Febrero started. If you don't rememeber what that is, we basically have to sacrifice a bunch of stuff to show our faith to the Lord and then he will bless us witha bunch of miracles in March. I have decided to sacrifice something and I will need help with from y'all. I ask all of you for the months of February and March to not write me of anything of the world like sports, movies, tv shows, stuff like that. I hope that y'all can help me out with that! I am excited to see the blessings that the Lord will bless us with if we do our part.

Well Ecuador has shown me how crazy they can really get. Today and Tomorrow, Elder Moreira and I are only allowed to leave the house if we have a for sure appointment because the streets are filled with people throwing water, eggs, mangos, balloons etc. at eachother. Literally they just go out in their bathing suits and play with whoever they see, so it's really not good days for missionaries to be out in the streets. I guess this what happens when you don't have a pool.

The Sabbath is a Delight

Since this Sunday will be a special one for all you lovers out there let us celebrate it with the Lord. The Sabbath is a day of the Lord. It is not ours. It is not our choice to keep it, or break it. We must keep it because we are children of our Father.
I love you all! Happy Valentines Day!
Elder Kimball

Bailey- Hope you are staying modest;)
Clay- Keep working on that arm. O and don't worry about the height. You'll sprout just like I did.
Lexi- I love you and thank you for the wonderful message bout all the cool foods you ate for the Superbowl!
Leah- I love you too. O and I'll try and not write you while you are at school. So sorry for interrupting your busy day.
Bella- Well look who it is. The mini pre teen that isn't even a pre teen yet that has a phone. I appreciate your oppinion on who I should marry. I'll take all opinions into consideration.
Collins- Heard you are talking? Dang what are you like 5 years old?
Capri- Same old same old.
Mom- Glad to hear about your missonary experience. Now just keep having more experiences and you will feel the Spirit even more.
Dad- Might need to step up your letters if you can't write me about sports;)
Love to all! Elder Kimball

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  1. Love u Elder Kinball. Great sacrifice comes great blessings.