Monday, July 20, 2015

Godly Power > Satan's Power

Date: July 20, 2015
Week: 56 Otavalo, Ecuador
Companion: Elder Lomeli/ Cedar Hills Utah
Colton's Address:
Quito Ecuador North Mission
Francisco Robles E-4 151 Av Amazonas
Edificio Iglesia de Jesucristo
Quito, Ecuador
Email Address:
Familia Quinchuqui and I in a Noche de Hogar
Otavalo, Ecuador July 2015

¡Buenas Tardes!
I am doing great out here in Ecuador. Otavalo is treating me well. The members here just seem to grasp the gospel here a little stronger. To explain my week heres a recap:

Tuesday- We went to Quito! Really weird being in Quito. I had not been there in a long while. We went to Quito because someone has been in Ecuador for more than a year... ME!! I had to renew my visa. Half of my group I arrive with were there, so it was cool to see some of the guys from the beginning. I got my visa all renewed so that's a nice milestone down!

Wednesday- We visited our less active that we are trying to reactivate, Rafael Vásquez. He can´t hear very well so we have to speak pretty loud. We were teaching the principle of service and we asked if he would serve others and he responded saying he only had time in the mornings. We started laughing a little along with his family.
My companion, Elder Lomeli, eating his potatoes and fish!  Nothing better.
Otavalo, Ecuador July 2015

Familia Quinchuqui
Otavalo, Ecuador July 2015

Thursday- We taught one of our converts, Alexandra. President has asked to ask more references from recent converts and less actives so we can find more people to teach. Alexandra told us to meet her at her friend Jessica's house. There we met Jessica(17). She accepted to be baptized and we told her that Alexandra would bring her to church.

Friday- We met with Jorge! If you don´t remember who he is, he is our investigator we found contacting. He accepted a date to be baptized but was then unable to attend church. He came to church last week with his wife. We invited him to have a tour of the church. We went and he got to see what we do and we explained more of what he saw last Sunday. We had him pray in the chapel to know if the church is true. He said he felt a calm peaceful feeling.
Introduced them to making s'mores!
Otavalo, Ecuador July 2015

They loved it!
Otavalo, Ecuador July 2015

They said to make sure their picture makes it on Facebook!
Otavalo, Ecuador July 2015

Saturday- We met with Rafael and finished teaching him the commandments. We are also trying to do a daily contact with Jorge so we met with him as well. We decided to take Wauki with us. We came to Jorge's house and there he was waiting with all the pamphlets and the Book of Mormon we had given him. He basically told us that he wasn´t going to visit with us anymore because it was becoming too hard for him to change from being Catholic. Thank goodness we really picked up our slack last week and brought members to lessons. Our lesson was filled with the Spirit but only because we had a brought a member.

Satan had worked hard to get Jorge and the greatest thing was is that Jorge knew it too. We left the lesson as if we had just peformed a hours worth of CPR. I won´t lie. I was scared. Jorge was supposed to be our guy. He was supposed to be a miracle. I realized that night that Satan has power. The opposition that Satan was telling Jorge was threatening his salvation, and I was thinking that we should just give up and let Satan have this one. But the Spirit guided Lomeli and I and we left the lesson full of the Spirit. Jorge ended up coming to church and the bishop invited him to a Noche de Hogar and there Jorge made more friends (His wife attended also). The Patriarch even told him that he had thought Jorge was at least a member with 20 years in the church.

Satan has power. That is something I learned this week, but I also learned that that power is temporary. Jorge felt the Spirit and is now more animated (excited) than ever for his baptism, and to think it all started from just one knock on a door. I love this work. I know at times I won´t always feel this blessed but I hope at those times I will remember what I have seen in the past and trust in my Father in Heaven.

As for other things, the parties here seem never ending. Elder Lomeli and I are super happy about Jorge. He still has a date for the 1st of August.
The cows need to know they need to get out of my way
Otavalo, Ecuador July 2015

We had a Zone activity in the chuch where we played dodgeball. That was alot of fun. I was able to let out almost 5 months of energy after having not alot of activities out in the jungle. President comes and trains us next week. I am back to being visited by President monthly, so yeah that's cool. I don´t think there is anything else going on. I´m having fun here and am trying to work hard in a sector that's a little more difficult.
Love you guys and hope all is well during summer!
Elder Kimball

Bailey- I´m sure you are having fun in Tonga. Feel like a missionary yet?
Clay- Way to dance like a boss at your first church dance! Remember no kissing till after the mission. Follow in my footsteps:)
Lexi! Keep working out. I know it's hard but Lomeli makes me do it too.
Leah. Dad told me Lexi is beating you in all the workouts....
Bella- I miss you goof! Can´t believe you are growing up!
Collins! Maybe you should join in on the workouts. I´ve seen pics of your bikini bod
Mom- Stop stressing so much! The Lord is with you. Just put your trust in Him and all will be well.
Dad! I love ya! I hope you can keep working hard! You have always been a great example of that. Love you!
Elder Kimball

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